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Tax Resolvers Review

Reviews 124
Tax Resolvers
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Tax Resolvers
Tax Resolvers
Reviews 124
Alex Mcomie
Mar. 01, 2023
2 min read
Alex McOmie
Tax Resolvers Summary
Tax Resolvers is a tax relief organization offering a variety of services, including tax preparation and consultation, along with negotiation. After answering some questions about your circumstances, the Tax Resolvers team will get in touch with you to review your case and discuss your options. While tax relief can be expensive in some instances, the company offers free consultations with no strings attached.


  • Free consultations
  • Federal and state taxes
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau


  • Few details available on the Tax Resolvers website
  • Unclear which Tax Resolver employees are CPAs
  • Unclear pricing

Why Go with Tax Resolvers

Tax Resolvers can negotiate back taxes, liens, levies, and more to help you minimize your debt and reach a favorable payment plan for your situation. Free consultations are available over the phone, and the company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Tax Resolvers also offers other tax services, including consultation and tax preparation.

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What’s Offered

  • Debt negotiation: Tax Resolvers will negotiate with the IRS to reduce your state, federal, and payroll tax debts to set up a payment plan or reach a partial settlement.
  • Audit resolution: Responding to an audit on your own can be complicated, and the Tax Resolvers team will help you review documents and build your case for the IRS.
  • Wage garnishment and tax levies: In some cases, the IRS will seize assets or take money from your paycheck in order to recover your debt. Tax Resolvers will negotiate for a more sensible payment plan on your behalf.


While Tax Resolvers offers free consultations for potential clients, they don’t provide many details regarding pricing. Like other tax relief services, Tax Resolvers charges a variable rate depending on your case. Hence, it’s difficult to predict how much you’ll be charged until you have the chance to discuss your specific situation with a Tax Resolvers agent.

If you’re concerned about pricing, make sure to shop around and get an idea of what a few different tax relief organizations will charge. Make a point to ask your caseworker for an estimate during the initial consultation.

Suitable For?

Tax Resolvers works on several tax-related issues. Whether you’re looking for tax preparation, personalized tax consultation, or relief for federal, state, or payroll taxes, Tax Resolvers will help you review documents, minimize your tax burden, and negotiate with the IRS. Their team will stay in touch to make sure you’re up to date with every step of the process.

You can get a free consultation with no further commitment, so you won’t have to pay at all unless you’re sure that you want their help. Furthermore, Tax Resolvers’ services are entirely remote, making them a convenient option during the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll be able to fill out the questionnaire, get in touch with their staff, and resolve your issue relatively quickly.

Site Security

Unfortunately, the Tax Resolvers site is missing some critical entries on its Privacy Policy page. While it offers detailed information about cookies, data retention, and other security concerns, several topics are left entirely empty. For example, there’s no information at all about how Tax Resolvers protects your data, which third parties they receive data from, or how they analyze user information.

To be fair, you’ll be spending most of your time communicating with your caseworker through other channels rather than sending messages over the website. You won’t have much of a reason to return to the Tax Resolvers site after filling out the initial questionnaire and receiving a reply from their team. 

We have reached out to Tax Resolvers and will update our review if and when their team provides answers to the missing security questions.

Help and Support

Tax Resolvers doesn’t have a dedicated support team, which can make it challenging to get in touch with them for general concerns. Similarly, there aren’t any dedicated contact hours, so you will need to work out a schedule with your caseworker after hearing back. 

With that being said, Tax Resolvers is still highly responsive compared to some other tax relief services. After we sent a request in the evening, we received an SMS response from their team the next morning. You should be able to get in touch with a caseworker in order to schedule a call in the near future.

Physical Address

1120 Sycamore Avenue

Suite 2B

Vista, CA 92081


Tax Resolvers Tax Resolvers Visit Tax Resolvers

Alex McOmie
Written by
Alex Mcomie
Alex serves as the Managing Editor for Money Done Right and covers personal finance topics for Eleven Writing. He’s particularly interested in the way seemingly small adjustments can transform a person’s financial outlook. He writes for BestMoney and enjoys helping readers make sense of the options on the market.‎
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Jeremy L.
9 months ago
Tax Resolvers got my company over $100,000
Tax Resolvers got my company over $100,000. I had to do little to no work, other than provide them with some payroll documents. The process was quick and easy and their fees were less than other companies I spoke with. The feds even made a mistake and lost some paperwork (surprise) and Tax Resolvers re-submitted the documents almost immediately. Highly recommend.
Dan Smith
9 months ago
I had the pleasure of working with The…
I had the pleasure of working with The Tax Resolvers, and I must say, they are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the Employee Retention Credit. They were always available to answer my questions promptly. Thank you!
Rudolph Brothers
2 years ago
Joe Morgan was phenomenal
Joe Morgan was phenomenal. Its not often that you since geniune concern and empathy. Other companies have made false promises but Joe listened and provided a honest assessment. I would definitely recommend allowing tax resolvers and Joe Morgan an opportunity to see if they can help.
Danny & Suzette Phillips
2 years ago
Joe Morgan saved us from a $26,000 IRS DEBT!
Around June of last year we received a letter from the IRS stating that we owed above $26,000! they demanded payment within a few months! My husband and I were more than devastated he had just had a stroke and heart surgery and found two non operable aneurysms in his brain we had to move we bought a small trailer in a retirement community because we now had to live off of his Social Security disability, I have to take care of him we had no other income. (My job was to keep his blood pressure low,, keep him calm per drs orders,,, aka stress will kill him) When we received a letter from the IRS we thought we were going to be homeless!!! After many sleepless nights a friend told me to look up a tax relief co.. I got a hold of Joe Morgan, he was my first call. It’s now February 2022 and as of the 16th we are in a “non-collectible status” Joe Morgan literally took us by the hand and carried us through hell! I cannot say enough about his character & he’s calming presence! We cannot say enough good things about Joe Morgan and his company we are so thankful!!! Danny & Suzette Phillips 2/21/22
Jason Frazier
2 years ago
Excellent job
Did exactly what they projected and eliminated my tax debt.