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Animalia Review

Reviews 26
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Reviews 26
Bestmoney Staff
Feb. 03, 2023
2 min read
BestMoney Staff
Animalia Summary
Animalia offers pet insurance that’s almost better than what we humans would like for ourselves! Everything from head to tail is covered if it results from an injury or illness (just not pre-existing conditions). Animalia presents itself as care-based, not cost-based, so you don’t have to make hard decisions when your pet isn’t well.


  • One plan with everything included—no extras to think about
  • Your vet can run all tests needed to diagnose and treat your pet
  • Claims paid within a week


  • No cover for cosmetic procedures
  • No cover for pre-existing conditions
  • Spaying and neutering services aren’t included

Animalia at a glance

Editorial score

Online experience

User-friendly website and app that makes it easy to understand the insurance, how it works, and what’s covered. Rates available upon inquiry.

Customizable rates and services

Choose from 3 deductible options ($200, $350, and $500) and 3 reimbursement percentage options (70%, 80%, and 90%).

Claims payout waiting period

Most claims paid out within 1 week

Customer support

Email and phone support available


Multi-pet bundles available

Animalia Animalia Visit Animalia

What Does It Cover

Animalia offers one plan for every pet. This streamlines the process, saving you from picking from a list of plans as you guess what health issues your pet might experience in its lifetime.

Animalia pet insurance covers anything that falls under accidents and injuries, illnesses including chronic conditions, and hereditary conditions. It covers all testing and procedures necessary for any covered illness or injury. However, Animalia does not cover pre-existing conditions.

The full gamut of tests you might need are covered, including imaging and blood tests. Emergency treatment, surgeries, cancer treatment, and prescription medications are included as well. Even seeing a specialist is covered!

Unlike many pet plans, Animalia also covers alternative treatment (think chiropractor or acupuncture), behavioral therapy, dental care, and even prescription food.

Animalia trusts your choices when it comes to finding the right vet, so it doesn't limit who you can see — the coverage works with any vet.

Insurance Plans & Pricing

Pricing is based on the deductible and reimbursement options that you choose, as well as your location and the breed and age of the pet. It is important to note that customers insuring two pets benefit from a 5% discount while insuring three or more pets results in a 10% discount.

For example, in 2022 in Indiana State, with a plan with 90% reimbursement and a $350 deductible, a 1-year-old German Shepherd mix that is spayed and has no prior history of illness can be covered for $66.80 per month.

In the same state, year, and plan parameters, a 6-year-old male labrador that has not been neutered and with prior, but resolved, medical issues, can be covered for $81.06.

Be advised that quotes are subject to change based on inflation, location, and any discounts (multi-pet, military, service animal, etc.). Prices will not go up if you file a claim or multiple claims. 

What Is Not Covered 

Animalia does not cover pre-existing conditions. Avoidable injuries, illnesses, and procedures are also not covered. These include street fighting, cosmetic treatments, and spaying/neutering.

Waiting Periods

Animalia offers a short 5-day waiting period, meaning that 5 days after signing up, if your dog gets hurt or ill, the costs will likely be covered. However, if anything happens within the 5-day waiting period they won’t cover it.

Coverage Limits

Animalia covers pets up to $25,000 per year and your pet’s plan covers them for the duration of their lifetime.

Reimbursement and Deductibles

Monthly payments are based on many factors such as location, breed, age, and reimbursement and deductible options. To collect on reimbursement, send a copy of your bill or quote to Animalia. Reimbursements will be paid out in 5-7 days and are now available via Venmo.

Deductible Options

Reimbursement Options







Claims and Customer Support

The founders of Animalia know how hard it is to deal with tons of paperwork when you have a sick pet. That’s why they’ve made it simple to file a claim. The user interface is user-friendly and informative, and it takes only 1.5 minutes on average to file a claim. 95% of claims are paid out within a week.

You file the claim online by starting a chat. You describe what happened, and the representative will tell you the next step, which is usually to submit the receipt—they will handle the rest.

Animalia professionals then contact your vet’s office and get the remaining documentation they need. If your claim is approved, the funds will be deposited in your account within a week.

Representatives are available via phone or email for support if you have any problems, but hours of operation are not displayed on the website, and it’s not clear whether you would be communicating directly with a vet.

What You Might Like

Most Animalia customers love the short waiting period. There are no questions asked about most of the tests or procedures required, as long as it’s for an injury or illness, and no more hard decisions. Customers know that if their pet is ill and needs help, they can get it.

