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AAA Life Insurance Company Review

Reviews 866
AAA Life
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AAA Life
AAA Life
Reviews 866
Bestmoney Staff
Nov. 03, 2021
4 min read
BestMoney Staff
AAA Life Summary
AAA Life has been operating for more than 50 years and offers a variety of life insurance policy options, including some that offer up to $5 million in benefits. The company aims to ease the process of finding the right policy for your needs and may not require a medical exam for ExpressTerm policies. You can also add riders to supplement standard coverage options.


  • Policies up to 30 years and $5 million in coverage
  • Customize your policy’s benefits using riders


  • Rates can jump when renewing a term policy
  • Not available in New York

AAA Life at a glance

Editorial score

Coverage type

Offers both term and whole life insurance with online application

Customization of policies

Customizable rates and deductibles, some upgrades and downgrades available

Customer services and support

Multiple communication options, ability to speak to an agent

Online experience

Site is easy to use, but doesn't display all relevant information

Direct insurer?

Yes, direct insurer

AAA Life AAA Life View Rates

Suitable For?

Individuals who want custom coverage

AAA Life offers a variety of riders and other add-ons that enable you to customize your life insurance policy.

Fast online coverage

You can sign up for an ExpressTerm policy, which uses an online process and may not require a medical exam. Answers provided to health questions will be used to help determine eligibility for coverage.

Large coverage amounts

Term life policies with benefits as much as $5 million are available from AAA Life.


The main thing that sets AAA Life apart from competitors is that the company’s life insurance policies are highly customizable. You can add a number of riders to your policy that include things like term life insurance for a child or disability waivers that cancel premiums if you become disabled.

Additionally, if you’re a AAA member (which comes with a variety of benefits not just for life insurance, but also for roadside assistance, auto insurance, travel, and home), you may also qualify for reduced premiums.

More features include:

  • Riders to customize your policy
  • AAA members may qualify for a 10% discount on certain policies
  • Excellent customer support and online resources

Application Process

AAA Life’s application process for traditional term life insurance takes place mostly offline. You have to call a licensed insurance agent at the company, who will then walk you through the available plans and your coverage options. Once you’ve settled on a plan, AAA Life will schedule an in-home medical exam (required for most term life insurance policies with AAA Life). Based on the results of your exam, AAA Life will finalize your policy offer and you can make a final decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

AAA Life also offers ExpressTerm policies, which have a maximum of $500,000 in coverage. The application process for ExpressTerm policies can be completed fully online and there may be no medical exam required for qualified applicants. Note that not all customization options are available for ExpressTerm policies and that your premiums may be higher in the absence of a medical exam.

AAA Life AAA Life View Rates

Policy Types and Terms

AAA Life offers a variety of life insurance policies, including:

Traditional Term Life Insurance

AAA Life’s term life insurance policies cover you for a set number of years rather than for the remainder of your life. Coverage options range from $100,000 to $5,000,000 and you can select a term of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. Traditional term life insurance policies from AAA Life require you to get in touch with an agent over the phone and to have an in-home medical exam.

The company also offers return of premium policies* that return your premiums at the end of your coverage period. These policies have a minimum term of 15 years.

ExpressTerm Life Insurance

ExpressTerm life insurance policies from AAA Life are like traditional term policies, except that they have reduced benefits and you can apply for them online. The minimum coverage for ExpressTerm policies is $25,000 and the maximum coverage is $500,000. You may be qualified to get covered right away with these policies instead of waiting one to three months, like for most standard term life insurance policies.

Graded Death Benefit Whole Life Insurance

AAA Life also has different types of whole life insurance policies, which cover you for the remainder of your life. Simple Issue Whole Life insurance policies offer locked-in premiums and don’t require a medical exam. However, they only offer death benefits between $5,000 and $25,000, plus cash value accumulated from your paid premiums while you are alive.

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life insurance policies offer guaranteed acceptance for applicants between 45 and 85 years old. There are no health questions and no medical exams. Your premiums are locked in, but they can be expensive given the no-questions-asked nature of this coverage. Coverage is available up to $25,000 and your policy gains value over time from your paid premiums.

Universal Life Insurance

AAA Life also offers a unique policy option it calls LifeTime Universal. This offers benefits starting at $100,000 and is designed for individuals who plan to leave an inheritance behind. This policy type offers a 100% payout or refund of premiums if you pass within the first year the policy is in effect, though there is a contestability period for the first two years of your policy.

The Accumulator policy is another Universal life insurance policy that AAA Life offers, designed to build cash vaue that accumulates from paid premiums. This is helpful if you want to supplement your income in retirement or use your life insurance policy to help pay health expenses late in life.

Help and Support

AAA Life's team is available by phone and email from 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday and 11 am to 3 pm Saturday (all times Eastern). 

AAA Life at a Glance

AAA may be best known for its roadside assistance service, but AAA Life's life insurance policies are worth a closer look. AAA members qualify for reduced premiums on certain products, and the company offers ExpressTerm policies that can enroll you in coverage right away. Helpfully, AAA Life also offers some unique life insurance policies and plenty of rider options that enable you to customize your coverage to suit your needs. As a result, anyone can get the perfect level of life insurance coverage from AAA Life at a highly competitive price.

AAA Life AAA Life View Rates


AAA Life Insurance Co.

17900 N Laurel Park Dr.

Livonia, MI 48152


*The Return of Premium (ROP) Rider is not available with a 10-year term policy. Policy and benefit must remain in force in order to be eligible to receive a return of premium (ROP). A portion of the ROP amount may be paid if the policy is terminated prior to the end of the initial term period. Rates and policy approval are subject to specific underwriting guidelines. Certain exclusions and limits apply. Please see the Rider for complete details. Return of Premium Rider Form Series CC19-1802ROP/1802ROP.

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Way to go
Nice rate and easy
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Thank you for the policy, I feel better knowing I have this insurance!
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Just as simple as they say.
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Easy to sign up online
Easy to sign up online
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