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Jacob Parker
Jacob Parker
May. 03, 20214 min read

Farmers summary

Farmers® is one of the biggest insurers in the US, but you might not know that this organization also offers pet insurance. Pet Insurance through Farmers® is provided by Pets Best. Farmers® teamed up with Pets Best in 2014 to offer their pet insurance, so that Farmers® could offer the same kind of quality insurance for pets that its customers have grown to trust.


  • Plans for all budgets
  • Additional wellness package available


  • Doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions
Farmersat a glance

Editorial score

Online experience

Basic site with some learning resources


Customizable rates and services

Customizable plans and rates, 50-90% reimbursement, no upper age limit


Claims payout waiting period



Customer support

24/7 communication and a pet hotline available



Multiple bundles available


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What's Covered? 

Depending on your individualized plan, your pet could be covered for accidents as well as things like cancer, allergies, ear infections, diabetes, skin problems, and tissue diseases. Coverage will cover the cost of medication, surgeries, and even rehabilitation depending on what plan you choose.

Insurance Plans & Pricing 

Pet Insurance through Farmers® offers two primary areas of coverage: Accident-Only and BestBenefit Accident and Illness.

BestBenefit Accident and Illness

This plan offers the broadest coverage including accidents, illnesses, and a broad range of treatments. Your premiums and deductibles under this plan will vary quite a bit with cats generally a little cheaper to insure. You can adjust your deductible to fit your budget, so your monthly bill may come out somewhere between $22-$46 for cats and $35-$58 for dogs. 


This plan is a great budget option if you know you need coverage but maybe can’t afford the pricier plan. While we advise insuring your pet comprehensively and early, that isn’t always an option. Accident coverage is $9 per month for dogs and $6 for cats. In Washington, plans cost an extra $1 per month.

Wellness Routine Care

An added bonus is the Wellness Routine Care package which helps you pay for things like flea and tick prevention, check-ups, and routine shots.

What's Not Covered

Pre-existing conditions aren't covered. Also, claims can’t be filed during the waiting period. Because of this we recommend insuring your pet as soon as you get her/him. 

Waiting Periods

The waiting period for illnesses is 14 days from your coverage start-date and 3 days for accidents. Cruciate ligament conditions have a 6-month waiting period. This is to prevent insurance fraud.

Reimbursement and Deductibles 

Unlike most pet insurance companies, Pet Insurance through Farmers® lets you set your own reimbursement level and deductibles. This means, if you don’t mind risking a higher deductible (up to $1000), you can pay a much lower amount month to month. The same thing goes for reimbursement. You can lower your reimbursement percentage to get a lower rate or raise it to 90% to increase your coverage.

Claims and Service 

Submitting a claim is super simple. Just upload the invoice from your vet visit to your account on the Pets Best app or website, then receive your reimbursement via mail or direct deposit.

Customer Service (for Pet Insurance through Farmers® and Pets Best) can be reached by phone at 877-464-6542 in the US or through live chat on the website. Another great way to take care of all your insurance needs is through a Farmers® insurance agent. These professionals can help you figure out insurance options to save you money and handle most of the administrative stuff.

What You Might Like

The great thing about choosing Pet Insurance through Farmers® and Pets Best is you can take care of all of your insurance in one place. Also, a high level of customizability is offered so you can create a package that fits your budget and needs.

What Farmers® Could do Better

Pet Insurance through Farmers® is provided by Pets Best, a highly reputable company with an excellent track record with claims and customer service. However, we would like to see some coverage options for pre-existing conditions like feline aids and cancers.

Contact Details and Address

Phone: 877-464-6542

2323 S.Vista Ave.Ste. 100 Boise, ID 83705 

How The Company Compares:

Farmers® ASPCA
Waiting period
3 to 14 days
Reimbursement rate
70% to 90%
70% to 90%
Annual Deductible
$100 to $1,000
$100, $250, or $500
Coverage limit
$5,000 to unlimited
$5,000 to unlimited

Compared to insurers like Petplan, Pet Insurance through Farmers® and Pets Best has a much better reputation with claims. They are also not known to suddenly raise premiums exponentially on their customers like other pet insurers have been known to do after a claim is made.

