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Smart Financial Whole Life Insurance Review 2022

Reviews 7
Smart Financial
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Smart Financial
Smart Financial
Reviews 7
Bestmoney Staff
Oct. 07, 2022
3 min read
BestMoney Staff
Smart Financial Summary
Smart Financial is not your typical life insurance provider. In fact, it’s not an insurance provider at all. Instead, Smart Financial is an insurance marketplace that offers consumers an easy way to receive and compare rates instantly. Fill out your details, wait a few seconds, and receive the most competitive rates on the market today. Choose from top brand names, lower premiums, and nice discounts with this helpful tool from Smart Financial.


  • Trusted and reliable partners within the network
  • Network that is 200+ members strong
  • Easy-to-use comparison website


  • Can’t provide you with an actual insurance policy
  • Doesn’t work within all the states

Smart Financial at a glance

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While there are a lot of insurance policy marketplaces out there, few can compare to Smart Financial. That’s because this company focuses on delivering a superior quality experience for everyone who uses the site. Smart Financial believes in providing valuable services, fast and convenient tools, and an easy experience all around. To that end, the Smart Financial website is clean and easy to use, it provides you with loads of helpful, informational blog posts, and the customer support staff is top of the line. So, you’re getting a lot more than you do when you use other comparison sites.

What's more, Smart Financial has some of the top life insurance providers in the country within its network. You're talking about more than 200 major companies. With names like these, you just know you're getting a top of the line insurance policy.

What Coverage Includes

To be clear, Smart Financial doesn't actually provide the life insurance policy for you since it's not an actual insurance agency. Rather, it partners with big-name brands to give you a competitive edge for comparing rate quotes. Smart Financial partners set the actual coverage terms for their policies.

In addition to life insurance, Smart Financial partners can provide you with home, health, commercial, and renters' insurance. So, if you are in the market for other types of insurance policies, Smart Financial is a good place to turn. This is particularly true since the majority of these partners offer deep discounts to consumers who purchase multiple insurance policies from them at one time. So, save yourself some money by getting more than one policy at once.

  • Life insurance Health insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Commercial insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Personal property protection
  • Liability protection
  • Guest medical protection
  • Other structures protection
  • Standard dwelling protection

Application Process

Applying for a life insurance policy from Smart Financial takes minutes from start to finish. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Answer a few of the basic questions being asked

Smart Financial will ask you some simple questions.

2. Compare the rates

Smart Financial will put your info into the database, and crunch some numbers. The system will churn out the most fitting whole life insurance policy providers in the nation. And you can compare rates based on the results you get.

3. Get the whole life insurance coverage you need for less

Once you’ve compared the rates, you can accept the most suitable offer being given and pay the lowest premiums for you.


Smart Financial partners offer several discounts. These can amount to major savings on your policy each month or year. So, definitely ask the specific provider about what discounts are available for you and your policy type. You may be able to get a significant discount on your life insurance policy just for your age and health status.

How Safe is it?

Smart Financial uses industry-standard safeguards to keep your personal information confidential and safe. It employs both technical and physical safeguards on its website and within its offices to this end.

Aside from the fact that it holds an A+ AM Best Financial rating, Smart Financial has an impressive rap sheet, but only the good kind. It has a whole slew of awards it has won for business excellence. Here are a few honorable mentions:

  • 2022 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • 2021 Web Award Insurance Standard of Excellence
  • 2021 Technology Fast 500 from Deloitte
  • 2019 Web Award Outstanding Website
  • 2019 Horizon Interactive Award
  • 2018 Stevie American Business Award for customer service

Smart Financial also has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau, signifying that it takes care of customers and responds in a timely and respectful fashion to complaints.

All of these accolades tell us one thing: Smart Financial is a quality service that is bent on delivering the most pleasant experience to all its users.

Claims & Customer Support

Smart Financial is all about customer service. That's why it offers 24/7 support to all its customers. You can call or email at any time, and a support staff member will get back to you quickly. Obviously, Smart Financial doesn't handle the actual claims once you've chosen an insurance policy. Rather, that will be handled by the particular insurance provider that issues your policy. Still, it's nice to know that Smart Financial is there to walk you through the process of purchasing a policy.

Columbus, OH Office

118 E. Main Street, Suite 301 Columbus, OH 43215

Costa Mesa, CA Office:

1901 Newport Boulevard, Suite 300 Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Phone number:


Email address


Smart Financial is not just another life insurance provider network; it's the last one you'll ever need. Providing consumers with an efficient and smooth online portal, Smart Financial makes it a breeze to compare whole life insurance rates and offers in an instant. Get valuable information from the well-written blog posts, check out some how-to guides, and let Smart Financial find you the right life insurance policy for you today.

BestMoney Staff
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Bestmoney Staff
Our editorial staff consists of writers who are knowledgeable about financial services. We specialize in simplifying the process of choosing the right provider for your needs.
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Marilynn Maravilla
2 years ago
Do your homework
Bought leads. All I can advise is be aware of the billing and keep track of the leads
2 years ago
The worst leads I have ever purchased
UPDATE: Unfortunately, even after giving them a second chance, we still couldn't get any traction. The information was bad and the billing was still questionable at best. We have cancelled and have no intention of ever going back. I had the worst closing ratio ever with this company. I attribute that in large part to a rep that really didn't know or care what was happening. Fast forward to, "Everybody deserves a second chance." I have a new rep that listens and things seem to be going better. If we can actually get some traction, I will update with a higher score. If not, at least we tried. The worst leads I have ever purchased. I was promised that the leads would be real-time requests and were high-intent customers. We couldn't get anybody on the phone, because all of the contact information was bad every time. When I spoke to my customer service rep, she started saying that it was probably the way we were handling the leads. I have been working leads for over 20 years, so that would be incorrect. We then switched to live-transfer. That was an even bigger mistake. Almost every customer they transferred to us was either dropped between the call transfer or just hung up when we answered. Again, my rep said it was our fault. Not only was our customer service rep extremely rude, but she was also very unreceptive to wanting to fix any problems. We finally cancelled.
Simon Harrington
8 months ago
Worse place I ever worked all the…
Worse place I ever worked all the customers for life insurance are calling about a gas card or stimulus check , the auto insurance are angry because smart financial promotes 39 dollar car insurance which can’t be found anywhere their false advertising an most of our customers say they fill their information out on experian very toxic workplace , they pretty much tell us to lie to customers an say whatever extension is available is the customer eta best match , they do t care about they employed or insurance agents just tranfers , they only give u good leads while your in training then after that your going to get cursed out all day , customers are going to tell u they never requested a call an that smart financial website is mis leading , they have no real database they their matching customers with this place is a Ponzi scheme wouldn’t recommend to no one but the FBI I thought the job was going to get raided working there it’s a very toxic environment
Luis Mendoza
8 months ago
Smartfinancial is the worst company…
Smartfinancial is the worst company that you can get "leads" from. They will lie to you and steal your money. On top of that if you complain about your rights, their managers will call you back and scream at you and will threat you. My recommendation is to stay away from these scammer company!
Ronald Mestre
1 year ago
Swine Flu in full effect, they will leave you sick and out of money
If you are looking for a lead vendor that can help you get qualified leads SmartFinancial is not a credible option. Leads are not a good health issue, bad numbers wrong contact information. You would be better off door-knocking than accruing any of SmartFinancial leads.