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Fabric by Gerber Life Review

Reviews 2,235
Fabric by Gerber Life
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Fabric by Gerber Life
Fabric by Gerber Life
Reviews 2,235
Michael Graw
Feb. 22, 2024
4 min read
Michael Graw
Fabric by Gerber Life Summary
Fabric by Gerber Life offers term life insurance that’s great for busy parents. The digital application process takes just 10 minutes and most can get automatic approval. Qualified applicants could get coverage without a medical exam. With high customer approval ratings and backing from longstanding insurance providers, Fabric by Gerber Life could be a great choice for a quick and easy life insurance solution.


  • Quick application process
  • A fully digital service
  • Cancel at any time


  • Only term life insurance is available
  • Coverage is not available in New York

Fabric by Gerber Life at a glance

Editorial score

Coverage type

Offers term life insurance. Term life can be be for up to 30 years.

Customization of policies

Customizable rates and deductibles, upgrades and downgrades available, decide whether to buy with an agent or buy online

Customer services and support

Multiple communication options and a dedicated agent

Online experience

Site is easy to use, but doesn't display all relevant information

Direct insurer?

Yes, direct insurer

Fabric by Gerber Life Fabric by Gerber Life Visit Site


Getting life insurance can be just another thing on the list of chores to complete, but it’s also an important part of protecting your family. Fabric's goal is to make learning about and applying for life insurance easier. You could have coverage in just 10 minutes—all from the comfort of your own home, online or from our mobile app. 

You can complete your whole application online (for most people in a matter of minutes), and you should be able to tick this off your list in no time. Plus, get your money back within 30 days if you’re not satisfied, and cancel at any time. 

Along with life insurance, Fabric by Gerber offers free online wills and a place for couples to sync up their family's finances. Its fully digital offering is easy to use and can give you peace of mind knowing your family will be protected if the worst happens.

Suitable For?

Fabric by Gerber Life is ideal for families with children. Life Insurance from Fabric can help you secure your family's financial future if you pass away. You can also use the app to set up a will, or a college savings fund. You can even view your partner’s finances on the app. 


There are lots of features of Fabric by Gerber Life that I find really useful, especially for busy families who want to get insurance sorted quickly: 

  • You can get up to $1.5 million instantly approved with Fabric by Gerber Life’s automatic underwriting 
  • Many applicants won’t need a medical exam and you won’t be forced to take one if not needed 
  • You can get cover for 10-30 years Its fully digital application process enables you to track on the go using the app 
  • Premiums start from just over $10 per month 
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind within the grace period 
  • You can cancel at any time 
  • You can create a free will, and set up savings funds for your family through the app 

Policy Types and Terms Available

The life insurance offered by Fabric by Gerber Life is term life insurance. Term life insurance means that you’re covered for the length of the term, which in this case can be 10-30 years. Therefore, if you pass away within that time period, the insurance will pay out. You can get up to $5 million of cover, although only $1.5 million can be automatically approved. 

Application Process

You can get a free quote on the Fabric by Gerber Life website. It’s a really quick and easy process that you can complete in just a minute or two. Once you’ve got your quote, you can use the sliders to adjust your level of coverage and policy length to find out the premium cost. 

If you decide to go ahead and apply, you will need to: 

  • Fill out the full application online
  • Give details of your lifestyle including age, habits, health, gender, and weight
  • Define your beneficiaries (who will be paid if you pass away)

In most cases, you can complete the application online in about 10 minutes, without needing to consult an agent. However, licensed agents are available and accessible via chat to answer any questions you might have in the application process. In some cases, you may need to speak to an underwriter and potentially take a medical exam. Most applicants can get a decision without a medical exam. However, something I like about Fabric is that if you do have to take a medical exam, it would be at no cost to you and entails a trained professional working around your schedule to meet you conveniently at home or work.

The digital process makes it really quick and easy to get life insurance, so this service is perfect for busy families. Once your application is approved, you can purchase and confirm your coverage. Be aware that cover is not available in New York.

How Safe Is It?

As of 2022, Fabric partnered with Gerber Life, a brand trusted by millions of families like yours for more than 50 years. Its policies are issued by the Western-Southern Life Assurance Company, running since 1888. So, you can rest easy knowing there are long-standing brands behind your life insurance. 

Fabric by Gerber Life is currently rated as “excellent” by over 2,000 Trustpilot reviews, and has A+ accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)—pretty impressive ratings! However, if you’re not happy with your policy, you can get your money back within the first 30 days. You can also cancel it at any time so you’re not tied into lengthy contracts.

Help & Support

There’s a useful FAQ section on the Fabric by Gerber Life website, but if you need more information you can use the live chat or telephone support between 9am and 6pm EST. You can also email or submit queries via live chat outside these times. 

If you pass away during your term, someone close to you will need to make a claim. They can do this by contacting the Fabric by Gerber Life team via live chat, phone, or email. 

The claimant will need to have some details to hand including your name, date of birth, email address, and policy number. Initially, they’ll be asked to complete a short questionnaire, and then a longer application. This needs to be done within 20 days of your death.

Bottom Line

Fabric by Gerber Life is tailored for parents. The range of features helps you get insured quickly and easily, making life insurance one less thing to worry about. In most cases, the fully digital process takes just minutes to complete, and you won’t be forced to take a medical exam if you don’t need one. 

Physical Address

400 Broadway

Cincinnati, OH 45202


Term Life Insurance Policy Series ICC22 2205-4004 WSA (and state variations where applicable) issued by Western-Southern Life Assurance Company, Cincinnati, OH which operates in DC and all states except NY, and distributed by Gerber Life Agency, LLC using Fabric Technologies. Gerber Life Agency, LLC is an affiliate of Gerber Life Insurance Company (est. 1967). All are members of Western & Southern Financial Group (Western & Southern). Issuance of coverage for Term Life Insurance is subject to underwriting review and approval. Please see a copy of the policy for the full terms, conditions, and exclusions. Product provisions, availability, definitions, and benefits may vary by state. Payment of benefits under the life insurance policy is the obligation of, and is guaranteed by, the issuing company. Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuer. Products are backed by the full financial strength of the issuing company.

All sample pricing is based on a 30-year-old female in excellent health for the coverage amount shown and a 10-year term policy, unless otherwise stated. Gerber Life Agency, LLC (GLA) is an insurance agency licensed to sell life insurance products. GLA will receive compensation from Western-Southern Life Assurance Company for such sales. The NAIC Company Code for Western-Southern Life Assurance Company is 92622.

Michael Graw
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Michael Graw
Michael Graw is a Bellingham, Washington-based writer focusing on finance, tech, and science. His work has been featured in print magazines and high-impact websites. He writes for BestMoney and enjoys helping readers make sense of the options on the market.‎
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