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Flagstar Bank Mortgage Review

Reviews 36
Flagstar Bank
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Flagstar Bank
Flagstar Bank
Reviews 36
Patrick Sather
Aug. 30, 2022
2 min read
Patrick Sather
Flagstar Bank Summary
Flagstar Bank offers loans for new purchases and refinances and HELOCs in all 50 states. It features a variety of loan types to choose from, from conventional and specialty loans, to jumbo loans, government-backed loans, and loans for first time buyers. Loans are also available for people with specialty professions and borrowers with no SSN, low credit history, and low income. Apply online and access your loan 24/7 through its MyLoan portal.


  • Programs for first-time home buyers
  • Professional loans
  • Home equity lines of credit


  • Complaints about loan processing errors
  • Home equity loans unavailable in some states

Flagstar Bank at a glance

Editorial score

Customer Service and Support

Good customer service

Variety of Loan Types

Purchase, refinance, and HELOC loans

Variety of Products

15- and 30- year fixed loan terms

Online Experience

Available in 50 states

Geographical Availability

Access to learning materials and multiple mortgage calculators, no rates

Flagstar Bank Flagstar Bank Visit Flagstar


Based out of Troy, Michigan, Flagstar Bank is the 6th largest bank loan originator in the United States. It originates loans in all 50 states and offers a wide variety of loan types. In addition to conventional mortgages, it also offers specialty loans, jumbo loans, government-backed loans, loans for first-time homebuyers and loans for those in specialty professions. Programs are also available for borrowers with low income, no Social Security Number, or poor credit scores. You can apply online and service your loan 24/7 through its online MyLoan portal. 

It is important to note that many of its community lending and down-payment assistance loans are available in limited locations, and home equity loans are not available in some states.

Suitable for

Flagstar is a great solution for homeowners in all 50 states. With Flagstar's flexible requirements and down payment assistance programs you may still be able to qualify for a mortgage even if you have a lower credit score or income and can’t afford a conventional or 3-5% minimum down payment.

Types of Loans/Products

One of Flagstar’s notable features is its many options. It offers mortgages for existing and new homes as well as renovation and new home construction loans, home equity loans, and lines of credit. With Flagstar, you can refinance or apply for conventional and jumbo fixed-rate or adjustable mortgages along with FHA, VA, and USDA loans. Depending on your eligibility, you may also qualify for one of its community lending loans, which offer down payment assistance and feature flexible mortgage requirements. 

Flagstar offers the following loan types.

  • Conventional Loan. Conforming loans that require a 620+ credit score and a 3%-20% down payment.
  • Jumbo Loan. Home loans that exceed conforming loan limits of $647,200 ($970,800 in some areas) up to $3 million with a 15%-20% down payment and minimum credit score of 700.
  • FHA Loan. Loans backed by the Federal Housing Authority for first-time home buyers with a 3.5% minimum down payment.
  • VA Loan. Available to active duty and retired military borrowers with no down payment or monthly mortgage insurance premium requirement. 
  • USDA Loan. Loans for properties in eligible rural areas as determined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Come with full financing and no down payment.
  • Professional Loan. Loans for CPAs, and medical, legal, and other professionals which allow for no or low down payments on loans up to $1,500,000.
  • Community Lending and Home Loan Programs. Loans that offer down payment assistance and flexible mortgages for eligible borrowers in certain areas, including those with low incomes, no Social Security Number, and low credit scores.

The application process

Here are the steps for getting a mortgage through Flagstar.

1. Gather financial documents.

To get started, you’ll need to answer a few questions and provide Flagstar with information including your Social Security Number, employment history, income, and housing requirements. Be prepared to provide financial documents including W-2s, 1099s, pay stubs, bank statements, and proof of any other income.  

2. Pre-approval.

During the pre-approval process, Flagstar will determine how much house you can afford.

3. Loan review.

Once you’re pre-approved, you’ll have an opportunity to review your mortgage details and make adjustments. Upon receiving and accepting your home offer, Flagstar will pass your application along to its underwriters for approval and to lock your interest rate. 

4. Loan approval.

If everything is in good order and you agree to the terms, Flagstar will work to approve your loan and prepare your closing documents. 

5. Close and receive your funds. 

Once you close on your loan, Flagstar will wire funds to purchase your new home. 

