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Bestmoney Staff
Dec. 02, 2021
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BestMoney Staff
Cred.Ai summary™ is a cutting-edge bank and credit card service founded in 2016. Its metal Unicorn Card charges no annual or transaction fees, or interest under the terms of the Guaranty. The card includes groundbreaking features such as self-destructing account numbers, automated fund transfers, and adjustable restrictions for individual merchants. Customer support can be reached 24/7, and its mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices.
  • No fees or interest
  • Cutting-edge financial services
  • Applicants with no credit history/low credit eligible
  • No rewards or cashback on purchases
  • Features impose purchase limits

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Overview is a state-of-the-art financial services firm that partnered with WSFS Bank and Visa to issue the Unicorn Card. The Unicorn Card charges no fees, interest, or penalties if customers abide by the Guaranty. By linking a Deposit Account with the credit card and enabling automated transfers between the accounts, customers can avoid paying interest, and any fees charged will be reimbursed by Without a linked Deposit Account and supporting account features, the card functions as a regular credit card. 

The Unicorn Card includes a number of unique features made possible by’s proprietary technology. Stealth Card creates self-destructing account numbers that can be used for risky transactions. With Friend & Foe, transactions to individual merchants can be approved or denied. Customers can also leverage Instant Deposit, which enables funds transferred from a linked bank account to be used instantly for no fee. Meanwhile, Cred Optimizer works in the background to calculate spending amounts, automate transfers, and ensure accounts avoid incurring any interest or fees, allowing owners to build credit safely and easily. 

Suitable For?

The Unicorn Card is suitable for individuals with no credit history or poor credit who are looking to grow their credit score safely. By linking the card to a Deposit Account, account owners can enable services that automatically transfer funds and manage spending to avoid paying interest while building credit. With its host of security measures such as Stealth Card and Friend & Foe, the card is ideal for people with fraud and privacy concerns.  

Interest Rates & Fees’s metal Unicorn Card does not charge any annual or transaction fees, and users avoid paying interest as long as its credit optimization and spending features are engaged. However, if users turn off the card’s features and no Deposit Account is linked to the card, its APR for purchases starts at 17.76%. In addition to its variable interest rate, the APR for cash advances is 24.99%.

Annual Fee
Transaction Fees
APR for Purchases
APR for Cash Advances

Rewards & Cashback

While’s Unicorn Card includes many impressive features, it does not offer rewards or cashback for purchases. In exchange for not earning any rewards, users avoid paying fees or interest and can leverage powerful tools such as Stealth Card, Instant Deposit, Cred Optimizer, and Friend & Foe. 

The Application Process finished beta testing in 2021, so applications only recently became open to the public. You can start an application online, but all applications and account functions must be completed using’s mobile app.

The application process takes only a few minutes, but it can take up to a week to receive approval. Although there is no minimum credit score required for the card, applicants must pass financial, credit, and background checks to be approved for an account. 

Help & Support

Customer service representatives are available by phone 24/7 at 877-244-0933.

Additionally, support may be reached via email at

Security employs encryption and secure storage features to protect your application and account details. It is PCI DSS and EI3PA certified, which means it meets industry standards for securing, monitoring, and testing its security systems. Along with protecting client data from outside threats, also promises to never sell customer information to third parties. Additionally, with its Stealth Card and Friend & Foe features, customers can create self-destructing account numbers and deny transactions to individual merchants, further securing their accounts. 


Can I use the card features with other credit cards?

No, but plans to release that feature in the near future.

Do I need a Deposit Account to get the Unicorn Card?

No, you may own and utilize a Unicorn Card with or without a Deposit Account or vice versa. However, without a linked Deposit Account, the card functions as a normal credit card subject to the APR and terms in the card agreement. 

Are you guaranteed approval?

No, you must meet minimum financial and credit requirements and pass a profile check to open an account. 

Cred.Ai Cred.Ai Apply Now

Conclusion’s metal Unicorn Card charges no fees, interest, or penalties under the Guaranty. When used as a normal credit card, APR for purchases starts at 17.76%, and APR for cash advances starts at 24.99%. It offers unique features that help protect account information and manage spending, including Stealth Card, Instant Deposit, Cred Optimizer, and Friend & Foe. Customer support is available 24/7, and all account features are available on’s mobile app.


This review was completed based upon information from the website and card agreements.

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