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FNBO Direct Review

Zero fees on all accounts & cards

Reviews 36
FNBO Direct
FNBO Direct
Reviews 36
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Christian Rigg
Nov. 15, 2022
3 min read
FNBO Direct Summary
FNBO Direct is the online-only division of First National Bank of Omaha, a veteran bank that’s received praise for customer satisfaction and strong products. FNBO Direct does a good job of living up to the standards of its parent company, with 24/7 live support and impressive checking and savings accounts. The app could use some work, and overdraft fees are high, but overall, it’s a solid offer.


  • High-interest savings and checking accounts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • APY from 0.90%
  • No-fees on all accounts and cards


  • Mobile app needs improvement
  • Steep overdraft fees

FNBO Direct FNBO Direct Visit FNBO Direct

Advantages Over Regular Bank

As an online bank, FNBO Direct has a number of advantages over a traditional brick-and-mortar institution. Here are a few of the ways FNBO Direct stands out:

High-interest savings account: FNBO Direct’s online savings account is a great option for anybody looking to watch their money grow. There are no monthly fees, and the interest rate is very advantageous. In fact, at 0.90% APY, it’s fifteen times higher than the national average. Plus, you start earning interest at $0.01.  

No-fee checking account: Checking accounts that earn interest aren’t unheard of, but it’s hard to beat FNBO Direct’s 0.65% checking account APY. That’s as high as some online savings accounts. Add no-fee ATM withdrawals, a free Direct Visa Debit Card, and free money transfers with Poptransfer, and there’s a lot to like.  

Cutting-Edge Banking Services

FNBO Direct has several innovative features that help it stand out. 

The free bill payment feature, BillPay, lets you schedule payments up to 90 days in advance, check pending payments, view your payment history, set up recurring payments, and add, delete, or reference payees. 

Account alerts help you stay on top of your finances and protect against fraud. You can decide which notifications you want to receive and how often, with payment reminders, and alerts for overdraft usage or when changes are made to your account and billing profile.

Finally, you can deposit checks virtually through the mobile app: just choose the account to deposit to, enter the amount, and snap a picture of the front and back. 

Traditional Banking Services

On top of great high-interest savings and checking accounts, FNBO Direct also offers a NEST 529 College Savings Account, to help you plan for your childrens’ academic future, and the ExtraEarning Visa Credit Card. No surprise, the credit card is no-fees, and has a good points structure: earn 2 points per dollar for the first year, then 1 point per dollar after that. You can trade in 2,500 points at any time for $25, deposited directly into your FNBO Direct account.  

FNBO also offers Student Loan refinancing. Simplify your loans into one monthly payment, which you can set up for automatic payment through your checking account. At the time of writing, a $200 bonus was also offered for new customers.  

Interest Rates and Fees

As we’ve already mentioned, the Checkings, Savings and ExtraEarnings Visa card have no monthly fees and no transaction fees, which is a great perk. We do have to mention, however, that FNBO Direct’s overdraft fees are a little high, at $33 per transaction, up to 4 transactions per day. That can add up really quickly. 

As with most online banks, the key to taking advantage of the great rates and avoiding the pitfalls is to keep your account in good standing. Make use of mobile banking and the custom alerts to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Online Savings Account0.90% APY (starting at $0.01)
Online Checking Account0.65% APY (starting at $0.01)

Customer Service  

FNBO Direct offers 24/7 customer support by phone, as well as a very comprehensive FAQ section.  

Mobile Apps

While the online banking platform is intuitive and easy to use, the mobile apps could use some improvement.

Notably, only internal transfers are supported for the moment (no outgoing transfers), and technical issues with logging in and installation aren’t uncommon. That being said, the company has taken the time to respond to many reviews and is adamant that upgrades are forthcoming.


Like all online banks, FNBO Direct has put a lot of thought into keeping customers’ information safe. Of course, the User ID and password help limit access to your accounts, but more importantly, FNBO has enabled encryption for all communication between your devices and their own systems, which are secured with firewalls, virus protection, and regular patching. 

FNBO Direct FNBO Direct Visit FNBO Direct


Overall, we were very pleased with FNBO Direct. The interest rates in particular are very advantageous, especially with 0.65% APY for the checking account, and the fact that all accounts and credit cards are zero-fee is a big plus.

Innovate features, like excellent bill management and virtual check deposits are nice touches, and help soften the blow of some missing mobile app features. Keep your account in good standing to avoid steep overdraft fees, and this is a great online banking choice. 

Written by
Christian Rigg
Christian Rigg is a freelance writer who’s spilled ink on everything from finance and technology to data science. Born and raised in Canada, he currently lives in the south of France. He writes for BestMoney and enjoys helping readers make sense of the options on the market.‎
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Kate Skalicky
1 week ago
Jainish Patel
jainish patel! he has spectacular costumer service. I visited on my birthday to deposit a check, and a week later i received a letter in the mail from Jainish Patel. He wrote a handwritten note to me wishing me a happy birthday and thanking me for making FNBO a part of my day. Jainish Patel is very dedicated and deserves to be recognized!
Gpa John
1 year ago
No problems!!!
For over 10 years my wife and I have had a personal and business checking, savings and credit card accounts with FNB of Omaha plus a lockbox and a couple of small short-term loans. NO PROBLEMS with them at all during this time. Since Covid we don't go into a branch very often but when we do, or when we call, they are always very professional, polite, friendly and helpful. Unfortunately I can't say that about some of the other banks we've used over the years.
Charles Benci
1 year ago
I have had Nothing but Great Service on…
I have had Nothing but Great Service on My Card. When I call they are super Nice. Been with them 10 years and NO Problems.
Tammy A.
2 years ago
Hands Down Favorite Bank
We moved here 7 years ago, and we have 6 bank accounts with them, and we have never had not even one issue with them. They provide extra services and always treat us with a smile
Rich M
2 years ago
Best Checking & Savings Bank
I'm a checking account and savings account customer with First National Bank of Omaha. I went to this bank because the bank I had which was supposed to be free checking changed their policy and started scalping customers for monthly fees. Also the bank I had would hold several transactions and not deduct those but they would process them when they knew it would overdraft my account. First National Bank offered me a "True" Free checking account and even offers free checks. They have never charged fees and never played scamming games holding onto transactions and processing them when it would overdraft my account. I love First National Bank and I've been with them since 2008 never had any problems ever. I'm puzzled that the other reviews I have seen on here downgraded this bank. I don't have any credit cards at all so maybe First National Bank is bad when you have a credit card with them. I don't know about that but I know I have never had any problems ever with them for checking or savings accounts. For just checking or savings accounts I would highly recommend that First National Bank of Omaha has been the Perfect and Best Bank I've ever had.