Repayment terms

You can get a quote by contacting Flagstar’s Consumer Direct Loan Officer team. Rates and terms vary depending on your loan type and amount, credit score, and zip code. 

Fixed-rate mortgages are available in 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30-year terms as well as adjustable rate mortgages. 

Flagstar gives you the option to buy points to lower your APR, although doing so means you’ll pay higher closing costs. The minimum credit score for most loans is 600, although some specialty loans require a higher score, while certain community lending and government loans start at 580. 

Help & Support

Flagstar loan servicing support is available via chat and phone from 7:30am-8pm ET Monday-Friday and 7:30am-4pm ET on Saturday. Mortgage lending support is also available via phone and chat from 8am-10pm ET Monday-Thursday, 8am-8pm ET on Friday, and 10am-5pm ET on Saturday. 

Additionally, its MyLoan online loan servicing portal is available 24/7, or you can submit questions via email through the secure message portal on Flagstar’s website. 


Overall, Flagstar is worth considering if you’d like to have a wide number of options to choose from. Its bevy of loan types means that you’re almost certain to find a loan that works for you. Moreover, Flagstar’s flexible requirements and down payment assistance programs mean that you may still be able to qualify for a mortgage even if you have a lower credit score or income and can’t afford a conventional or 3-5% minimum down payment.


Where can I get a home loan from Flagstar Bank?

Flagstar Bank processes loans in all 50 states

Does Flagstar Bank offer mortgages to non-U.S. citizens? 

Yes. Flagstar does not require proof of U.S. citizenship when processing loan applications

Physical Address

5151 Corporate Drive

Troy,  MI 48098

Flagstar Bank Flagstar Bank Visit Flagstar


This review was compiled with information from Flagstar Bank’s official website and third party reviews.

Patrick Sather
Written by
Patrick Sather
Patrick Sather is an award-winning personal finance writer and licensed broker who has worked for some of the largest financial firms in the United States, including TD Ameritrade and Pacific Life. A graduate of the University of Nebraska in both Economics and International Trade and English, his articles on life's most common financial decisions and quandaries are straightforward, practical, and always easy to understand.

