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Quote Wizard Review

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Quote Wizard
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Quote Wizard
Quote Wizard
Reviews 20
Nadav Shemer
Jan. 25, 2023
2 min read
Nadav Shemer
Quote Wizard Summary
QuoteWizard is a free online tool that allows users to compare policies and rates from many of the best auto insurance companies. It takes only a few minutes to complete the online form and see a price comparison that it would take you hours to do if you were left to request prices from each company on your own.

Quote Wizard at a glance

Editorial score

Insurance Features

24/7 emergency roadside assistance, choose your deductible, mobile claims, AI claims technology

Discounts Available

Multi-policy and bundle discounts, safe drivers, affiliation discounts, eco discounts + more

Customer Service

Multiple communication options, multi language support

Online Experience

Online application

Direct Insurer?

Marketplace with only external links to insurers

Pros and Cons

Pro: The most obvious pro of using QuoteWizard is that it allows you to select the best rate from its network of partnering insurance companies. All you have to do is fill out one quick online form to pre-qualify for auto insurance from a range of car insurance companies. And best of all, you don’t even need to enter any sensitive information such as social security number of vehicle identification number to see a quote – a few basic details about yourself and your vehicle will suffice.

Con: QuoteWizard’s service can save you time and energy. However, you should be aware that by entering your contact details to get a quote, you can expect to get calls and/or emails from partnering insurance companies. This could be a pro or con, really: on the one hand, it can be annoying getting several calls during the workday; but on the other, each of these insurance companies is pitching for you to become a customer – and the more competition, the lower the rates.

Note that QuoteWizard isn’t a direct insurance provider. It makes referrals to car insurance providers but doesn’t provide any insurance policies itself.

Types of Auto Insurance

Liability coverage. Pays for costs related to bodily injury or property damage you cause to another driver or their passengers. Liability coverage is compulsory in almost all states.

Collision coverage. Pays for repairs or replacement of your vehicle, regardless of who was at fault.

Comprehensive coverage.Pays for damages not caused by vehicle collisions, such as theft, vandalism, floods, storms, or animals.

Personal injury protection or medical payments coverage. Covers expenses related to injuries you or your passengers suffer as a result of an accident, such as medical or income loss.

Uninsured & underinsured motorist coverage. Covers your expenses if the other driver is at fault but doesn’t have a sufficient level of insurance to cover their liabilities.Some of the partnering insurance companies also provide the following:

Rental reimbursement coverage. Covers the cost of car rental while your car is being repaired or replaced following an accident.

Emergency roadside coverage. Ensured you get emergency roadside services when you need them, such as tire change, jump-start, fuel delivery, or locksmith services.

Accidental death and dismemberment. Covers expenses related to death or serious injuries caused when a vehicle is involved in an accident, regardless of who was at fault.

Classic car insurance. Customized coverage for vintage, classic, antique or sports cars.

Ride-sharing coverage. For drivers who work for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

How to Apply

It takes just a couple of minutes to fill out QuoteWizard’s short online form and get a quote from four different companies. Applying involves the following steps:

    Enter your zip code to get started.

    Select your vehicle year, make, and model (and add a second vehicle to save).

    If you have an existing auto insurance policy, give details of your insurer.

    Select gender, marriage status and homeowner status.

    Reveal whether you or anyone else on the policy has had an at-fault accident, two or more tickets, or a DUI conviction in the past three years.

    Give your name, email address, phone number, home address, and birthdate.

    Within a couple of seconds, you’ll be redirected to a new screen revealing your best 1-4 matches. Click “See Your Rate” to be redirected to the insurance company’s website and continue your application.

Filing a Claim

Because QuoteWizard isn’t a direct insurance provider, all claims should be filed directly with the company that provides your coverage. QuoteWizard’s partnering insurers typically allow policyholders to file claims through the following channels:

    Toll-free phone number.


