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Gabi Review

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Bestmoney Staff
Sep. 30, 2021
4 min read
BestMoney Staff
Gabi Summary
Gabi is a free online comparison tool that lets homeowners compare home insurance rates and terms quickly and easily. Using the fast search engine, homeowners can compare up to 20 different insurance quotes. Gabi has great social ratings, checks your current insurance rates, and helps you save. And with an average saving for its customers of $825 a year, there's every reason for homeowners to take advantage of the services Gabi is offering.


  • Save approximately $825 a year
  • Fast and free tool
  • Compare up to 40 rates simultaneously


  • Not an actual insurance provider
  • Limited to insurance providers in the network

Gabi at a glance

Editorial score

Variety of coverage options

Full coverage for natural disasters, personal property damage and loss, theft, and structural damage

Customizable rates and services

Fully customizable plans and rates with the option to buy fully online or with the help of an agent

Online experience and customer support

Basic site with evening and weekend customer service available

Quote time

Under 2 minutes

Direct Insurer?

Marketplace with only external links to insurers

Gabi Gabi View Rates

Suitable For?

Gabi is an effective online comparison tool for home insurance policies. It offers rate quotes in just two minutes for free and makes it easy to compare them to help you save as much as $825 or more per year on your insurance payments. Gabi promises not to sell or share your personal information with anyone, making it a good choice for anyone who appreciates their privacy and wants to save on their current home insurance policy rates.

What Coverage Includes

Gabi is not an insurance policy provider to be clear. Rather, it connects homeowners with home insurance companies that can offer them a better rate than the one they are currently paying. Since Gabi isn't an actual insurance provider, it does not set any of the terms, including what is covered, what rates are charged, etc. The different insurance companies will set the terms of your policy accordingly.

Gabi has a network of more than 40 trusted insurance companies for you to compare rates from. With major names in the home insurance industry, like Allstate, Berkshire Hathaway Guard Insurance Companies, Mercury Insurance, and the ever-popular Lemonade, Gabi helps homeowners find better rates on their current homeowners insurance policies or find new policies to cover their homes. Possible coverage that is generally offered by Gabi partners include:

  • Your dwelling (your actual home)
  • Other structures on your property (gazebos, storage shed, etc.)
  • Liability coverage (this covers accidents or injuries that occur to other people on your property)
  • Additional living expenses coverage (if you need to vacate your home during repairs, this policy will cover your expenses such as rent, food, and other necessary items)

Additional Coverage

As with the standard policies available, Gabi has nothing to say in these matters. The additional coverage that is offered will depend on the individual homeowners insurance companies you are working with. Some of the common additional coverage options available include:

  • Antiques coverage
  • Expensive office equipment coverage
  • Musical instruments coverage
  • Higher coverage limits
  • Uncovered disaster riders

Application Process

Gabi offers an online application form in order to speed up the process of signing up. Bear in mind, though, that when you sign up for Gabi, you aren’t signing up for an insurance policy. If you decide to work with one of the trusted home insurance companies you receive a quote from, you’ll have to go through their application process to complete your policy application.

Here’s how the Gabi application process works:

  • To sign up for Gabi, just enter some basic information like your name, address, and contact info.
  • Connect your current insurance account. This is so that Gabi can use your policy information to find you a better rate than you’re currently paying. Rate quotes need to be for the same type of coverage for an accurate comparison, hence the need for your current policy details.
  • Once Gabi has your information, it will search its network for the lowest rates possible under your circumstances.
  • You may be asked to fill in a few more details to finalize the quotes process.

After that, you'll receive confirmed rate quotes from the top names in the home insurance industry via Gabi. Using the comparison tool, you can see exactly how much you'll save with each of the insurance providers on offer. You're not obligated to switch or to take action on any of these quotes. They're mere offers being made to you.

If you are interested, you’ll be connected directly with the insurance company to proceed further. Gabi doesn’t give your information out to the network of insurance companies. Instead, Gabi works directly with the companies, and you work with Gabi. So, you aren’t bombarded with offers from various insurance brands.

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Discounts are dispensed as per the individual home insurance provider's policy. The good news is that there are different types of discounts you can qualify for to get better rates or lower payments for your home insurance policy. Here are a few of the typical discounts that Gabi partner insurance providers offer their customers:

  • Bundled policy discount
  • Loyalty discount
  • Energy-efficient improvements discount
  • Monitored fire alarm discount
  • Monitored burglar system discount
  • Claims-free period discount
  • Impact-resistant roof discount
  • Gated community discount
  • Home improvement discount
  • Paying in full discount
  • Widowed customer discount
  • Married discount
  • Non-smoker discount
  • Leak sensor discount
  • New home discount
  • HOA discount

How Safe is It?

Gabi has solid security protocols protecting your information at all times. It uses 128-bit encryption to secure all of your information. Additionally, Gabi will never share or sell your personal information with anyone. Gabi also guarantees you won't receive unwanted messages or be the target of spam, which can happen with other online comparison engines.

In terms of financial security, Gabi has tremendous backing from some major investors. In its first round, it raised more than $39 million in venture capital.

Claims & Customer Support

Gabi doesn’t handle insurance claims. Rather, you’ll work directly with your homeowners insurance provider to sort out claims and coverage. As mentioned, the companies in this network are as reputable as they come. With major brands like Lemonade and Allstate, you’ll get fast response times, knowledgeable customer support agents, and immediate assistance when you need it.

Gabi provides customers with its own customer support to handle any technical issues or questions regarding insurance policies in general or on-site problems. The support team is manned by licensed agents who know the industry well. So, they’ve got the answers you need when you call. You can get in touch with a Gabi customer support agent using any of the following channels. Gabi also has a great app available for iPhone.

Main office:

106 Lincoln Blvd, Suite 106

San Francisco, CA 94129





Gabi is a licensed online insurance broker that works in all 50 states. It offers homeowners a fast online tool for comparing up to 20 homeowners insurance quotes. Also, Gabi is totally free. So, there’s every reason to try and save money with this easy comparison tool. You might just save almost $1000 a year on better insurance rates.

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