Bottom Line

Pet Insurance through Farmers® and Pets Best service is a great option when it comes to getting tailored insurance for your pet. Its prices are affordable and the company has a great reputation, exactly what you want when safeguarding your pet’s future.

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5% discount applies to BestBenefit plans; discount not available in AK, FL, HI, or TN. Additional 5% if insuring more than one pet.

Select a plan that reimburses 70%, 80%, or 90% of the cost of eligible veterinary treatment. Limited to covered expenses.

Pet Insurance through Farmers® is provided by Pets Best. Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC places pet insurance with an insurer offering that coverage (American Pet Insurance Company). Pets Best and the insurer are not affiliated with Farmers® Insurance. The pet insurance insurer(American Pet Insurance Company) has sole financial responsibility for their products and services.

Pet insurance coverage is offered and administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC and is underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company, a New York insurance company. Please visit to review all available pet health insurance products.

Jacob Parker
Written byJacob Parker

Jacob Parker is a financial and technology writer. With a background in climate science, he's deeply interested in the intersection of fintech and sustainability and has a passion for impact investing and ESG research. He writes for BestMoney and enjoys helping readers make sense of the options on the market.‎

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PoorReviews 38
  • author
    3 days ago
    I originally had a met life policy…

    I originally had a met life policy until they sold out to Farmers. Everything was until the was pretty obvious I went from a reputable insurance agency to a budget insurance company that's only known for absolutely stupid commercials that rival that of Flo and progressive. I quit receiving email, no letter, nothing. They quit auto-drafting my payments. And, I just discovered they unilaterally changed my policy and monthly premium payment. I have emailed them, filled out their contact forms as an email and for a call from an agent several times....not one response whatsoever! The phone calls....tried for a week to get a live person. My total hold time was over an hour for that week....finally, after calling the number for web support, someone answered after I was transferred and had to endure the AI operator who won't connect you to an agent until you cuss and yell. Well, like I said - I went from Met Life which was an unscrupulous and unethical discount company...Farmers. I wasn't surprised when I was finally connected to a rep - who couldn't operate the phone and a replacement who speaks English as a second language. Her accent was so thick....I couldn't understand most of what she said. Her pronunciation of auto was so distorted and ridiculous - I literally had to ask WTH she was saying 5 times. Auto...her pronunciation of the word wasn't even close...'eeyoutoo'. Absolutely ridiculous...thats why I didn't get the discount insurance to start out with - they cut corners any way they can. Anyway...I explained the issue of not getting invoices, auto draft and not being able to contact anyone. I don't what she said...hell I don't know if she was speaking English or a mix of her language and gibberish. But I was put on hold. After 10 minutes...she came back...this time she didn't have her mic in or something and I couldn't hear her; nonetheless, understand her. But after about 5injtes of telling her I can't hear or understand her ....she put her mic on and said...I think, waiting for email, back on hold. I was on hold for a while time at 30 minutes and she finally came back....she was about to put me back on hold but I stopped her before she left again. I asked her just email me with the answer....she said a bunch of unintelligible words and then I heard can't. And then more broken English...I call you back. Thank God! She never called back and I'll mentally prepare myself with copius amounts of beer when I call back tomorrow...I have zero expectations and only a hope that I get through and that this rep speaks better English than the last. Rock and hard pla e...if I drop them, I lose the continuous discount and ha e to start over. It'll be worth it....Farmers is a joke...defined by their commercials. Negative stars. Horrible.


  • author
    Apr 28, 2022
    They cancelled my policies, but then continued them without notification after I had new policies with another company

    The quarterly bill for my auto and my homeowners policy was due on 3/22. I mailed payment on 3/16, but Farmers did not deposit the checks until 3/29. They cancelled both policies, notified me and sent me refund checks for both policies on 4/18. On 4/21, I opened policies with another company. On 4/28, I received a bill for $245 from Farmers. After spending over an hour on the phone with several representatives on three separate calls, being sent back and forth and being on hold for 23 minutes, I was told that the policies were continued and that the bill is for the 3/25 to 4/21 time frame. How could that be since THEY cancelled the policies?


