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Last updatedSeptember 2022

Best Credit Cards for Building Credit September 2022

Boost your credit score

A credit building card is a great way to build or repair your credit history. Compare our credit cards and start improving your credit today.

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How Credit Cards Work

Credit cards take the form of a revolving debt instrument. This means you can carry a debt balance on the credit card from month to month without paying off the balance in full.

When you make a purchase, the money doesn’t come out of your bank account. Instead, you build a balance on your credit card. Until you pay this amount off, you owe a debt to the credit card company. 

Credit card companies report this debt to the credit bureaus, which helps you build your credit history based on your payment and other debt habits. If you miss payments or incur a large debt balance, these negative credit actions could harm your credit score in addition to the interest payments and other fees you may have to pay.

Most credit cards offer grace periods where you don’t incur interest on the amount owed immediately. As long as you pay your statement in full and on time every month, you usually get around 20-25 days after the statement date to pay without incurring interest. After the grace period expires, interest charges start getting added to your balance.

Credit cards may offer benefits, such as credit card rewards on your purchases. These can take the form of cash back, rewards points, statement credits, and more. These payment cards may also offer protection when you make purchases, such as extended warranties, travel insurance, or auto rental insurance. Cards with more benefits may come with an annual fee.

Credit cards typically offer more robust fraud protection than debit cards. The money doesn’t come directly out of your bank account, so the credit card companies have a vested interest in fighting fraud. While laws limit your liability for fraudulent purchases to $50, most credit card companies have better fraud policies that won’t hold you liable for any fraud as long as you report it immediately.

Pros & Cons of Credit Cards

Credit card rewards
Build credit history
Annual fees
Credit card benefits, such as extended warranties, purchase protections, and more
Can incur debt
Fraud protection
Could hurt your credit score
Grace periods to make payments