    Mobile app

    Live chat



Contact QuoteWizard

QuoteWizard is purely an automated online tool and doesn’t provide direct customer service. Its headquarters are located at 157 Yesler Way, Ste 400 Seattle, WA 98104


QuoteWizard is a free online marketplace for comparing policies and rates from top auto insurance companies. Anyone can use it to get a car insurance comparison in just a few minutes – and without having to hand over sensitive information or documentation. Once you’re done entering your details, QuoteWizard will hand things over to its network of insurance providers. You can complete your application online with your preferred insurer or wait for one of the insurer’s agents to call you.

Nadav Shemer
Written by
Nadav Shemer
Nadav Shemer specializes in business, tech, and energy, with a background in financial journalism, hi-tech and startups. He enjoys writing about the latest innovations in financial services and products. He writes for BestMoney and enjoys helping readers make sense of the options on the market.‎
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Quote Wizard
Quote Wizard
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Trustpilot reviews
See what some customers are saying about Quote Wizard
Quote Wizard
Reviews 20
john andjoni richardson
2 months ago
Other people are nuts
Other people are nuts. It took a bit but they pulled a bunch of quote options and saved me more than I could get with the 2 others I called. 1 stop to compare several companies. Love dit
unhappy with quotewizard
2 days ago
What a scam this site is
What a scam this site is. "One Form"? Nope. They just keep redirecting you to other sites where you have to fill in EVERYTHING AGAIN (except your first name). Save yourself the endless phone calls and avoid this site like the plague that it is.
don't trust quote wizard
10 days ago
Unfortunately I trusted www consumersadvocate org who gave Quote Wizard a 4.6 out of 5 star rating If I had bothered to read the reviews on that site I could have saved myself some spam. Luckily I gave a dead phone # so I saved myself the robocalls I will be calling the BBB next to report this company officially
a month ago
Agents: NEVER EVER BUY LEADS HERE Its all recycled garbage, they tell you its a fresh, but its a huge lie
chris donabedian
2 months ago
What a waste of time and effort
What a waste of time. Do not fill out anything on line to get insurance. They were going to call - got me on the phone and then told me they didn't have any agents that could help me? I asked you don't have any insurance companies - OH yeah she says, Insurance Companies..... What The
tracey ramsden
2 months ago
I never filled out any form for these…
I never filled out any form for these people. Never asked for any quote. They have been non stop texting and calling me all day long even though I revoked consent. No idea who gave info but I'm about to report them for spam calling/texting. This is insane. And the one guy I did speak to was absolutely obnoxious.
alexis brown
4 months ago
4 months ago
Was looking to get some quotes, they called me from a local number and asked a few questions. Then said he wishes me luck on finding insurance. Don't give them your info.
guksung an
5 months ago
Asked for quotes, robbed of my info
filled a form for quotes and only got redirects to other sites to fill again. Completely misleading and farming for your info to sell
7 months ago
Really disappointed in the customer…
Really disappointed in the customer service. My sales representative completely ignored my requested areas for leads and set me up with a flooding of leads SPECIFICALLY in the area I designated I did not want leads from. They stated since the leads were cost shared and my Captive company had been invoiced already, there was nothing they could do for me. I have recruited a multitude of agency owners at the company I am with and I have always referred these individuals on which lead vendors to sign up with. Unfortunately QuoteWizard will NOT be one of them going forward, due to this experience and the lack of willingness to correct their wrongs.
8 months ago
Absolutely horrible
Absolutely horrible! Stay clear!!! They will rob you
bill clevenger
8 months ago
Do not waste your money
In no case have I spoken with a lead who received my call in a positive manner. Not one. In few cases have I been able to actually speak with the person on the lead at all - over 90% of all leads go to voice mail or are answered with an immediate hang up. Recently I changed from shared leads to leads where I was the only person among your clients receiving a given lead - I have seen no difference in the receptivity of my call to the lead or the quality of the lead. Not one sale. Not one prospect. Very disappointed
mark bratton
9 months ago
As an agent
As an agent, I tried 3 different lead vendors. I placed $2,000 with QuoteWizard and also funded 2 other quoting companies. The leads I received from quotewizard were not useful to say the least and I decided to just cancel the service and use it as a learning experience. Since then I have been charged an additional $2,250. I have contacted my bank to dispute the charges. The additional charges are currently being disputed. I will update this post as soon as I get a resolution
10 months ago
I was with State Farm for years for my…