  • author
    Apr 21, 2022
    Another insured ran into my vehicle in…

    Another insured ran into my vehicle in a parking lot and the Adjuster was consistent with following up until it came for her to decide who is at fault. The person who struck my vehicle wasted no time in filing a claim under my policy. The Adjuster moved the claim to repair status and has yet to inform me of who is at fault although I have informed her that I need to know repeatedly.


  • author
    Apr 19, 2022
    The transition from MetLife to Farmers…

    The transition from MetLife to Farmers has been very painful. Farmers customer service is extremely horrible. Not only do you have to wait 35-45 mins. to connect with a live person once you are connected the agent has no idea how to fix any issues. I ended up cancelling my policies and moved to another company. Unfortunately Farmers continues to bill me and when I call they state my policies have been cancelled and I should not be charged but the charges continue. Extremely frustrating - even when asked to speak with a supervisor I was told no one available. Do your own research before joining - I'd advise against it.


  • author
    Susan Meechan Ross
    Apr 11, 2022
    They NEVER return a phone call

    They NEVER return a phone call. We have multiple homes and autos with them. Lots of money. Our last agent (Las Vegas) did not return calls for a month -because he had quit! Nobody told us. Current agent won’t return call either. We desperately need a copy of our homeowners for a transaction and we’ve been calling for 2 days. They want you to go online. Great. You need your policy number. We don’t have it! We are traveling. They do not care. Can’t wait to switch. All 5 policies!


  • author
    Mike Vastard
    Mar 25, 2022
    Super fast and professional people!

    Super fast and professional people!


  • author
    Stephen Zulawnik
    Mar 24, 2022
    LEGAL THIEVES! Farmers took over my home and auto from…

    Farmers took over my home and auto from metlife and are continuing the legal theivery they did to me! i has a big maple tree in my back yard broke at the base that they wouldnt cover because it was still standing then after i fixed my chain link fence myself a neighbor who also had metlife drove thru my fence into my house i have alum siding they wouldnt pay for the job to be done right then put me in a risk pool for 5 years making me pay double! then i took them back being the cheapest at the time now my cast iron sewer pipe broke but because im not covered in sewerage they wont cover it although the plumber says all the insurance companies cover it and he showed me a triple decker that was covered without flooding the basement! LEGAL THIEVERY like communism! you have to buy it then they can screw you. i even went to the insurance commissioner who is probably on the take for these criminals! WHATS THE SENSE OF PAYING FOR YOUR INSURANCE WHEN YOU SQUIRM OUT OF EVERY CLAIM??? I WILL get cheaper internet insurance that will do equally as bad coverage for less😡


  • author
    Bill Van Eron
    Mar 20, 2022
    Farmers bails out for even loyal customers

    As a loyal customer of Farmers, we followed their advice for 42 years. The one time we really depended on them to reimburse us for a car accident that caused two stroke buildups and concussion symptoms just before launching my business and losing 5 years of income, they failed to show any integrity at all. I strongly suggest you avoid Farmers as they avoid us when we as customers need them most. The reviews below are legit. There should be a law that punishes negative patterns, such as Farmers has shown to most with legit claims. They dragged this case out for 5 years and low-balled us way below the $500K we should have gotten.


  • author
    Inaya Zuwena
    Mar 08, 2022
    I do not recommend Farmers Insurance as…

    I do not recommend Farmers Insurance as an employer or an insurance provider. Farmers does not care about the safety and well-being of their employees. They only care about their metrics and making billions of dollars. When I informed my supervisor that I would need a few days of PTO due to personal and legal issues involving harassment by a neighbor who ultimately threatened my life, the PTO was approved however I received a phone call from my supervisor while on PTO advising that Farmers had chosen to terminate my position. I provided a case number with the Austin Police Department to support the legal and safety matters I was facing in my personal life, but that did not matter. I was not available to work therefore I was not making Farmers any money, so they terminated my employment with no thought of what I had already advised. When I asked for a documented reason for the termination, my request was declined. Prior to the termination, I had just had my yearly review in which I received outstanding praise and was due for a pay raise. I was a good employee. However everyone in the company is easily replaceable and they will make that known. If you’re passionate about insurance and enjoy selling your soul to large corporations who will not support you when times are tough, then Farmers may very well be the place for you. The silver lining to all of this is that the termination presented an opportunity with my dream job, to allow me to do something I’m passionate about and to serve my community. Most people here at Farmers aren’t leading fulfilling lives, they’re just here for the paycheck. It’s a soul-crushing culture.