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Trustpilot reviews
See what some customers are saying about Flagstar Bank
Flagstar Bank
Reviews 36
17 days ago
I am a customer with them and have been…
I am a customer with them and have been for several years. I always make my payments on time. Recently, I accidentally double paid my mortgage. I asked that the second payment be refunded. I have been given the run around for refund the extra payment. The keep emailing me and asking for proof documents to include a print of their payment system, my back records, evidence I have a positive balance, ect... They just keep asking for more documents to delay the refund. When I call no one from the refund office will take my call. This place is a joke. Customer service is terrible. Their refund policy is terrible.
john zacharias
a month ago
Flagstar is dishonest
Flagstar is dishonest. Do not use. Do not do a recast of mortgage with Flagstar, they drag their feet and soak you for as much interest as possible before doing recast. Secondly, they make excuses and will not drop your PMI. Everything to do with them is painful.
2 months ago
Flagstar Bank raised my mortgage twice…
Flagstar Bank raised my mortgage twice in one month and said it was for the raise in my homeowners insurance my homeowner insurance was only raised under $400 but yet they raised my mortgage $121 a month on $400 as soon as I can get rid of that mortgage I'm getting away from they won't help you they lie I talked to three different people none of them cared what I had to say don't trust flagstar Bank
kendall bunton
2 months ago
Dishonest company
When we met the threshold for taking our PMI off, Flagstar refused. Extremely dishonest company. I would never recommend them. They just do not have ethics.
soysauce vanmayonesa
2 months ago
Everyone else has already said it so well...the worst!
Everyone else has already said it so well, in a nutshell: this is an absolute joke of a mortgage holding company. Want a tangible example? In the year 2023 A.D., they don't have a functional app. And the browser platform gives all kinds of (inaccurate) error messages, setting up auto-pay is a nightmare, they call you over and over without saying why. Truly difficult to imagine there could be any options worse than them. Like so many others, I had no choice in the matter. C'mon, Flagstar, get your SH&T together!
sprinkler medic
3 months ago
What an absolute joke of a company
What an absolute joke of a company. The fact that they are allowed to handle other peoples mortgages is just scary. Avoid this place at all cost… BEWARE!!!
3 months ago
Awful bank
Awful bank. They want you to be in debt. Had a HELOC with them which I’ve cancelled. You can only fund the account $2,000 per day and $5,000 per month. So, I changed my pay from acct to an external account. Changed auto pay from $27k (May payment) to $150 (June payment), just to pay the loan off. They took out $27k + $150 which caused overdraft fees at both banks. Their fault, no refund. Made excuses and blamed me. Scumbags.
peggy aranda
3 months ago
Worst bank
Worst bank! I discovered that my deposits are not being added to my balance. Just found over $800 not added to my balance. As of last Fridays balance, plus added deposits, minus deductions, there is over $800 missing. I’m closing my account asap!!
susan williams
4 months ago
Unfortunately my mortgage was sold to Flagstar Bank. They SUCK!! They increased my mortgage $125 without my approval! My insurance company sent multiple letters to them because they said I didn't have enought coverage. I DO! DON'T use this bank company if you can help it. I had no choice!!! THEY ARE AWFUL!!!!
mary a. hunter-dogans
4 months ago
I’ve had this mortgage company since…
I’ve had this mortgage company since 2009 and I must say if you can avoid getting a mortgage through them please do! As of January they are claiming that they’ve never received my payments. When I go to the government CPFB and give them the receipt as proof all of a sudden they find them and blame it on a mix up as to where I should be sending it in the meantime my credit score is impacted! PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!
dan fulton
7 months ago
We bought a house and used them for our loan. After a few months they told us they were taking too much out for taxes and lowered our payment. 18 months later they inform us they made another mistake and did not take out enough for taxes and we owe $6,000 in back taxes. These people failed miserably at property escrow monitoring. Do not use these morons. They are completely inept at banking.
alejandro calderon
7 months ago
Dont use them, use a real bank!!!
My payment increasd by 60% because of their so called escrow review, they are unwilling to explain why. I spoke with someone who said I can pay the princial plus the increase in one payment and the escrow shortage in 9 payments, then the second person said I wasnt able to do so and if i tried they would forclose on my house. They use scare tacticts and threaten the customer. DO NOT USE THIS so called BANK. Call a real bank!
milo bannerman
8 months ago
Flagstar recently bought my mortgage…
Flagstar recently bought my mortgage but failed to notify my homeowners insurance that they now owned my mortgage and to bill Flagstar for payment out of my escrow. They also told me it was my responsibility to notify the insurance company , however insurance company has informed me that Flagstar was responsible for notification.
stephanie edwards
8 months ago
I read all these other reviews from…
I read all these other reviews from people and I'm feeling better. I'm not alone in the Banks corruption! They had my money sitting, just fn sitting in some far off place and still put me in foreclosure! They have done it again and again. Escrow this and blah blah. They are criminals and should not be in business! I'm getting the f away and never looking back.
tom r
10 months ago
They buy my mortgage
They buy my mortgage. Three months in they stop autopayment, then don't bother texting me once when it's overdue. All the phone calls get screened as junk so I have no idea till it's a month late. Then they blame me. This bank is garbage.
dan paris
a year ago
