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5kfunds Review
Reviews 36
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Reviews 36
Caroline Benton
May. 30, 2021
1 min read
Caroline Banton
5KFUNDS Summary
5kfunds has an extensive network of lenders that ensures competitive rates. Additionally, you won't pay a cent until your loan is approved. If you choose to borrow with 5kfunds, you can fund auto purchases and other expenses of up to $35,000 quickly and easily.
  • Select from a network of around 100 lenders
  • Quick and easy application process
  • $35,000 loan maximum
  • The 5kfunds website lacks detailed information

5KFUNDS at a glance

Editorial score

Online experience

Online application but no learning resources

Customer services and support

No customer service

Loan Types

Offers all loan types

Repayment Flexibility

Offers multiple repayment plans- but no special repayment programs

Eligibility (credit score)

Accepts all credit types


5kfunds Features

5kfunds is not a direct lender, but its partners offer a range of loan amounts with varying interest rates. The competition between the various lenders translates to favorable terms for the customer.

Features include:

  • A network of 100 reputable loan providers
  • Competitive interest rates
  • US-based customer support
  • Matching with an online lender within minutes
  • Superior customer support
  • Commitment to protecting customer information

Application Process

The application process is fast and requires you to input basic information, including personal and financial details. Once you have completed the form, 5kfunds matches you with available lenders based on your financial circumstances. 5kfunds pre-qualifies you for a loan, but the final terms and conditions are negotiated and finalized directly with the lender. 5kfunds does not require a credit check, although the lender might make this a requirement for final loan approval. From start to finish, the application process can take less than 10 minutes, and funds can be approved once you agree on terms with your chosen loan provider.

Loan Types and Terms

5kfunds is essentially a marketplace for lenders. Therefore it does not offer loans directly to customers. Partnering lenders all offer personal loans, depending on your circumstances, and attempt to provide the quickest and most cost-effective way of financing your car purchase.

Repayment Options

The various lenders offer loans ranging from less than $1,000 to as much as $35,000. Most lenders offer a repayment period of between two and 72 months, but clients choose terms that are specific to their needs. The quoted rates are an estimate, and individual loan providers may present slightly different terms in the negotiation stage.

How Safe Is It?

5kfunds uses industry-accepted protections and secure servers to protect all of its customers’ personal details. All data entered into its system is encrypted using the same security protocols employed by banks. The company has a thorough and transparent privacy policy, which is outlined on the website. Note that 5kfunds might distribute some of your details to partnering lenders and service providers.

Help & Support

5kfunds’ helpful customer service representatives can be reached by telephone during weekday business hours or by email 24 hours, seven days a week. The company’s website also has a short FAQ page to answer basic lending questions.



What makes 5kfunds stand out from other lending platforms is the amount of choice it offers borrowers and the fact that it takes only minutes to pre-qualify for a loan. If you need $35,000 or less to pay off a car purchase and don’t want to waste time with complex applications and credit checks, then 5kfunds is a good option. Lastly, because the application process is free, borrowers are under no obligation to complete the process.

Physical Address

DV Marketing, Inc. 

