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Chewy Pet Insurance Review

Reviews 12,122
CarePlus by Chewy
CarePlus by Chewy
Reviews 12,122
Kale Havervold
Feb. 25, 2024
4 min read
Kale Havervold
CarePlus by Chewy Summary
Chewy is an online retailer founded in 2011 that sells pet food and other pet-related items. The company offers CarePlus pet insurance through a partnership with Trupanion, a company with 20+ years of insurance experience. It provides a variety of insurance and wellness plans to suit any needs, gives customers easy access to video chats with vets, and 100% prescription/supplement coverage when you buy from Chewy.


  • No payout limits for most plans
  • Direct payment available
  • Live vet access
  • 100% coverage for RX purchased on Chewy


  • Not available in every state
  • Must upgrade for certain types of coverage
  • Expensive plans

CarePlus by Chewy at a glance

Editorial score

Online experience

Excellent site with mobile optimization, learning resources and live chat

Customizable rates and services

Customizable plans and rates, 50-90% reimbursement, no upper age limit

Claims payout waiting period


Customer support

24/7 communication and a pet hotline available


Multi-pet and multi-policy bundles available

What Does CarePlus Insurance Cover


Covered by Chewy


Yes, in all plans


Yes, in most plans

Exam fees

Yes, but only in one plan

Behavioral treatments

Yes, but only in one plan

Rehab therapies

Yes, but only in one plan


Yes, in most plans

Pre-existing conditions


Prescriptions and supplements from Chewy

Yes, after your deductible

The company offers multiple insurance plans, and the exact coverage you get access to depends on the plan you choose.

Insurance Plans & Pricing

CarePlus by Chewy gives customers the choice between four insurance plans: Accident-Only, Essential, Essential Plus Accident & Illness, and Complete Accident & Illness. This helps ensure you find the right plan for your needs.

The Accident-Only plan covers accidents like broken bones, poisoning, or foreign body ingestion. Going with the Essential plan covers accidents, as well as illnesses like dental disease, common sickness, age-related issues, and acute emergencies like seizures or breathing difficulties. Every plan from Essential onward includes free video consultations with a Chewy vet.

The Essential Plus plan covers the same things as the Essential plan with a 20% larger reimbursement. Lastly, the Complete plan covers everything I’ve mentioned so far, plus exam fees, behavioral treatments, and physical & rehab therapies.

Coverage for CarePlus plans includes surgeries, x-rays, medication, hospitalization fees, and more. All plans cover 100% of prescriptions and supplements purchased from Chewy (after your deductible).

The exact cost depends on where you are, which plan you choose, and the details of your pet including age, breed, type of pet, and any pre-existing conditions the pet may have.

For a spayed female golden retriever that is a year and a few months old and weighs 55 lbs, I was quoted:

  • $22.03/month for the Accident-Only plan

  • $88.09/month for the Essentials plan

  • $105.54/month for the Essentials Plus plan

  • $130.64/month for the Complete plan.

These rates are based on April 2023 pricing in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In addition to its insurance plans, Chewy offers two wellness plans for preventative care, which are called Wellness and Comprehensive. These plans offer coverage for routine vet services like annual checkups, bloodwork, vaccines, and tests.

The Wellness plan is $20/month. It has no annual deductible, and Chewy will pay up to $290 annually. On the other hand, the Comprehensive plan is $33/month, has no deductible, and the company will pay up to $455 each year.

What is Not Covered

Chewy doesn’t offer coverage for pre-existing conditions and certain coverage may only exist in the more comprehensive and expensive plans that it offers.

Waiting Periods

The waiting periods for Chewy plans depend on the plan you have and the reason for your vet visit.

Reason for vet visit



Essential Plus



5 days

5 days

5 days

5 days



14 days

14 days

14 days

Cruciate Ligament Conditions

30 days

14 days

14 days

14 days

When it comes to the wellness programs, there is no waiting period and coverage begins as soon as you enroll.

Coverage Limits

There are no coverage limits with most CarePlus plans, so you can get unlimited coverage for your pet without worrying about caps.

Reimbursement and deductibles

Each CarePlus by Chewy pet insurance plan has a $250 annual deductible and no payout limits. The reimbursement amount depends on the plan you go with.


