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Healthy Paws Review 2024

Reviews 2,297
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Reviews 2,297
Michael Graw
May. 21, 2024
2 min read
Michael Graw
HealthyPaws Summary
Healthy Paws offers a pet insurance policy for dogs and cats. The company’s plan covers up to 90% of medical expenses and most claims are reimbursed within 2 days. The plan doesn’t have any per-incident or annual caps on reimbursement and you can visit any veterinarian. Your pet can be enrolled in coverage at any age, although Healthy Paws does not cover pre-existing conditions or preventative care.


  • No per-incident or annual reimbursement caps
  • Most claims are paid within 2 days
  • Visit any veterinarian


  • Limited plan customization options
  • Does not cover preventative care
  • Requires a 15-day waiting period

HealthyPaws at a glance

Editorial score

Online experience

Great site with learning resources

Customizable rates and services

Customizable plans and rates, upper age limit

Claims payout waiting period


Customer support

Evening and weekend communication available through multiple channels


Multiple bundles available

HealthyPaws HealthyPaws Visit Site

What Does it Cover

The Healthy Paws pet insurance plan covers a wide range of conditions, including: 

  • Illnesses
  • Accidents
  • Chronic conditions
  • Cancer treatment
  • Emergency care
  • Specialty care
  • Alternative treatments
  • Surgery
  • Prescription medications
  • Diagnostics (X-rays, blood tests, ultrasounds)

Insurance Plans & Pricing

Healthy Paws only offers a single plan option for dogs and cats. This plan does not have annual or per-incident reimbursement limits, and you have the option to customize both your deductible and reimbursement rate.

For a male 2-year old, medium-sized dog, a 90% reimbursement rate and $100 deductible costs $84.50 per month. For the same pet with a 70% reimbursement rate and $500 deductible, coverage costs $39.64 per month. 

For a 5-year old domestic short-hair female cat, a 80% reimbursement rate and $250 deductible costs $25.47 per month. For a 70% reimbursement rate and $500 deductible, coverage costs $19.31 per month. These rates are based on April 2021 premiums in Pacoima, CA.¹

What is Not Covered

The Healthy Paws plan does not cover pre-existing conditions, whether they were fully diagnosed or just visible prior to enrolling your pet. It also does not cover preventative treatment, spaying or neutering, or routine dental care. The Healthy Paws plan also does not reimburse for examination fees or referral fees. 

Waiting Periods

Healthy Paws requires a 15-day waiting period² before your plan coverage takes effect.

Coverage Limits

There are no per-incident, monthly, or annual coverage limits with the Healthy Paws plan.

Reimbursement and deductibles:

You can customize your Healthy Paws insurance plan to select a 70%, 80%, or 90% reimbursement rate. You can also choose a $100, $250, or $500 annual deductible.

Pet TypeShort-hair catMedium mixed-breed dogLabrador Mix
Reimbursement Level80%90%80%
Price per month$12.45$33.47$39.23

Claims and Service

You can submit a claim to Healthy Paws through your online account, through the Healthy Paws mobile app, or by email. Your claim must include the invoice from your veterinarian and your pet’s entire medical history if Healthy Paws does not already have this information on file. Most claims are processed within 2 days and reimbursements can be sent by direct deposit or check.

If you have a question about your claim, you can reach Healthy Paws’ customer service team by phone, email, or live chat. Support is available from 7 AM to 5 PM (PST) Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 5 PM Saturday.

What You Might Like

The Healthy Paws plan doesn’t impose per-incident or annual reimbursement limits. So, you’re covered even if your pet has multiple accidents or illnesses in a single year. Another nice thing about Healthy Paws is that you can visit any vet without prior authorization.

What Healthy Paws Could do Better

The Healthy Paws plan doesn’t cover examination fees or preventative care. These costs can add up over time, especially in your pet’s younger years.

Contact Details and Address

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, P.O. Box 50034, Bellevue, WA 98015

Phone: (855) 898-8991

Bottom Line

Healthy Paws offers a customizable pet insurance policy for cats and dogs. The plan offers unlimited coverage for accidents and illness, with a reimbursement rate from 70% to 90% after your deductible. The Healthy Paws plan covers a wide range of care and allows you to use any vet, but does not cover preventative care, examination fees, or pre-existing conditions. You can submit claims to Healthy Paws online or via a mobile app and expect approval within 2 days in most cases.


This review was based on information from the Healthy Paws website and online rate quote tool.

¹Premiums vary based on type of pet (dog or cat), age, breed and location. Rates must be approved by each state’s insurance regulators.

²Waiting periods do not apply to the states of Maryland and New Hampshire. Additionally, Maryland does not have age limits for hip dysplasia.

Michael Graw
Written by
Michael Graw
Michael Graw is a Bellingham, Washington-based writer focusing on finance, tech, and science. His work has been featured in print magazines and high-impact websites. He writes for BestMoney and enjoys helping readers make sense of the options on the market.‎
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