Bad refi experience with Flagstar
We had a mortgage with OCWEN mortgage that got sold to Flagstar in 2015. We wanted to refinance in 2022 and started the process. On the phone it was all professional and peaches and cream. We started on 9/15/22 and we decided to hedge our refinance bet by also talking to an independent mortgage broker at Imperium Mortgage. They promised to close within 10 days with less hassle than what we were getting with Flagstar Bank and it was true. We closed on 9/28/22 with Imperium at a better rate by 1/2 a point and it went as planned. I immediately notified the Flagstar representative in writing (e-mail) that we closed on a loan and did not need their services anymore. We didn't hear from them until today, 10/22/2022, when we got a letter telling us they were declining our loan application. I immediately made a copy of the e-mail I sent them on 9/28 telling them their services were no longer needed and sent it with a letter telling them to correct this error with the credit bureaus. Avoid this bank like the plague.
amy devia
a year ago
I have feels for Flagstar...
This is my first all-by-myself house! I bought it in 2016 and my mortgage was sold to Ennerbank... some time before covid. In my world, a mortgage company is a mortgage company is a mortgage company is... is what I USED to not know I always thought! Then along came covid... and suddenly my mortgage company became very real and human... I do not know if they have one person always assigned to me. That doesn't seem possible, as they sometimes sound different genders. I'm not judging anyone's journey. They've always been so kind and personable, with me! It feels like they care and they're keeping up. The last person I spoke with, on October 17th, felt like a friend; we had already wrapped everything up... then they touched on where I was, the last time we spoke, and asked how I was doing. How I was doing. It just made me realize... They could make it all business. But they do care. I am just a person out of a million people, sure. But they are keeping up. They've been SO easy to work with, and I've hit a few bumps. I got scared, handled things a little poorly, and they honestly did help me. I appreciate them so much. These last several years, I feel like I've developed a relationship with my mortgage company... and I love them... and I like it
vegas city motors
a year ago
Worst company I’ve ever encountered
Worst company I’ve ever encountered. Applied for a heloc and they changed the amount 6 times and then said I wasn’t approved even though I’ve had my mortgage with them for 10 years.they should be removed from the banking system all together. Their employees are only qualified to work at Burger King !
sandy jones-bequette
a year ago
This has been a Nightmare of a company to deal with. Had I read all the reviews posted I would NEVER have done business with them. I have ALWAYS paid my payment a month ahead for 2 years now. Today I get my 2nd call from collections stating my payment is past due. My payment has always been paid 1 month in advance from the very beginning. Well in July seems they decided to apply it to my principal. Will not turn that around so that now I'm going to be considered days behind. I had called previously after this started and was told it would be corrected and next payment not due until Oct. 4th. Today they call and tell me I'm past due for Sept. 4th payment. I am beyond DONE with this company. One party tells me one thing and the next person says something else. NEVER DO BUSINESS with them!
ricky dinger
a year ago
This company is the absolute worse…
This company is the absolute worse mortgage company to deal with. I have had mortgages with other banks and FlagStar by far is the most difficult to deal with. I had an insurance loss due to a fire and it was nearly impossible to get access to the funds in escrow once Flagstar received them. Because of the difficulties I decided to sell the home because of the drawn out process of dealing with Flagstar. I intended to use the escrow funds to pay the mortgage off so that I could be done with Flagstar. Once the closing was complete Flagstar would not apply the funds in escrow to the mortgage balance to show the mortgage paid in full. My money is being held by the title company and I have no access to my funds. I am homeless through this whole process because I have no funds to purchase another home and I still have an active mortgage. Customer service is no help whatsoever. I was transferred from department to department with each customer service representative contradicting the other. It nearly caused the sale of the home to fall through. Stay away from these people! There are plenty other mortgage companies that are reputable.
a year ago
Horrible, horribly company. My mortgage was just recently transferred to them unfortunately. They charged my mortgage payment twice and completely financially ruined me. When I called in for help, responses were cold and very rude. I completed necessary paperwork for a refund and still games for days. When I followed up they extended the time they had to refund my money and it made my refund that I still haven’t received yet come back when my next payment is due. I have never been so appalled in my life. I’m currently hiring a attorney to sue.
a year ago
Just the Worst Process EVER
If I am dealing with the local tellers in my own branch, this would be five stars. But unfortunately, I am in the process of a $20 k loan. I own outright my home. I own outright four others. I have been requested to provide repeated copies of titles, and insurance proofs and when it was all said and done, I ended up needing someone to co-sign. I have never seen anything like this organization. Yikes
bryan turner
a year ago
This is hands down the worst mortgage…