759 Bloomfield Ave. #244

West Caldwell, NJ 07006

Caroline Banton
Written by
Caroline Benton
Caroline Banton is a freelance writer of business and finance articles that have been featured in The Huffington Post, The Motley Fool, Time, MSN,,, SaleMove, and Before becoming a writer, Caroline had over fourteen years of experience working at the World Bank. Caroline has an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. She writes for BestMoney and enjoys helping readers make sense of the options on the market.‎
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See what some costumers are saying about 5KFUNDS
Reviews 36
angel ruiz
a month ago
Good job company
david valdez
14 days ago
Much more than a scam...... Careful!
They asked for all my information including banking account information. Never good and definitely a scam for false approval or no good banks with very high interests. Almost made me feel like they wanted to put my vehicle or house for collateral. Might as well give them my house and car, I don't think so!!!!
phillip chambers
21 days ago
Predatory Lenders! I submitted all my info until it wanted…
I submitted all my info until it wanted my Bank Account & Routing numbers before it ever gave me any Terms. No way in hell am I going to give someone my Banking Info that I’ve never even heard of. This Screams Scam & Predatory Behavior! I would steer clear of these people at all costs.
miss b
a month ago
Not Today ...
Just bailed out of this fast moving app, once it prompted me to input my banking information with no terms and no that familiar feeling of walking into landmine territory....abort mission . Leary of this company
derrick jee
a month ago
Scam, confirmed in mid 2023
I gave it all my info and it gave me a bunch of cheap scam websites, INCLUDING "swagbucks" or whatever that old thing is called. Literally 100% a scam website. They started texting me almost immediately after I gave them my number, multiple times within 10 minutes. They "confirmed me for an appointment" without me setting up anything. All just really creepy.
karen s
2 months ago
Refers you to expensive Trbal Lenders...
They refer you to one Tribal Lender after another which are basically overly priced payday loans. It is a waste of time. They are not a direct lender and send you the worst loan options.
2 months ago
5kfunds is a disgusting operation
5kfunds is a disgusting operation. They are predatory. Like many others have stated I made the mistake of providing them with my personal information after confirming they were credible with nerdwallet. My personal email is now receiving 100's of spam messages and I'm receiving unwanted phone calls after 5kloans sold my personal information. This site needs to be reported!
2 months ago
I’m glad I saw all the reviews before…
I’m glad I saw all the reviews before officially entering my bank information. Didn’t realize getting a loan would be difficult
2 months ago
The worse
The worse! I am 100% sure they are not legit. I apply and they just keep sending me to a bunch of websites that look super sketchy. Also, after I apply I keep getting weird emails i regret giving them my bank info.
daniel servedio
3 months ago
The biggest scam this world has ever seen
They really think I'm going to give them my routing number and my bank account number don't ever do that They think because we're elderly and naive that some of us are Pretty d*** smart so they can take their They're fine words and shove it up Where the sun don't shine
maria salazar
4 months ago
Dont do it
Gave them all my information. got no money & honestly am now terrified, i have got spam mail yet, but I gave them a lot of information so im scared what they will do with that
elizabeth winkler
4 months ago
I also went through this until I got…
I also went through this until I got the wanting the account information. No one has ever asked me for that before providing terms. They are now sending me a ton of message and I'm blocking them all. Illinois just passed a law that preditory lenders cannot do business anymore in IL so anything they would provide couldn't be done anyway. So yes stay away from 5K at all costs
mary thompson
4 months ago
5k Scam to get personal banking information
5k boasts about no loan being over 36% apr, I checked with them out through Wallet Hub and another site, both said 5k was reputable and transparent.. they lied just as much as 5k. I went through their questions, gave banking information, (against my better judgment), but I truly thought since Wallet Hub and others said they're legit, I'd go ahead and do that.. I got redirected to predatory lenders offering me loans with an over 700% apr. I'm getting call after call, text after text and my email is blowing up with predatory lenders "offering" me loans. If I had wanted a loan with a 700% interest rate, I would have looked for one myself. I would never suggest 5k loans to anyone. Nor will I ever suggest anyone trust Wallet Hub.
yesenia fernandez
5 months ago
SCAM! To gain access to your information. I completed the entire process entered all my personal information and now im worried what its being used for since all I got was a bunch of companies for services with fees. A long tedious process and waste of time.
jr smith
6 months ago
Punk ass company ask me for all my…
Punk ass company ask me for all my information to just waste my time and send me bull crap emails .. find a different company .. yes I took my time to leave a comment for a reason
nora gonzales
6 months ago
Don't bother, not legit
This is the 2nd company I've tried that asks for ALL your personal info & bank acct info before showing what terms & amount you would qualify for. I didn't give my bank info. I hit "Previous" and deleted the personal info I had entered. I'm going to go with a legit company like Lending Tree.
