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Aspire Credit Cards Review 2023

Reviews 11
Aspire Cash Back Reward Card
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Aspire Cash Back Reward Card
Aspire Cash Back Reward Card
Reviews 11
Kale Havervold
May. 30, 2023
2 min read
Kale Havervold
Aspire Cash Back Reward Card Summary
Aspire Credit Cards are issued by the Bank of Missouri, which has a history dating back to 1891. Each card offers a secure and clear online application and complete control of your account, with online access from any device. The Cash Back Reward Card provides 3% cash back on gas, groceries, and utilities, and 1% on all other eligible purchases. You can set up account alerts, view your credit score for free, and both cards are unsecured.


  • Layers of security in place to protect your information
  • Cash Back Reward Card offers ample rewards


  • The fees are high
  • Interest rates can vary widely

Aspire Cash Back Reward Card at a glance

Editorial score


Multiple fees


22.74% - 36% (variable)


FDIC insured, SSL encryption and other security features

Customer service

Multiple communication options, wide range of hours

Online experience

User friendly site and app with detailed help center

Aspire Cash Back Reward Card Aspire Cash Back Reward Card Learn More


Aspire Credit Cards are issued by the Bank of Missouri. This bank provides a variety of services including investing, lending, personal banking, and more. It controls over $2 billion in assets and has dozens of branches.

You can complete the straightforward application process in minutes, and can make payments, check balances, and manage your account from any mobile or desktop device. You can also view your credit score online for free, lock a stolen or lost card, and have access to cash back rewards if you go with the Cash Back Reward Card.

Suitable for?

The Aspire Credit Cards are suitable for you if you value your security and privacy. In addition to using encryption to safeguard your information, it limits employee access to sensitive data and regularly reviews its security practices to ensure compliance.

Aspire Credit Cards are also suitable for those who want around-the-clock online access. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can access your credit card account to make a payment, check your balance, set up alerts, or check your credit score. The Cash Back Reward Card is particularly suitable if you want to earn rewards by using the card responsibly.

Interest Rates and Fees 

The Aspire Credit Cards have a 22.74%-36% APR for purchases and a 25.74%-36% APR for balance transfers and cash advances. Each card has a $49-$175 annual fee the 1st year, then $0-$49 per year going forward. After the 1st year, there’s a monthly fee that ranges from $5 up to $12.50.

Your creditworthiness and the information you provide in your application will determine your rates and fees. The higher your credit score and the less risky you are to lenders, the better your interest rate and other terms will generally be.

Each card has no penalty APR, but charges up to $41 for late or returned payments. There’s a 3% foreign transaction fee, a cash advance fee of 5% or $5 (whichever is higher), and a 3% balance transfer fee after your 1st year.

Annual and monthly fee

A monthly fee of $5-$12.50 after the 1st year

$49-$175 annual fee for the 1st year, then $0-$49 annually

APR for cash advances and balance transfers25.74%-36%
Transaction fees

3% balance transfer fee (not charged the 1st year)

3% foreign transaction fee

5% or $5 fee for cash advances (whichever is higher)

Penalty feesNo penalty APR charged

Rewards & Cash Back

While the Aspire® Credit Card doesn’t have a rewards program, the Cash Back Reward Card does. The card offers you 3% cash back on gas, grocery, and utility purchases, and 1% for all other eligible purchases.

You’ll receive your cash back as an annual statement credit against your balance during the anniversary month of your account opening.

The Application Process

You can apply for the Aspire Credit Cards through a secure online process. The 1st step is completing a form to prequalify. You’ll need to provide your name, social security number, date of birth, phone number, and email address. The form also asks for your mailing address, monthly mortgage or rent payment, employer, and net income.

Submitting the form lets Aspire perform a soft inquiry on your credit, which won’t negatively impact your score. You’ll then receive an offer, which you can accept if you think the terms are appropriate. When you accept an offer, Aspire will perform a hard credit inquiry that could impact your credit score. The company will then approve or decline your application.

Help and Support

If you have questions or issues, you can call Aspire toll-free at 855-802-5572. There’s an online form you can fill out, and you can send mail to PO Box 105555, Atlanta, GA 30348-5555. Getting support is easy, and you will normally hear back via email within a day and get your call answered in minutes.

The website includes a Financial Forum section that can help you improve your financial knowledge. It covers topics like checking and savings accounts, overcoming financial crises, credit scores, and more.

Phone call hours: 8am-12pm (ET), Monday-Sunday


Aspire takes your security seriously and uses sophisticated technology to protect your information. It uses SSL and SET encryption, as well as Transport Layer Security to keep data safe and free from unauthorized access.

The company reviews its security practices on a regular basis to ensure compliance and trains its employees on how to use confidential information safely. Only employees who use this sensitive data to do their job will have access to it.

Aspire cards are protected by Mastercard’s Zero Fraud Liability. This means that you won’t be held accountable for the unauthorized use of your card. You can set up alerts on your account to notify you if any fraudulent transactions take place—and lock your card if need be.


What are the penalty fees associated with this card?

There are penalty fees for late payments and returned payments. The company charges the maximum fee that is legally permitted—currently $41. There is no penalty APR charged.

When can I see my credit score?

Once your account has been open for 60 days, you’ll be able to check your credit score. It is important to keep in mind that this score is for information purposes only, and not to make credit decisions.

What information does Aspire collect?

As detailed in the privacy policy, Aspire collects two types of information. The first is the information you knowingly choose to disclose, and the second is information collected about how you use its website.


Aspire Credit Cards give you full control over your credit account at any time, on any device. The application process is straightforward, and the company takes security and privacy seriously. The 3% cash back that the Cash Back Reward Card offers is great, but the interest rate and fees can be high.