I was with State Farm for years for my Home and Auto. I received a call from Ben an agent there who was knowledgeable and professional. He lowered my insurance costs by half of my current rate. I plan on referring my family and friends to use this service.
d c
a year ago
Do not use this service
Do not use this service. They will give your info to other companies to solicit you. After I tried their auto insurance quote service, I'm getting phone calls and texts from companies that are not related to the information I requested.
a year ago
I just wish this company could be shut…
I just wish this company could be shut down! Please do your research because there's plenty out there about them. Also, note that this company may have affiliates so whenever you contract with a company, you can always verify their affiliates. I literally have been harassed by this company to the point that I am getting my attorney involved. The worst experience I've had with a lead company since I've been in business. I could go on and on about how terrible their leads are and how unethical the people that work there are but that would take too much time. I am speaking to my attorney as we speak and will update periodically to provide details on what's going on but there's plenty out there regarding this company so before you spend your hard-earned money, I got three words for you...RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! If any agent wants to band together and has had a bad experience with this company, please reach out to me. I am going to also provide updates on my social media channels. UPDATE 8/11/22: Firstly, thank you for the responses and conversations on my social media platforms. I filed a complaint with my State's Attorney General and received a response forwarded from Lynn Lai with Quotewizard's complaints dept yesterday. I'm sure these complaints keep her quite busy. They are trying to say I signed a nonrefundable agreement hence the reason I should not have been refunded by my bank. I disagree. I was told by their rep (it's also on their website) that the leads would be compliant verified leads. They were not. If you are sold a product and it is switched and replaced WITHOUT YOUR APPROVAL OR CONSENT, for lesser quality product, then that company didn't fulfill their end of the agreement and thus voids the contract. I received calls from people (some elderly) that didn't even know what day it was. They were disoriented and didn't know why the call was even transferred. Does this sound like a credible lead to you? I contacted them regarding the quality of leads and got nowhere. When I was completely done with them, I asked for a refund. Their supervisor, Jake Rowan, stated they would refund but I needed to go through each lead and provide information for each one. Wait, aren't your transfers recorded? Why would I waste another second of my time doing something you can easily do yourself. Better question, why is your sales rep still calling and leaving messages about buying more crappy leads? They stated in their response that my bank sided with them which is a complete lie. She stated Quote Wizard elected to not challenge the pre-arbitration dispute further and instead sent the matter to collections. I want you to think about this for a second. They presented documents to my bank. I also presented documents to my bank as well as a link to their website. After a thorough investigation, my bank determined the documents they submitted DID NOT prove their case. The bank asked for sufficient documents which they could not provide hence the reason they dropped the case because they knew they weren't going to win this and had nothing. My bank refunded my money. So, if they had a strong case to keep the money, do you REALLY think they would have dropped the case? Everything agents and consumers are saying about them at the BBB I believe to be true. They continued to contact me after I asked them not to. There is other information online regarding their practices. I am actually embarrassed that I even contracted with a company like this. I received a letter a couple of days ago from National Service Bureau (a debt collection agency) because Quote Wizard, Lending Tree sent this to collections. So, this isn't over but ask yourself one question, do you really want to contract with this company? FINAL UPDATE 9/15/22: After months of back and forth, QW and I have FINALLY reached a resolution and I can put this behind me.
2 years ago
Terrible waste of time
Terrible waste of time. No quotes just redirected to a company they sell you to!
2 years ago
Easy, reliable. Yes, you get calls from insurance agents, but that's the point of receiving multiple quotes.
2 years ago
The website does not provide quotes
The website does not provide quotes, asks for all your information and then you get spammed with a lot of calls. DO NOT USE
ole sole
3 years ago
They're liars
They lie about giving you a free quote. You fill-in the form with all your personal information, and then it takes you to another page where it says click to access your quotes, and bam - there's nothing. Just another page you have to fill in to give your personal information out, and then someone calls you to try and get all the information from you (the same information that you just filled in online, a Huge waste of time). Terrible experience.