What Animalia Could Do Better

A downside of Animalia (and most pet plans) is the lack of coverage for pre-existing conditions, including anything that occurs during the waiting period. If something is pre-existing, it’s excluded for your pet’s lifetime.

Contact Details and Address

If you have any problems or questions, you can contact Animalia at 1-888-719-4629 or email them at

Bottom Line

Animalia is one of the first pet insurance plans to put your pet first. You don’t have to worry about which procedures are covered or waiting a long time to get reimbursed. The claims process takes less than 2 minutes, and you get reimbursed within 1 week, meaning your pet can get help right away in their time of need.


This review was created by reviewing Animalia’s website and its social media (Facebook) page. We also spoke with an Animalia representative by phone to come to conclusions about their offerings.

Animalia Animalia Visit Animalia

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Trustpilot reviews
See what some customers are saying about Animalia
Reviews 26
alicia pekmezaris
a month ago
I’ve never had pet insurance before and…
I’ve never had pet insurance before and this is my first puppy. So far the process has been great.
estella ananikyan
a month ago
amazing insurance
amazing insurance! i love how good their customer service is and how easy it is to file a claim!! love it!!
scott gipson
2 months ago
Excellent experience with Animalia!
First time ever purchasing pet insurance, and boy am I so glad I did! Just two weeks after the 5 day waiting period, my dumbass 9 month old dobie pup, Harley, ate something she shouldn't have and it caused her to lose her appetite. In addition, she suffered from nausea, vomiting, extreme weight loss and was lethargic; she was definitely one sick pup. Visits to our primary veterinarian and multiple x-rays revealed her intestines were full and gassy, but things seemed to be moving in the right direction, so we postponed surgery to let things play out. However, her condition worsened on a Saturday, when our primary Vet was naturally closed, so we had no choice but to take her to the MedVet ER in Manassas, VA. The culprit turned out to be a small ball of twine with one end wrapped around the back of her tongue and the other end coiled around her intestines, and there was a little bit of what appeared to be a paper towel, which I don't believe was much of a factor. At any rate, the total bill for the ER surgery and the previous 3 days of visits at our primary Vet came to $8700, of which Animalia covered 80% after the $500 deductible, as advertised. I ended up out of pocket $2100 vs the entire amount of $8700, so I am certainly a believer and proponent of pet insurance, specifically, Animalia. I shopped pet insurance plans through Forbes, but ultimately chose Animalia because of the coverage and price, which were better than other companies I considered. Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend Animalia for their coverage, competitive pricing, and ease of filing claims. Don't give pet insurance a second thought. Better to be safe than sorry, so purchase a plan with Animalia without delay! Animalia sure came through for me and my fur baby, and for that, I will be a lifelong customer!
2 months ago
Ease of entry and quick turnaround on…
Ease of entry and quick turnaround on claims processing has made for a good experience.
marissa bamrick
2 months ago
Coverage made quick and easy, as it should be!
Overall, Great company! The website was easy to sign up, to use and to file the claims. Very friendly, professional costumer service. My cat had an emergency surgery and I filed the claim, heard back from them and got notice of my money back all in less than a week! Thank you Animalia, my cat wouldn’t be here still if it wasn’t for you.
3 months ago
I haven’t really received any emails…
I haven’t really received any emails except for when I signed on so I don’t really know how to get on your website and file a claim or the benefits. I really don’t have an app to download. It’s taking me 10 minutes to Google who I signed up for pet insurance with.
3 months ago
Quick, Easy, and Friendly
Animalia provides quick, easy, and friendly service when it comes to submitting claims for our four-legged members of the family! We received an email back from the claims department within hours of submitting invoices. When there were questions about the invoices, someone reached out immediately to get everything resolved. I highly recommend animalia for any pet owner because pet insurance provides peace of mind for the unexpected
cynthia hawkins
3 months ago
We have never had pet insurance before
We have never had pet insurance before, and we are very impressed how easy it has been to file a claim when our pup had surgery. They are easy to reach if there is a question and they contacted our Vet directly for records and information concerning the claim.
4 months ago
Haven’t filed a claim yet
The sign up was easy and the policy terms are good. I haven’t filed a claim yet so I can’t speak on that part. I guess that’s the most important part really. I’d update my comments once I need to go thru a claim.
4 months ago
Animalia is super!
Animalia is super! They are courteous, helpful and communicate about your claim. I received confirmation emails and updates. It was an easy process. I totally recommend their services.
5 months ago
Easy and quick submission, speedy processing