Aspire Cash Back Reward Card Aspire Cash Back Reward Card Learn More


This review was written using information from the Aspire website, its card agreement, and its privacy policy.

Kale Havervold
Written by
Kale Havervold
Kale Haverold is a freelance writer with over 5 years of experience crafting articles about credit cards, loans, debt, and a raft of other personal finance topics. His work has been featured on, BestMoney, Yahoo, Hardbacon, and Loans Canada. Kale’s easy-to-digest, research-driven articles stem from his passion to share knowledge that helps readers make informed financial decisions.
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Trustpilot reviews
See what some customers are saying about Aspire Cash Back Reward Card
Aspire Cash Back Reward Card
Reviews 11
jacqueline tyanne hoffman
5 days ago
Not worth the misc fees
So got this card when my credit wasn't so hot. It was fine until I tried to cancel it. The fees become unacceptable with a $10 monthly maintenance fee on top of the annual fee. No way to cancel online. Long term consequences for accepting this card. Immoral company as far as I'm concerned. Not recommended for Seniors who are not tech savvy as they only communicate via the app, email.
john j
a month ago
This company is a financial predator
This company is a financial predator. Payments made on your account AFTER 5 pm on the due date is considered late and is assessed a late fee of $ 29.00. This is the only credit card company out of 8 cards in my wallet that rape customers this way. And then you technically have a late payment on your account. I paid on the due date at 5:15 this month after getting home from work a few minutes late. I was charged a 29.00 fee. I called them up told them to shove their credit card right up their corporate ass. Better lose a few points off my FICO score, than continuing to be raped monthly by this predator financial institution.
maryanna hanlon
3 months ago
Aspire is one big scam. I’ve reported the better Business Bureau. I had bought my car insurance through progressive and paid for it completely. Ask Byron saying that Progressive charge 503 to the charge card which they did not. I have the proof by my bank statement stating it was paid 803 in full. Stay away from this company. If you got a card recently cancel it immediately.
sonya pittman
4 months ago
I’m glad I’m getting this chance to get…
I’m glad I’m getting this chance to get approved for a credit card
brent mullen
5 months ago
ASPIRE IS A SCAM!! After having this card for over a year they out of nowhere started charging me extra $5 month for what they call “MAINTENANCE FEE” They said I signed a agreement in my application that I agree with their terms and conditions. I now have to pay high interest, I also have to pay additional $5. If I close my account my credit score goes down.
7 months ago
I opened an account with Aspire after I got bad marks on my credit from the government shutting down my business for a year during Covid. They promised a credit line increase after six months. I never received that. I paid my card on time and in full for over a year and they refused to raise my credit limit. I would stay away from Aspire if you are someone who intends to do all the right things associated with a credit card. I believe they like people who miss payments or have late payment so they can make extra money on penalties and fees. I was a perfect customer and when I told them I would close my credit line if I didn't get an increase, they couldn't close it fast enough. It was FU and bye. They could not have cared less. At lease I'm comfortable in the fact that they will no longer receive any revenue from my account. SAY NO TO ASPIRE if you really aspire to be better with your credit.
leta grieves
7 months ago
Crooks posing as legit...
I've been trying for 2 months to get my account straight. They messed up a payment the end of December, said that the bank returned it. Bank says I have never had anything returned on my account. Two months later and they still won't remove fees for their mistake. I made a payment the end of January to catch up their mistake, minus fees, and for February. Using the same bank info as the one they claimed returned. They applied it to the fees only and now say that I am two months behind in payments, and surprise more fees for being late. 🤯
shadow kingsley
8 months ago
Do NOT apply
It’s no wonder why they only have a 3 star review. I’m surprised it’s not 1 star. I have applied 5 times in 3 years and have NEVER been approved. Such a lie. The ONLY good thing is that it is not an inquiry in the credit report. Save time and do NOT apply.
8 months ago
This company(Aspire) is a fraud
This company(Aspire) is a fraud; they posted a charge on my account for $1,344.03 and claimed it was from Alternative Airlines (I have never used this company). I reported it as fraud immediately while the transaction was still pending. They not only approved it, but they, are also refusing to investigate and won't remove the charge from my bill.I have try contacting Alternative Airline and this is was the told me: Good day, Thank you for your email, I have spoken with our accounts team, and if you have a payment dispute, your bank will need to investigate the transaction. Leila Customer Service Executive Alternative Airlines This is what Aspire post on my bill: TRANS DATE POST DATE DESCRIPTION OF TRANSACTION AMOUNT 08/10/22 08/10/22 ALTERNATIVE AIRLINES 18883750094 DE $1,344.03
9 months ago
Hidden Scam--They Charge You a "Maintenance Fee" Staring Year 2, and You Can't Get Out of It
Aspire lured me in offering a credit card with no annual fees or any other fees for just having the card. Then, when I had the card for almost a year, I received a letter from them informing me that they would start charging me a "monthly maintenance fee." The fee is $5 a month, but that adds up to $60 a year--all for just having the card. I tried to cancel my account, but the person or bot on the chat made it very difficult and told me that I would still have to pay the new fee until my balance was paid off. This company is basically a white-collar scam. They are getting rich from this shady practice, preying on ordinary people who have to watch every dime. Imagine how much they are raking in stealing $5 a month from thousands of people.
david adams
a year ago
This credit card company is SCUM
This credit card company is SCUM ! I had this card for over one year, used it sparingly however because I "DID NOT" max the card out on a monthly basis they decided to downgrade my credit line. I have over $100K in my credit line and over 740 plus FICO. (Buyer Beware !!) Run from this card......