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SaveQuote Review

Bestmoney Staff
May. 28, 2021
3 min read
BestMoney Staff
SaveQuote Summary
SaveQuote is an online insurance aggregator, delivering multiple quotes for local home insurance providers. With an easy-access online platform, SaveQuote helps home insurance consumers find the right policies for their needs and budget, without hassle.


  • Receive multiple, real-time quotes quickly
  • Easy-to-use online form
  • All types of policies and providers available


  • Limited online resources and information
  • Not a direct provider

SaveQuote at a glance

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Suitable For?

SaveQuote is right for individuals looking for a range of options from various reputable insurance providers in the United States. With a user-friendly interface and real-time quotes for any insurance need, SaveQuote helps consumers find the right policy for them and at the right price for their budget. Compare multiple providers quickly and speak to an agent for additional guidance if needed.

What Coverage Includes

SaveQuote is an online insurance comparison site that helps consumers receive multiple quotes in real-time. With reputable partner providers, SaveQuote network companies carry most types of policies so that you can decide the degree of coverage that works for you. There are different types of home insurance available on the market, depending on the type of home and contents requiring coverage. These are categorized as HO-1 through HO-8, depending on the type of coverage offered.

  • Limited coverage policies are basic types of home insurance that cover specific damages, such as from a natural disaster, fire, or theft. Homeowners will not get personal liability or personal contents insurance coverage.
  • Broad form homeowners insurance includes the benefits of limited coverage and extends the policy to include other types of damage, such as water damage, electrical and plumbing damage, ice or snow damage, and more. Broad form insurance policies also include personal property insurance.
  • Special form home insurance policies are an affordable and popular option, extending wide coverage with a limited number of exclusions. Special form policies include all categories of home insurance coverage, including structural, contents, and personal liability.
  • Comprehensive form policies are more expensive but offer broader coverage than other types of insurance. This type of home insurance will offer replacement cost value on any damaged property and will also cover all of the categories included in less robust policies.
  • Older homes that are more than 40 years old may have underlying structural issues or may not meet the requirements for more comprehensive policies.
  • Renter's insurance protects personal property or contents of the home, but not the structure itself since this is the responsibility of the landlord. Similar but separate insurance policies exist for condo and coop owners and for mobile home coverage. These policies are designed for the specific perils associated with these homes.

Additional Coverage

Homeowners’ insurance covers many emergency situations, natural disasters, and theft. However, most policies have limits and exclusions that mean you may not be completely covered on the items you want to be insured. To fill these gaps in coverage, insurance providers offer add-on coverage. These are called endorsements, floaters, or riders, and they expand the perils covered by a policy. Some endorsements offered by SaveQuote affiliates include:

  • Hurricane or earthquake coverage
  • Sewer backup rider
  • Watercraft endorsement
  • Scheduled personal property endorsement (for expensive items, such as jewelry)
  • Home business endorsement

Application Process

SaveQuote is an easy way for consumers to receive multiple quotes from reputable home insurance providers quickly. Just enter your zip code, and you'll be offered a range of local companies to receive home insurance quotes from. Once you select an insurance provider from the list of partners, you will get quotes tailored to your needs and location.

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There is a wide variety of discounts available from home insurance providers if you meet specific criteria. If it is determined that you meet them, then you may be eligible for significant savings. Since SaveQuote is a comparison site with multiple partners, ask about possible discounts from the providers offering you a quote before deciding on the right policy for you. Some types of discounts typically offered by home insurance providers are:

  • Higher credit scores
  • Fire extinguisher discount
  • Central alarm system discount
  • Smart Home discount
  • New home discount

There are often more discounts available, so make sure you ask how to lower your premiums when you speak to an agent.

How Safe is it?

As an online aggregator and comparison platform, SaveQuote is safe to use, although you may be required to give your personal information to get quotes. The reputability of specific home insurance providers can be verified in a number of ways. One is to check the provider’s financial health by looking at its industry rating. Another indication of payability is to read customer reviews and take a look at the company’s claims process. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) saves records of complaints, claims history, and other important information to help you decide if a provider is safe.

Claims & Customer Support

While each affiliated home insurance network partner will provide their own customer support and claims process, SaveQuote is an online comparison site and is therefore not directly associated with home insurance providers. Users can reach a SaveQuote representative during business hours via the toll-free number listed at the top of the page.


SaveQuote can help consumers get savvy by delivering multiple quotes on home insurance through a network of reputable insurance providers. Although the site has limited resources and information, the platform can save you time by putting you in contact with local homeowners’ insurance providers with policies for every need and at any price.

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