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Gerber Life Whole Life Insurance Review

Reviews 9
Gerber Life Insurance
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Gerber Life Insurance
Gerber Life Insurance
Reviews 9
Serguei Solokhine
Jul. 01, 2022
3 min read
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Gerber Life Insurance Summary
The Gerber Life Insurance Company, founded in 1967, provides a range of insurance products, including Guaranteed Life Insurance and the Gerber Life Grow-Up® Plan. If you are 50 to 80 years old, you can take out a life policy with Gerber Life with no medical exam thanks to Gerber Life’s Guaranteed Life Insurance program.


  • Child policies automatically double in value at age 18
  • Policies up to $25,000 with no medical check for ages 50-80


  • Limited customization options
  • Guaranteed life payouts capped at $15,000 in South Dakota

Gerber Life Insurance at a glance

Editorial score

Coverage type

Offers both term and whole life insurance with no medical exams required.

Customization of policies

Customizable rates and deductibles, some upgrades and downgrades available

Customer services and support

Multiple communication options, ability to speak to an agent

Online experience

Online fast application, learning resources, access to rates before application

Direct insurer?

Yes, direct insurer

Gerber Life Whole Life Insurance at a Glance

Coverage type
  • Guaranteed Life: Payout Range $5,000-$25,000 for all states except South Dakota. Max $15,000 in SD.
  • Grow-Up Plan: Payout Range $5,000-$50,000. Insured must be under 15 years of age.
  • Other insurance products: Term, Whole Life, and Accident Protection plans.
Customization of policies
  • Apply online or over the phone.
  • Customize the payout amount of your Guaranteed or Grow-Up policy from a pre-set range.
Customer services and support
  • Phone Support: 800-704-2180
  • 8AM-7PM ET M-F, 9AM-5PM ET Saturday.
  • Email Support: submit web form
  • Fax: 231-928-3078
Online experience
  • Website has comprehensive learning resources that teach you about all of Gerber Life’s policies.
  • Get an accurate, anonymous quote by answering a few basic questions.
Direct Insurer?
  • Direct insurer

Gerber Life Insurance Gerber Life Insurance View Rates

Who Can Benefit From Gerber Life Whole Life Insurance?

While Gerber Life offers coverage for adults of all ages, some of its best deals on life insurance are for children and seniors. If you are 50 to 80 years of age, you can get a policy of up to $25,000 in minutes with no medical requirements and guaranteed approval, making it easy and beneficial for seniors. 

Meanwhile, if you’re the guardian of children under 15, you can take out policies for them that will cover them both as minors and later in life. This makes planning early for your child’s future especially beneficial. 


Gerber Life’s policies are simple,  with no bells and whistles. After you’re approved, your insurance premium will remain fixed for the duration of the insured’s life.

A small portion of each payment will go towards building up a cash value, which you or your child will eventually be able to borrow against if needed. Instead of requiring regular payments, the entire balance of the loan, including principal and interest, will be deducted from the final death benefit. The loan interest rate is 8% per year, so this can substantially reduce the benefit amount to your loved ones upon your passing.

Application Process

The application process takes about five minutes in most cases and can be done entirely online. Or, you can also choose to complete your application over the phone by dialing 800-425-7542 between 8AM and 9PM EST Monday-Thursday, 8AM-7PM on Friday, or 9AM-5PM on Saturday.

To complete your application, answer some basic questions to get an anonymous quote. If you are satisfied with the quote, proceed to fill in your personal information.

Apart from the payout amount, there are no customizable options. Simply choose the amount and input your payment information to finalize the application. Guaranteed applications are always approved, while Grow-Up policies are usually approved or declined within 5 minutes.

Policy Types and Terms

Gerber Life Guaranteed Life 

Seniors can get a Gerber Life Guaranteed Life policy of up to $25,000 in minutes with no medical requirements. Approval is guaranteed, coverage lasts the duration of your life, and the monthly payment will never change.

Every payment contributes to a cash value, which you can later borrow against. Unused cash value will be added to the death benefit and paid out to your beneficiaries at the time of your passing. 

  • Payout range: $5000-$25,000 
  • Requirements: You are between 50 and 80 years old.