Payout limit




No limit




No limit


Essential Plus 


No limit




No limit


As with the insurance pricing, this is based on April 2023 numbers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Claims and Customer Support

Making claims with CarePlus is quick and easy. It requires a copy of your itemized invoice and a few details about your claim, which can both be submitted via the online portal.

The company offers direct payment if your vet is set up to accept payments from Trupanion. If this is the case, you will pay what you are responsible for and the company will take care of the rest in a few minutes.

Chewy is well known for its customer support as it offers 24/7 assistance on the phone or through live chat. You can also reach out on social media or via an online message form.

I connected to an agent in seconds after starting a live chat, and they were incredibly helpful. The site is user-friendly, and provides all the details you need to know when it comes to the insurance plans Chewy offers.

What You Might Like 

Chewy offers the ability to schedule a video call with a vet for free with most CarePlus plans. You can also get instant advice or guidance on any pet-related questions with the free live chat. Experts are available seven days a week and can help you with health-related questions, concerns about behavior, and more.

What Chewy Could Do Better

I believe something that CarePlus could improve upon is its pricing, as the costs of its plans are higher than those of most competitors. Making it more affordable to be covered for things like exam fees and behavioral treatments would be of real benefit.

Contact Details and Address

You can reach out to Chewy 24/7 through its live chat, online message form, or toll-free on the phone at 1-800-672-4399.

7700 West Sunrise Blvd. Plantation, FL 33322

Bottom Line

CarePlus by Chewy pet insurance helps people protect their pets with multiple insurance and wellness plans to fit every need and budget. The company is clear about its coverage, has no payout limits for most plans, and provides live video chat with vets for most customers. You can also get your supplements, prescriptions, and vet food covered if you buy them on Chewy.


I created this review using information from the Chewy website and the details of its plans.

Kale Havervold
Written by
Kale Havervold
Kale Haverold is a freelance writer with over 5 years of experience crafting articles about credit cards, loans, debt, and a raft of other personal finance topics. His work has been featured on Top10.com, BestMoney, Yahoo, Hardbacon, and Loans Canada. Kale’s easy-to-digest, research-driven articles stem from his passion to share knowledge that helps readers make informed financial decisions.
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16 hours ago
Leader of the pack for Customer Service and Selection
I have run a large e-commerce company in the past for 10 years- served on boards of multi-billion dollar companies- and No One manages their customer service as deftly, as personally, or as well, as Chewy. As a long time Chewy customer, we get everything from very specific dog and cat food, to kitty litter from Chewy. They have replaced damaged product, told me to donate dog and cat food to local shelters, and even sent us flowers when our dog tragically died. Chewy started out as an economical decision for high end dog food but has become as much a part of our animal family as they make us feel our pets are part of their family. If you ever had a problem with anything from Chewy, and contacted them, you would feel as we do, just super happy customers. Thanks guys- and I'm sorry we missed your original round of investment.
ingrid Iannucci
17 hours ago
I was getting emails about reordering…
I was getting emails about reordering for my dog that passed so I let them know and they sent me a heartfelt letter and flowers! Not many companies would do that❤️
2 days ago
I've shopped at chewy a few times and…
I've shopped at chewy a few times and have always had a good experience with my orders.
Lee R
2 days ago
Best customer service experience
Reached out to customer service and within an hour of sending an email I was contacted and my issue was resolved. I tried a new product that did not agree with my dog’s tummy. Instead of returning the product, Chewy asked me to donate to the local shelter and refunded my money. I absolutely love this Company!
Kelly D
2 days ago
Everyone I spoke with ( and there was a…
Everyone I spoke with ( and there was a lot) trying to get my order approved by my vet was AMAZING !!!!! They all were pleasant ,understanding, kind , helpful.. just can't say enough nice things about chewy and their employees. They got it approved and shipped out my dogs medicine right away. My dog was so miserable with allergies and chewy went above and beyond to help get her apaquil. Thank you so much from myself and Chloe. I will ALWAYS use chewy from now on for all my pets needs. Thank you all you made a itchy doggie very happy. And all your kindness was appreciated Kelly & Chloe Downey. P.s. the dates were April 12th thru April 15th. Each person I spoke with was incredible and I called alot lol. You all made my day(s)