  • author
    WHO ME
    Jan 29, 2022
    Promised made and not kept

    I had been with Farmers for over 30 years previously when I left to go with my daughter's company. After she left the business after many years, I decided to go back to Farmers. The agent I was given seemed great, but it didn't turn out that way. The agent gave me a very good quote and a 5% discount. The agent followed up by stating that I would get another 5% off at my 6 month policy renewal as long as I didn't have any accidents, tickets and maintained a "Focused driving" rating from the Pilot App that I agreed to use. Come renewal time, my rate went up and no additional 5% discount even though I had no incidents and maintained the 100% Focused driving on the App. I called the agent who told me that the had been a statewide rate increase and that they didn't know why I didn't get the discount but that the 5% additional discount COULD come after the new policy period. Not what I was told. So, I called corporate and cancelled both my policies. The representative was very understanding and said that my policies would be cancelled at the end of my policy period which was 2 weeks in the future. I verified that since I was fully paid up on both policies (automatic bank deduction) that there would not be any charges to which I recieved an affirmative answer. I was told I could check my account online in 24 hours to verify. Well, I did and found that Farmers said they were going to deduct .59 cents from my account! Unbelievable!!! At this point, I decided to quit talking to them, pay the .59 cents and be done with them! Never again will I go to or recommend Farmers Insurance under any circumstance.


  • author
    Christina Walker
    Jan 22, 2022
    Self Service is the only service you will receive...

    I called Farmers multiple times within 3 days, Twice I reached a live person just to be transferred and placed on hold. My hold times averaged up to be 4 hours and 10 minutes with not one question answered! I sent a request for a return phone call, I never got the call. I tried to chat online but the agent never connected. I had one simple question, but I decided to take my business elsewhere.


  • author
    Diane Brill
    Jan 09, 2022
    i have had nothing but problems with…

    i have had nothing but problems with farmers. the way they handled my claim was horrible. the agents are the worst. cant find one good one. they dont care about their customers. they make many mistakes and refuse to take any responsibility for their mistakes which falls back us customers of course. you have to battle with them about everything. they have no appreciation for their customers and when we really needed them during this pandemic they were no help and nasty and mean. its all about them. worst customer service ever. i have nothing good to say about them and they truly dont get it. poorly run company. all about the money for them. selfish. they hire the worst agents. they belong in the repo business. they dont get it. never will.


  • author
    Denise Meridith
    Jan 04, 2022
    Malpractice...Insurance style!

    I cannot say that my recent experience is indicative of the agency, as I have had good conversations with other Farmers' representatives. But my experience with a particular Farmers agent in Scottsdale was horrendous. Every year seemed to present a new challenge (e.g., getting regular payments arranged, requesting copies of policies or COIs, or even getting a return phone call). The last straw came when, after making two requests for a copy of a policy for a month, and, only through my own research, I found out that the liability policy for my company had not been renewed on the annual date. Unbeknownst to me (and evidently him!), my company had been at risk for months! I went to another insurance agency, which expediently reestablished my liability coverage. There is no excuse for this lack of attentiveness to detail or failure to provide basic customer service.


  • author
    Maria Farrington
    Dec 17, 2021
    Farmers Insurance offers the most…

    Farmers Insurance offers the most affordable home and business insurance policies. They offered me excellent coverage, rates, and savings.


