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ManyPets Review

Reviews 2,096
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Reviews 2,096
Katy Ward
Jul. 19, 2022
3 min read
Katy Ward
ManyPets Summary
Launched in the US in 2021, ManyPets provides unlimited insurance cover for dogs and cats in 36 US states. The company has a particular focus on delivering a low carbon footprint and having a positive impact on the communities in which it operates. ManyPets processes 99% of claims within 48 hours.


  • No coverage limits
  • Covers all licensed US vets
  • Processes 99% of claims within 48 hours


  • 24/7 support not available
  • Only covers dogs and cats
  • Not available in all state

ManyPets at a glance

Editorial score

Online experience

Great site with learning resources

Customizable rates and services

Customizable plans and rates, 50-90% reimbursement, no upper age limit

Claims payout waiting period


Customer support

Evening and weekend customer service available


Multiple bundles available

What Does it Cover 

ManyPets covers your pet’s health care costs in the event of an accident or illness, which includes cancer and dental issues.

Your pet may also be covered for hip dysplasia, but this will depend on the circumstances. If you’re concerned about this condition, it’s worth checking with ManyPets to make sure that you’d be fully protected.

Your policy will cover the following treatments:

  • Diagnostics 
  • Medications 
  • Procedures
  • Hospitalizations

Unlike a number of its competitors, ManyPets covers curable pre-existing health conditions if your pet has been free from symptoms for more than 18 months, with the exception of cruciate ligament injury.

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Insurance Plans & Pricing 

As with any pet insurance policy, the cost of your premiums will depend on factors such as the age and breed of your pet, as well as your location.

We entered the information for a 2-year-old female Golden retriever and received a quote of $55.52 per month in June 2021 in Illinois. This quote assumes a deductible of $250 and a 90% reimbursement rate.

We also entered the details for a 5-year-old mixed-breed male cat and received a quote of $19.70 per month in June 2021 in Illinois. This quote assumes a deductible of $500 and an 80% reimbursement rate.

You should note the prices listed here are subject to change.

What is Not Covered

If you take out a policy with ManyPets, the following exclusions will apply:

  • Cosmetic/elective procedures 
  • Non-FDA approved medications
  • Prescription diet
  • Behavioral medication/therapy
  • Pet daycare, boarding, or grooming

Waiting Periods

After you take out a policy, you’ll need to wait a minimum of 15 days before you can make a claim, although ManyPets may waive this waiting period if you switch from an alternative provider and can prove you had another policy in place within the previous 24 hours.

Coverage Limits

ManyPets has no maximum coverage limits on its policies.

Reimbursement and deductibles 

When you take out a policy, you can select the level of deductible you will pay if you need to make a claim—with amounts ranging from $0 to $750.

To see an indication of the impact different deductibles could have on premium costs, we ran a series of quotes on a 3-year-old female Labrador mix, choosing a 90% reimbursement rate. We varied only the deductible each time.

DeductibleMonthly premium

We repeated this process for a 5-year-old male Abyssinian cat.

DeductibleMonthly premium

These quotes were received in June 2021 in Illinois, and rates are subject to change.

Claims and Service 

If your pet is ill or injured, you can take him or her to any licensed vet. To make a claim, you’ll then need to email ManyPets with a copy of the invoice from your vet, your treatment receipt, and your pet’s medical records for the past 18 months. 

ManyPets purports to process 99% of all accident and illness claims within 48 hours, although this period may be longer if the company requires any additional details. Once your claim is approved, ManyPets will make a payment to you within 24 business hours. 

Should you have a question regarding your policy, you can contact the company’s customer service team by phone or email. Its support hours are 9 am-5 pm CST, Monday-Friday.

When we tried the site, we found the quote process extremely straightforward and received the information we needed within minutes.

What You Might Like

If you have an interest in sustainability, ManyPets’ blog contains advice for those keen to cut the carbon footprint of pet ownership. Likewise, there are tips specific to the Illinois area, which brings a genuine sense of community to the website.

Contact Details and Address

3631 Chamblee Tucker Rd, #941818, Atlanta, GA, 31141

T: (888) 978 5291

Bottom Line

ManyPets provides unlimited coverage for cats and dogs across 36 states in the USA. For eligible customers, however, the company has plenty working in its favor. We were particularly impressed by its unlimited payout limits and claim to process 99% of cases within 48 hours. It is also worth noting that ManyPets plans to roll out its services in all 50 states by the end of the year.


This review was compiled using information from ManyPet's website and by emailing its customer support team.

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Katy Ward
Written by
Katy Ward
Oxford graduate Katy Ward is a seasoned journalist and editor covering personal finance for Eleven Writing and Top10. Over a 15-year career, Katy has worked with several finance titans, including Barclays, Tandem Bank, and Yahoo! Finance. She enjoys identifying complex financial trends that make for interesting article topics.
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1 day ago
They've been great!
Many Pets has been great! My young energetic dog finds herself in some tricky situations, and I'm very grateful that Many Pets has been there to help with the cost of vet visits. They really do a great job handling claims. I had Nationwide for my five-year-old dog, but they raised the rates to 1 1/2 times what I had been paying, so i had to drop the policy. I just hope that Many Pets continues to keep up their great coverage and service with reasonable rates.
Stephanie M
1 day ago
Just submitted my first claim and it…
Just submitted my first claim and it was a breeze!
3 days ago
They are fast efficient a when I have…
They are fast efficient a when I have to call. I always get a kind caring person to talk to.
6 days ago
Excellent, efficient responses.
G. Wakulin
3 weeks ago
Many Pets is the Best!!
Many Pets is the Best!!! I recommended them to a friend of mine who has a Shih Tzu!!!