The submission process is easy and painless, and the claim's processing is usually quick too.
5 months ago
It is so easy to submit a claim
It is so easy to submit a claim. Response is quick and customer service is amazing!
amanda gates
9 months ago
Helpful and reasonable
The monthly price is reasonable. Friendly staff who are very responsive and helpful. Always processes claims in a timely manner. I would highly recommend.
piper the rottie
10 months ago
It's what I needed
It's easy enough to use, and inexpensive compared to many other companies. I only wish it had a customer portal. I was informed that they're working on that very thing, so my rating might change later!
januari bradley
a year ago
Excellent Pet Insurance!
Animalia Pet Insurance is genuinely a customer-focused provider! Choosing and signing up for a policy was a breeze, as was their claims process. All claims I have submitted have been honored and processed within days. The options for reimbursement on claims are also fantastic and timely based on whatever option you choose. Their claims process is more straightforward than my own with my healthcare provider! You will not be disappointed if you select an insurance plan for your fur baby with this provider! The cost savings are tremendous!
john azzarelli
a year ago
Great experience
This is the 1st time I purchased pet insurance. Fellow pet owners say it’s a scam. My first claim I submitted paid my deductible and submitted my invoice and they took care of the rest. From submitting claim to getting my refund no issues. My pet peeve is communication they when above and beyond even contacting me just to check in on my Gio
alexis alvarez
a year ago
Sending a claim was simple and quick
Sending a claim was simple and quick. I appreciated being able to talk to a real person as well.
dana williams
a year ago
Great communication
When our 7 month old puppy required eye surgery, Animalia told us exactly what would be covered and was very communicative throughout the whole claims process!
alice park
a year ago
I'll admit I was originally skeptical…
I'll admit I was originally skeptical of Animalia when I first signed up back in September 2022 - there was barely any information about them online, and it looked to me that it was an Israel-based company (which is originally was; they just happen to be expanding and are still in the development stages). I used to have ASPCA Pet insurance for two of my dogs previously, but I also looked into Fetch, Pumpkin, Lemonade, Nationwide, Embrace, and Trupanion and other bigger names before deciding to go with Animalia for my new puppy due to their low premium and short waiting period, which is a 5 day waiting period (30 day waiting period for cancer). For a $200 deductible, 10% copay and $10,000 annual limit, I pay about $44/month. I have yet to get any of my claims rejected (I have taken my puppy in to the vet three times since signing up for Animalia - once for a UTI, once for Giardia, and once for a bacterial skin infection. She came from a shelter that rescued her from an unkempt puppy mill). My puppy is only 7 months old but has had a lot of issues because of her background, so I'm glad Animalia is there to help me mitigate the costs that can come with adopting a shelter pup. They usually respond to claims within 72 hours, and I see the money in my PayPal account (you can choose how to receive your reimbursement--direct deposit, check, or Paypal) within another 72 hours thereafter. The only complaint I have about Animalia is that they do not have a customer 'portal' or online account of sorts. All correspondence regarding claims has been via email. A portal would help me see my previous claims and statuses. However, getting it done via email has been no different in terms of the end result, and they are also currently working on developing such a portal. Until that launches, all correspondence is via email or phone. I would highly recommend Animalia and I'm glad I took the risk to go with them. Hoping my review helps others make their decision, as I had barely heard anything about Animalia in the past and they didn't have much of an online presence when I was first researching pet insurance companies.
louis carbone
a year ago
Good Coverage and Shortest Waiting Periods.
I really researched lots of options and Animalia made the most sense for my fur-baby. I needed insurance quickly and Animalia's coverage started fast. My first claim was approved and paid - super easy and fast.
a year ago
Above & Beyond! Highly Recommend!!!
Animalia has been communicative and processed our pup’s claim quickly and efficiently. I am very satisfied with the customer service and the insurance plan I chose. I highly recommend them.
a year ago
Had a great experience taking care of…
Had a great experience taking care of Gordon. Highly recommend Animalia
a year ago
Best Pet Insurance Company Hands Down!
We made a great choice with Animalia. Honest company and great customer service. Thanks!
global industrial sux
a year ago
Great coverage
Great coverage, easy to navigate, straightforward. They covered what they promised - what a relief.
lynn g.
a year ago
Great experience!
Great experience, great company. Highly recommend if you need pet insurance!
a year ago
I’m very pleased with my experience…
I’m very pleased with my experience with Animalia. I wouldn’t want Lola to be insured by any other company. If she ever has an emergency I know Animalia has my back.