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Reviews 471
Chris Muller
Mar. 01, 2023
3 min read
SuperMoney Summary
SuperMoney is a financial marketplace that allows you to browse and compare various financial products, such as loans, tax relief options, and credit cards. The site matches consumers with lenders based on their overall financial situation and is a popular resource for consolidating student loan debt and navigating tax problems. Overall, SuperMoney is known for its versatility, transparency, and affordability.


  • Accepts a range of credit scores
  • Provides free quotes
  • Has affordable fees


  • Does not lend directly through the site
  • Has a small user base

SuperMoney at a glance

Editorial score

Minimum Tax Debt




Years in Business

0-9 years

Customer Service and Support

Support only reachable one way

Online Experience

Easy to navigate and simple to use

SuperMoney at a Glance

Tax types
The site compares tax preparation firms that focus on business and personal taxes. It also assists with IRS tax levies, offers-in-compromise, wage garnishments, penalties & interest, and audit defense.
Minimum debt
Some companies do not require a minimum tax debt, while others require a minimum debt as high as $15,000.
Repayment terms
The site offers a wide range of tax relief options with repayment terms varying from one month to 180 months.
Discovery fees
Applying and checking loan rates is free.
Installment agreements
Installment agreements vary for each tax relief program. To view the full contract for a particular program, you will need to apply.

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Why Go with SuperMoney?

SuperMoney is one of the most comprehensive financial comparison sites out there.

To make the smartest financial decision, you’ll need to shop around and compare all of your options. SuperMoney makes it easy to narrow down the financial products that will suit your needs and view each product’s terms and customer reviews.

The site doesn’t stop at comparing products—SuperMoney also provides a wealth of financial information that will assist your decision-making process. The top of each comparison page shows a detailed description of the type of products you view and any information you should know about the services.

Financial comparison sites are often ambiguous about how they rank or recommend each service. However, SuperMoney is transparent with each of their recommendations, sometimes giving services a “strongly do not recommend” rating. You can read real customer reviews about each service to gain a better understanding, as well.

Overall, SuperMoney is a useful resource for improving their financial knowledge or choosing between several financial options.

What’s Offered

SuperMoney offers comparisons for most financial services on the market today. Its primary services fall into these categories:

  • Tax relief
  • Banking
  • Loans
  • Refinancing options
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment opportunities
  • Credit cards
  • Personal finance assistance
  • Mortgage options

Along with tax relief assistance, the site also offers tax preparation services for business and personal taxes, including:

  • Income tax
  • Self-employment tax
  • Employment tax
  • Estimated tax
  • Excise tax


SuperMoney does not charge any fees for its comparison services. The only charges you would pay come directly from the lender or tax relief company.

The costs of each specific financial service vary from lender to lender. Some personal lenders start APR as low as 3%, while others can charge as much as 200% APR for each loan.

Tax relief companies that partner with SuperMoney start their range of fees anywhere from $250 to $500. However, the average price that customers pay for tax relief services is closer to $3,500 or $4,000. Some companies do not charge a retainer fee, while others do charge this fee upfront.

The easiest way to identify pricing for a particular service is to complete the site’s free quote form.

Suitable For?

SuperMoney is a great tool for those who are struggling with tax problems. Digging yourself out of the IRS hole is frustrating for anyone, whether you consider yourself a tax specialist or not.

SuperMoney provides in-depth information about different tax relief options, compares companies based on a wide range of criteria, and is transparent about the pros and cons of each service.

Site Security

The site utilizes advanced encryption to secure your personal and financial information, which means that hacking your information will be very difficult.

SuperMoney also emphasizes that requesting a quote will not negatively impact your credit score. The information you provide for quotes will stay within the site, and you do not have to worry about SuperMoney selling that information to partners.

Help & Support

SuperMoney utilizes a help center platform that answers hundreds of frequently asked questions about the site. You can submit a personal request for help through this platform as well.

SuperMoney does not offer phone support, and some users find that receiving answers to user-specific support questions is a slow process. However, SuperMoney is very comprehensive and easy to use.

Physical Address

3100 S Harbor Blvd, Suite 190, Santa Ana, CA 92704

Contact Details

No telephone number is listed, but website visitors can use the Support button floating on the site or https://www.supermoney.com/contact/.

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Written by
Chris Muller
Chris has an MBA with a focus on advanced investments and has been writing about all things personal finance since 2015. He’s also built and ran a digital marketing agency, focusing on content marketing, copywriting, and SEO, since 2016. He writes for BestMoney and enjoys helping readers make sense of the options on the market.‎
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