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Toto Review

Bestmoney Staff
Jul. 27, 2021
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BestMoney Staff
Toto Summary
Toto is an insurance provider that focuses on pets. The company strives to provide affordable and comprehensive pet insurance for pet parents throughout most states in the U.S., and also gives back to pet charities each year. Pet owners can choose basic coverage or add on wellness.


  • Plans start at $1 per day
  • Short waiting period
  • 30-day full refund
  • 5% multiple pet discount


  • Doesn’t cover exotic animals
  • Parasites and experimental treatment not covered

Toto at a glance

Editorial score

Online experience

Great site with learning resources

Customizable rates and services

Customizable plans and rates, 50-90% reimbursement, no upper age limit

Claims payout waiting period

Over 2 weeks

Customer support

Evening and weekend communication available through multiple channels


Multi-pet and multi-policy bundles available

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Toto Pet Insurance was founded in 2020 by pet owners with over 30 years of insurance experience. Plans are offered and marketed by The Connected Pet Company, LLC, and policies are issued and underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company. Toto’s goal is to cover 90% of pet accidents and illnesses without making pet owners pay for more coverage than they need. 

What's Covered? 

Toto covers many common pet accidents and illnesses. Most plans can also cover exam fees, burial or cremation costs, inherited and congenital conditions, and alternative therapies. Pet owners can select optional wellness coverage which also covers dental cleaning, deworming, and flea/tick and heartworm preventions. 

All accident and illness plan holders can expect the following and more to be covered:

  • Accidents and Illnesses
  • ACL Injuries
  • Allergies
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Broken Bones
  • Cancer and Growths
  • Digestive Issues
  • Exam Fees
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Toxin Ingestion

Insurance Plans & Pricing 

Toto Pet Insurance offers 4 types of coverage for all dogs and cats: 

  • Most Affordable - $2,500 Annual Benefits
  • Most Popular - $7,500 Annual Benefits
  • Most Coverage - $15,000 Annual Benefits
  • Accident Only Coverage - For pets over 10 years old; $15,000 Annual Benefits with $100 deductible and 90% reimbursement.

Within Toto’s three plan options, pet owners can customize their policy further by choosing their deductible and percentage of reimbursement. To get a personalized quote, click “Get a Quote” and enter your pet’s name, age, and breed. Quotes take less than a minute. 

We provide the following examples of a 3-year old golden retriever and 7-year-old mixed breed cat (using a California zip code) just to give you an idea of how toggling the reimbursements/deductibles/limits can affect your monthly premium. Note that we only change one variable at a time, i.e. min/max limit is with average reimbursement and average deductible.

Min/Max Limit
Min/Max Reimbursement & Deductible
Golden retriever
$39.57 / $106.17$39.57 / $96.80 & $39.57 / $77.11
Mixed breed cat
$28.30 / $65.70$29.53 / $57.39 & $27.38 / $40

What's Not Covered

Toto won’t cover pre-existing conditions, as well as medical expenses that revolve around breeding. Toto Insurance will also not cover select wellness treatments such as anal gland expression, parasites, and grooming and nail trims. Furthermore, Toto does not cover experimental treatments. 

Waiting Periods

Toto has some of the shortest waiting periods among pet insurances. Your cat or dog will be covered for accidents after a two-day waiting period and covered for illnesses after a 14-day waiting period. 

Coverage Limits

Toto has no maximum coverage limits, only an annual policy maximum. Annual policy maximums range from $2,500 to $15,000.  

Reimbursement and Deductibles

Mixed Breed Dog
Mixed Breed Cat


(Overland Park, Kansas)


(Los Angeles, California)

Price Per Month



Reimbursement Level
Annual Deductible
Annual Limit

Claims and Service 

With Toto Pet Insurance, you can continue seeing your current vet. When you need a claim covered, simply go to your vet of choice, pay for your visit, and send your itemized invoice to Toto. Claims are typically processed within 3-4 business days, but some can take up to 14 days to process. 

You can access your policy at any time via their online portal. You can submit and manage existing claims and reimbursement through the portal or on your phone. You can also mail, email or fax claims via:

Toto Pet Insurance

PO Box 37489

Raleigh, NC 27627-7489

Email: myclaims@totopetinsurance.com

Fax: 1-919-741-6363

What You Might Like

Toto will cover alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic and hydrotherapy. We also like that adding multiple pets to your plan earns you a 5% discount. You can customize the level of coverage for each pet, so if you need more coverage for your new puppy and just the basics for your older cat, you can choose that. 

What Toto Could do Better

It would be nice to have more options for Hereditary Condition and final respects coverage. At this time, Hereditary Condition coverage is only for pets under 9 years of age at time of enrollment. Final Respects, which includes cremation or burial costs, are only available for pets under 5 years old at the time of enrollment.  

Contact Details and Address

Toto Pet Insurance is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Customer support staff can be reached Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 8pm and Saturday 10am – 3pm EST.

Phone: 1-888-TOTOPET

Email: Hello@TotoPetinsurance.com

How Toto Compares:

Waiting Period (illnesses)
Toto14 days$100-500
Spot Pet14 days$100-500
Pets Best14 days$50 - $1,000
ASPCA30 days$100-500

Bottom Line

There are many pet insurance providers available, but not all insurance companies are a good value. Toto Pet Insurance covers 90% of the most common dog and cat accident and illness expenses without making pet owners pay for more coverage than they need. For pet owners that want an affordable “just in case” plan that will keep them financially secure in an emergency, Toto is worth looking into. 

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