  • author
    John Patterson
    Dec 04, 2021
    The rate was ok but the customer…

    The rate was ok but the customer service with my old agent was bad. Tried to get a new agent with no help


  • author
    Patty & Rod Meiers
    Nov 22, 2021
    No timely response to claim - just didn't care

    We have had Farmer's Insurance for both our cars and our homeowners for over 9 years. Up until this year, we have had no issues. We had a microburst come through during the monsoon with over 50 mile per hour winds and it blew off several roof tiles during the storm and our roof leaked into our living room. I immediately posted pictures and a video on their app and opened a claim. It took them 3 days to even acknowledge the claim. They were trying to send an adjuster, but there were no adjusters available in the Phoenix area so they had to fly in adjusters from other states (outside contractors who know nothing of how a monsoon storm works). I called and was placed on hold several times and then had to resort to emails and received no response. Our claim was made on 8/16 and no one came out to look at our damage until the second week in September. It was an outside adjuster. We were told by Farmers to go ahead and have a roofer come and either tarp or adjust the tiles so the roof may not leak as more storms were expected. Our claim was denied and said that the tiles just scooted down the roof and was not blown off. We emailed our Farmer's agent and he didn't care and just said this is the way things are in the insurance industry. I know this is not true as a friend had the same damage and his claim was honored. We can't wait to get rid of Farmers and get an insurance company that cares for its customers. If I could give a negative star....I would!


  • author
    Michael L Boyd
    Nov 06, 2021
    These company's that claim to work for…WHO?

    These company's that claim to work for you, have some strange formula that must allow them to really believe any of that. To have auto and home coverage for 5+ yrs w/ no claims on either policy and totally receive the least amount of communication from these agents, who have no concern if you cancel! And cancel due to Auto rates that never once were less due to their input or corporate required revenue! I mean I would think that any concerned agent who truly had any concern for their client, might ask if there was any thing that could be offered or reviewed to continue to be of service and possibly understand what led to our needing to dump them. Another interesting. feature is how they can collect nearly two months early on the annual home Ins. policy.


  • author
    Cou Pon
    Sep 24, 2021
    Horrible insurance company

    This is a horrible insurance company. I have been a long time policyholder without any accident claims. Last month, I was involved in an accident that wasn't my fault. The company denied my claims for the damages. On top of that, they increased my premiums as a result. The company is focused on profits over the policyholders.


  • author
    Jul 04, 2021

    I received a flyer in the mail offering me a premium on my homeowners' insurance of $660/year. I called the phone number on the flyer. They referred me to Farmers Insurance, an agent named Bruce Grebin. I called Bruce for a quote on my three homeowners policies. Farmers Insurance quotes were more than 500% higher than the quotes I received from AllState Insurance. Want to get a new you-know-what ripped for yourself? Just insure with Farmers.


  • author
    May 26, 2021
    The worse Insurance Company..

    The worse Insurance Company... I trusted them and I thought that they would take care of me because I've been with them for more than 10 years with Autos. I bought a house last year and I trusted them for Homeowners Insurance that they will take care of me and I never once questioned it. No agents talked to me about the coverage just added homeowners insurance. Well, finally I got a chance to test their policy. I had two electric bikes that were stolen from my backyard at my property with locks that these cost me close to $5000. So, I was really upset and still upset and looking around my town if someone else are riding around with them. I filed a claim for lost property and maybe with deduction I will get some money for my claim. Lo and behold, Farmers declined my claim that they said they cannot issue any money. Farmers said that electric bikes are motor vehicles so they are not covered under my homeowners policy. Imagine that, no one ever told me that even their agents. I am shopping for a new insurance now and also other members of my family are going to switch from FARMERS. Yeah, for a couple or $3000 of payback for stolen property, they are going to lose out $10000 at least per year. DO NOT TRUST FARMERS... money hogs they are.


  • author
    Kat Tyler
    Jan 19, 2021
    I just switched So Happy

    I just switched my Home, Auto, Motorcycle and horse trailer to Farmers. I worked with Joseph Allred. He patiently reviewed my current coverage, took away thing I didn't need and add things I should have. So professional and truly cares about you as an individual. I feel in great hand, great to have someone looking our for you when you need it. Thanks, Joe


  • author
    Dec 28, 2020
    Good experience

    An overall positive experience.