dan kelly
6 months ago
Place is a joke
Place is a joke. Approved. Easy. Oh wait actually pay for this credit service to check your score when you already know your score the we sell your info and deny you. Absolutely atrocious company. I now have a millions texts and emails from people trying to lend me $500 with 700% interest. Dude I don’t need $500. What a scam. Thought 3k to fix my car would be easy with a 690 credit. Wow. I’ll just pay cash. What a crap company.
6 months ago
It’s a scam
It’s a scam. I input all my information Social, bank account number, & birthdate but no loan offer at all. Now I am worried 😭
golden flaws
6 months ago
so as i was going thru i unfortunately gave them my bank information and now i’m super nervous so i don’t know if my information is gonna be out there to thousands or what but i feel so unsafe and unsecured, i don’t know what to do but they need to b stopped seriously.
7 months ago
Tricked and nervous
Well, I feel tricked and nervous. I clicked through a Facebook post about ways to increase your income. The first suggestion was to try to get a debt consolidation loan. I clicked it and began answering the questions to see if I qualified for a loan. I stopped when it asked for my bank information without even offering loan terms. I gave them tons of personal information. Now I have to worry what they are going to do with it. Seriously, who gives out banking information without first deciding on terms!! This must be a total scam.
will creamer
7 months ago
Scam. Do not give information
amy ladawn
7 months ago
Positive reviews are all from the same week 2019
Scam. I stopped before I made it through the application when they asked for my bank info. Unfortunately, I'd already given them all my other info. What a scam! There are only one and five star reviews here. The 3 star reviews were all posted in the same week Nov 2019. We should be able to sue fake companies like this!
jeff byrne
8 months ago
Scam, phishing.. Keep reading its all true
mike d
8 months ago
Stay away or they’ll spam you!
My suggestion. Move on to another company. I read reviews on another site and they were positive. I didn’t even make it all the way through the process to apply for a loan before I quit the application. Unfortunately I had put in my email address. Now I get about 80-100 spam emails a day. I unsubscribe but continue to get the same email from the same email address. Bogus. Do not apply or even walk through the process. They’ll get your info and spam you. Luckily I didn’t give me phone number. Awful awful “business”.
zachary sallinger
9 months ago
Read the fine print
Ran my credit report without open disclosure. Immediately bombed with spam texts. Company is trash.
10 months ago
Don't trust
They ask for your bank account information before you're even sure you'll get a loan. I don't trust it. Very sketchy. I do believe this company just sells your personal information. Avoid at all costs!
paul chunglo jr.
10 months ago
Total Scam Beware!!!
I entered a lot of very personal information and was tricked into a credit reporting service I never wanted or even agreed to. No loan was ever offered or even addressed. Total Scam!! I'd like to see some proof from the reviewers that say they received a loan. I am willing to bet on the fact that this company never helps anyone receive a loan.
a year ago
Do not give this company your personal…
Do not give this company your personal information. I missed the part where they sell your phone number/information. I thought this was a secure, legitimate company to help people get loans. After a google search I made sure I was on the official, secure website. I don’t have any reason to believe they would not have tossed my social security number out in the open, after this fact. Of course it was mostly my fault, but seriously don’t fall for it.
a year ago
Asked for extremely personal…
Asked for extremely personal information and then redirected me to several different sites. Do not use this site!
tim daniel
a year ago
5K Funds is a Scam
5K Funds is a Scam. I applied for a loan online and paid for a credit report. A short time later I was asked to pay a second time for a credit report. No loan was addressed.
g j
2 years ago
Provided sensitive information
Provided sensitive information, only to continuously be redirected to third party lenders. Never received a loan. My information is still out there. Not right.
2 years ago
So far its been like 7 months and Ive…
So far its been like 7 months and Ive ReAPPLIED for like a zillion loans even for as low as $200 and NEVER a penny ??? Really 5K ? And yet they STILL BLOW up my Cell with BOGUS text messages SAYING THAT Ive BEEN APPROVED and oH Congratulations and just click here to RELEASE your $ funds to your account Immediately! Texts and Emails STILL all the time and NO MONEY ever So I have to ask , WHAT THE HELL ?
jannette cruz
4 years ago
Excellent service!
Excellent service! The money was in my account the same day I applied and I was able to renovate my kitchen. 100% Recommended!!!
4 years ago
Super fast and trusted!
Wow! Thanks to this quick loan I was able to pay my credit card on time! Money in my account in less than 8 hours.
sandra teller
4 years ago
I was able to get the funds I needed…
I was able to get the funds I needed for car repair within pretty much the same day I applied for a loan. Super fast! Definitely recommend to the ones who need funds fast.
4 years ago
They do nothing but we'll your data…
They do nothing but we'll your data once they have it you Get redirects for days all with 3rd party fee crooks .don't give them any data .