Gerber Life Grow-Up® Plan

This plan enables guardians and grandparents to take out policies of up to up to $50,000 on children under 15. When the child reaches age 18, the death benefit amount of the policy doubles, so a $50,000 policy turns into $100,000 with no change in your monthly payment. 

At age 21, your child becomes responsible for paying the premiums, but they remain unchanged. Your child can also buy more coverage at this time without having to qualify based on occupation or health.

  • Payout range: $5000-$25,000 
  • Requirements: You are the parent, grandparent, or legal guardian of a child under the age of 15.
  • Applications for children with preexisting medical conditions may be subject to medical underwriting.

How Safe Is It? 

Gerber Life indicates that all transactions and communications made through their e-service portal are secure. However, it does not mention any further information in this regard. If you suspect that you are a victim of fraud, you can contact Gerber Life at 800-253-3074 or send a letter to the Gerber Special Investigative Unit at:

Gerber Life Insurance Company

Special Investigative Unit

445 State Street

Fremont MI 49412

Help & Support

You can contact the Gerber Life customer support team at 800-704-2180 between the hours of 8AM to 7PM ET Monday to Friday or between 9AM and 5PM on Saturday. You can also email the support team using a web form or send them a fax at 231-928-3078. 

Gerber Life’s site has a robust FAQ and well-written comprehensive learning articles on many insurance-related subjects. 

Bottom Line

If you want to set up benefits for your children or simply set something aside for your loved ones in your old age, Gerber Life’s innovative life insurance products can help you do just that. 

If you are between 50 to 80 years of age, Gerber Life’s Guaranteed Life Insurance is a great way to set something aside for your loved ones. The application process is very user-friendly, and you will usually get approval within five minutes. Approval is guaranteed, and payments remain fixed for life. Gerber Life’s Grow-Up® Plan, on the other hand, is an excellent way to invest in your child or grandchild’s future for just pennies a day. 

Gerber Life Insurance Gerber Life Insurance View Rates

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Written by
Serguei Solokhine
Serguei Solokhine is a freelance writer and digital nomad based in Vancouver, British Columbia. With degrees in finance and marketing, plus five years of experience in the financial services industry, Serguei particularly enjoys writing about personal finance and investments. His work can be found on MoneyVisual, TechRadar, ITProPortal, top10.comm and
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2 years ago
Awesome Whole Life Plan
They have provided my family and I the needed security with their whole life plan. I would highly recommend working with Gerber, they answer any and all questions my family has had and helped make the enrollment process seamless!
B dang
2 years ago
Great customer service
Great customer service, very friendly and clear communication. the policy i got with them gives me peace of mind! i have spoken to their representatives several times and everytime i got all my questions answered in a professional and a friendly manner.
3 years ago
I grew up with Gerber
I grew up with my parents having GERBER INSURANCE on all their kids. So when i had my family, i was given my policy to finally take over the payments. I was super surprised at the low premium i had to pay and i was 25years old.when we had our first child. Her premium cost was so low that i stayed with this company for all our kids . now i see why my parents chose and stayed with GERBER. The best part is to get insured early. Because ur premium payments STAY the SAME throughout the policy.our oldest child is now 35years old and her yearly premium is only $120.00 .our 25 year old. Premium is only $105.00 a year and That's for $25.000 in coverage. U can up ur policy amount anytime u feel.
Arde Long-Yamashita
3 years ago
Expressing gratitude and appreciation to two loyal women, Destiny and Brandy at Gerber Life Growth Plan.
Today is Wednesday, February 17, 2021, and I made a phone contact with Gerber Life Insurance Growth Plan, regarding the coverages on plans that I have with them, and how to acquire a loan on one of the accounts. I have made many phone calls in the past years, and have had many good results with representatives helping me. Today was a very good repoire with your representatives helping me. I want to thank Destiny and Brandy for their wonderful personalities, patience, kindness, and understanding with me as we walked through different processes (setting up an eService Account with them to do follow ups on my accounts; and also making a loan on one of the accounts). I was well cared for and I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to these two wonderful representatives (Destiny and Brandy). I was not able to stay on line to follow up on comments, but hopefully, it will be received by these two women for their patience and professional help. Thank you kindly for being there for me, Arde Long-Yamashita.
William Haynor
3 years ago
im very satisfied
im very satisfied! The agent was very knowledgeable and was very friendly! id recommend!