  • author
    Ori Barkan
    Dec 28, 2020
    Great coverage for my puppy

    Great coverage for my pet, I LOVE them so much.


  • author
    Herry Hocklin
    Nov 03, 2020
    Have had some billing mishaps that…

    Have had some billing mishaps that didn’t go favorably


  • author
    Sep 28, 2020
    If anyone is thinking of purchasing this insurance save your money!

    If anyone is thinking of purchasing this insurance...Save your money. They are very unprofessional and rude. Do not return phone calls in a timely fashion, do not provide complete instructions and information to complete documents. Treated us as if we were the ones at fault when it was their client that hit us. It took over a month to come to a decision on our vehicle and we never did receive a rental car even after requesting one! Very stressful situation when it didn't need to be if they would have just given us accurate and complete information, good thing we checked with a lawyer as to our rights.


  • author
    Nick S
    Apr 21, 2020
    The best insurance agency out there

    The best insurance agency out there! Love farmers. Super intuitive and easy


  • author
    david benoit
    Dec 15, 2019



  • author
    Yishan Ma
    Jul 24, 2019

    TL; DR: CHEAP, SHADY, LAZY and IRRESPONSIBLE. STAY AWAY FROM THEM IF YOU DONT WANT AFTERMARKET PARTS AND ZERO EMPATHY. I got rear-ended by a farmers insurer. It took them a whole week to give me an estimation, while I was being responsive and fast, the estimation only has one item: take off my rear bumper - If you are gonna spend five days on an estimate, you better do your damn job. Dont BS me about you having other claims, if you gonna spend 5 days, you better show your work. LAZY and RUDE, is what I got from the adjusters at the office. They are out of state, irresponsible, not responding and lazy. They said my car is in drivable condition so they won't give me a rental while I was waiting for the estimation. I drove the car with my rare bumper pops out for the whole week. So A WEEK later after the accident finally took my car to the bodyshop. The bodyshop guy is actually nice and he told me the praiser told him holding off ordering the part and they expect "LKQ and a/m CAPA". which means not original parts. This is just a glance of HOW CHEAP they are. When they finally got me a rental, they really made the enterprise people laugh. The guy at enterprise literally told me, they had contract with farmers & the cheapest car they have is $23. and they quote me for $21, and it is only for two days. HOW RIDICULOUS! I certainly don't care much about the $2/day. But I won't allow myself to take it without a fight.. well,, the adjuster on my claim is out of the office for the week. And it goes to voicemail.


  • author
    Jul 18, 2019
    Farmers Insurance

    Farmers Insurance - Erin Isaac in San Angelo TX, the worst agent, keep billing me for some error they made, talked to them many times, every time they said it was fix, then I got a threatening letter from them telling me that they were going to send my bill to a collection agency, I paid it, because I knew they will just lie, there were many hours I wasted talking to them, and even after I paid it, and called them, they told them, I told you it was fix, a very frustrating experience.


  • author
    Bridgett childress
    Jun 20, 2019
    There should be no stars for this one…

    There should be no stars for this one but it was,the only way I could make a statement farmers is a joke it was said once u file a claim your unknown to them how does an other party file a claim on the insured start a claim possess for an auto accident only for the insured to be notified by mail with an. O open claim be told that there is no ins cover then why open a claim if this is true ya dropped my coverage when a auto accident was reported and not by me ask u to send info on policy you say my mail coming back to u no such address put I got the claim letter from u with the same address how's that something going on and I will get to the bottom of it and come out on top never give up and surely don't give in all in the name of Jesus and it shall be done amen


  • author
    Philipp Merillat
    Jun 15, 2019
    Farmers Insurance at the Ramos Agency in Silver City, New Mexico

    My experience at Farmers Insurance in Silver City has been excellent. Both Mr. Michael Torres and Gabriel Ramos have been helpful and courteous and prompt. There's never been a disagreement or misunderstanding between us and the same was true of Farmers Insurance in Albuquerque some twenty five years earlier when my auto policy was first started with them there. They are dependable people and trustworthy.


  • author
    Gerald Scott
    Jun 09, 2019
    They got my address wrong, which is a big problem...

    When dealing with auto insurance, or any insurance, you must be truthful about your address. Providing a wrong address knowingly is considered fraud. Upon starting my auto insurance with farmers the agent over the phone recorded my address wrong. I called her the next day to point this out and she denied her mistake and said it didn't really matter anyway. What's more is the address she entered into the system DOESN'T EVEN EXIST. What?????? Calls are recorded, and I challenge Farmers Insurance to review my call with the agent. I gave one address and she took liberties to assume I meant something else. It was likely a simple misunderstanding in reality, but the agent refused to admit fault, as if I gave her the wrong address, which is downright silly and insulting to even consider. When I register my vehicle, you better believe the state will have a problem if I provide insurance documents that list an address that doesn't exist, or the police for that matter. That was 5 days ago and this issue STILL has yet to be sorted out and Farmers (or Bristol West) have yet to provide me the common courtesy of saying sorry OR fixing their error on my insurance documents - thanks for that.


  • author
    Beena job
    May 20, 2019
    Farmers insurance gives the best rates…

    Farmers insurance gives the best rates for home and business insurance!!!!Arya Agency, Ashburn was so good to me!!! They provided me with a great coverage,rates and discounts


  • author
    Catherine Weber
    May 13, 2019
    IDENTITY THEFT with Farmers

    I moved to Farmers after being with State Farm for 15 years due to significant savings. I asked them for a life insurance quote at one point and never moved forward with it. I find out about a year later that the individual who quoted me, forged my electronic signature by using a fake yahoo account to email it to and ended up opening the life insurance themselves in order to get the commission. In addition, they opened a credit card in my name to charge the premiums too! Can you say IDENTITY THEFT? Corporate did finally refund me all of the money I ended up being out - but only after asking me to jump through hoops proving what was going on even though they could see the paper trail in their system. But in the end they refused to prosecute the person who did it. I understand that this was an individual acting on his own - but the fact that Farmers would not prosecute is a HUGE issue for me.


  • author
    Justice Crusader
    Jan 22, 2019
    Farmers Insurance has no respect for human life

    Farmers Insurance - a sad and sorry big-corp full of soul-less agents who have no respect for human life - offered $200, TOTAL, for my pain after my car was hit on Oct. 2, 2017. Along with 5 MRI’s, Farmers ignored my newly discovered Osteoporosis, a first-ever partially dislocated right shoulder, plus the first-ever lump that surfaced in January 2018, which I feared might be cancer. --- Even now, Farmers Insurance continues to withhold fair and reasonable financial compensation. Beware of Farmers Insurance. Help spare other people from going through a Farmers-Insurance-generated HELL. Get the word out about Farmers Insurance!


  • author
    david bowie
    Oct 29, 2018
    Nothing but positive experiences with…

    Nothing but positive experiences with Farmers and their claims department


  • author
    Jamarv Jackson
    Mar 31, 2018

    CONSUMERS BEWARE!!!! Do not go with Farmers Insurance. We had a house fire May of 2017 farmers promises it would be an easy process but they did not advise that we would have most of our property stolen, what we have left devalued, that we would have to purchase replacement items then submit a receipt for possible replacement, get kicked out of a hotel in the middle of renovation or not be paid out for the full cost of renovation. This has been the worst experience ever. Not to exclude being forced to open a new claim for our items stolen under this claim and come out of pocket on the deductable in order to retrieve any possible replacements.Maria Gaines out of Oklahoma City, OK is the rudest and insufficient agent ever.


  • author
    Oct 17, 2017
    They need away to be able to put 0 …

    They need away to be able to put 0 stars. This is the most horrible company I have ever come across in my whole life. Their client caused an accident and I received major bodily harm. Their client was 100% at fault. They refused to cover the whole cost of my rental car. They didn't want to pay the full amount of my medical expenses, so I hired an attorney. Even with an attorney they fought tooth and nail to screw me out of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Farmers needs to take responsibility and pay out fairly for their claims. I was a victim of their client and Farmers should have stepped up and taken care of my injuries and property damage fairly. If Farmers wanted to be compensated for their loss, they should have gone after their client....not the victim.


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