This is hands down the worst mortgage company I have ever dealt with. I had not heard of them when they purchased my loan. They never contacted me, nor did my previous loan company. I continued to pay the original company for several months and then got collection notices from Flagstar for a loan I wasn't even aware of. In the transfer process, my homeowner's insurance lapsed for non payment and Flagstar was a nightmare to deal with on that matter. I went without coverage for several months while they refused to apply my insurance payment from escrow. They then claimed that they underestimated my escrow and my payment went up by $340/month. I was never notified of this and was again turned over to collections. I called immediately and found that since my payment had changed, the former amount was considered a partial payment and that it had been applied to principle. I asked that they reapply that payment and I made up the difference immediately. They took my additional payment, applied it to principle and are now charging fees and attempting to collect a full month's additional payment again. Customer Service is incredibly poor trained and are rude and inexperienced. I WILL ADVISE ANYONE NOT TO CHOOSE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!
a year ago
I've used flagstar for banking for many…
I've used flagstar for banking for many years and have generally been satisfied with them. However their recent handling of their (2nd in a year) security breach has me wondering what are their priorities. The breach occurred in Dec 2021 but I was not notified until June 2022. "We determined that one or more impacted files contained your ss#, acct#, name, phone ...". What are they doing about it -- offering a 2 year credit monitoring program with a single credit bureau. "If a new line of credit is applied for in your name you will receive an alert and you may call a specialist who will help you determine if it is an indicator of identity theft". "If you are a victum of identity theft a specialist will work in your behalf to resolve related issues." I would feel a lot better if they offered insurance to repay me for any monetary losses.
barry rutherford
a year ago
Never ever do business with this bank
Never ever do business with this bank! We purchased a boat our 5th boat in our lifetime mind you. The dealership signed us up with Flagstar Bank. We checked on insurance before purchasing the boat and lined everything out like we always do before a big purchase. We were requested by Flagstar Bank to provide an insurance binder. We did comply and sent our insurance binder in, declaration in, asked the agency to send one in, everything. After repeated request from them saying we have not complied by providing insurance on the boat and multiple documents sent to them and from our insurance agency they somehow have decided to add their own insurance to my loan and adjust my monthly payment!! This should be against the law. We have provided everything they have asked for multiple times. We have communicated over and over only to get this notification in the mail. I assume they are connected with so called insurance agency?? The only excuse is incompetent management! I would not put your money in the hands of these people. I will never ever do so again. I have purchased 12 cars, 5 boats, multiple offroad vehicles, and have purchased multiple homes! I have never had this ever happen and I intend to find out how many others this has happened to. This is robbery and unfair practice. I have statements for the insurance monthly bill, binder of coverage, declaration, and my insurance agent as proof. I am seeing that this is their M.O. and it would not matter what you do or provide to them they will still try to take your hard-earned money. (Read the other reviews) I truly wish someone would investigate this banks process for committing such a horrendous acts. I feel so attacked by this. Shame on you Flagstar Bank! SHAME ON YOU! I should have known better and definitely should have read your reviews before making this mistake on a lender. You lost a customer that buys. Thank you to Ally who I use for most of my cars, Capital One for my Home and work truck, and Bank of the West for my other toys. I learned my lesson going outside my lender network. Check the reviews and you will see that this bank should not be doing business!
leti c
a year ago
This company doesn't know what customer…
This company doesn't know what customer service is. And I am sorry I had to find out in time of need!!! The punishment, the humiliation, the greed and abuse I have taken from them in the last 4 months, is ABSURD! I know nobody will care about it, naturally one wish is that somebody from the company will read and give a call back.. But this is solely a place where we voice out our disappointment.. Thank you Covid for creating new "poor" population, and Thank you Banks for having taken advantage of the situation.. Thank you Flagstar, for being the best at humiliating and punish your clients.. Thank you!
a year ago
This was my 2nd re-finace through Flagstar. My original mortgage was not with them, but eventually ended up there. Up until this point, everything had been easy. The 2nd re-finance required an appraisal, because it's "policy". I hate it when people say that. The LTV (loan-to-value) ration was very low for my re-finance (<50%) so there is no justification for it whatsoever. My divorce agreement gave me 90 days to pay. In the end it took 5 months. I was literally hours away from being sued by my ex. Almost all of this time was spent with the house appraisal, which I don't need. Their appraisal department is unreachable to customers. The CSR (Jessica) was also helpful but powerless. There is no escalation process that achieves anything. I had to find them an appraiser myself. Then then sent it back, I think, 4 times. The last time they wanted to change the word "kitchen" to "kitchenette", for example. This was easily the most stressful part of the divorce and I was utterly powerless to do anything about it. This was the only issue, everything else worked, more or less, as you'd hope. I wouldn't use them again.
james b
2 years ago
Incompetency and theft at it's finest
The cash operation department is run by incompetency. I called Flagstar and confirmed that I could mail two separate certified checks (in the same envelope) to payoff my mortgage. So I did. A week-or-so later I received one of the checks in the mail with a notice saying the payoff was denied due to a shortage of payment. I called to inquire as to why, and where the second check was and I was told they only processed the one check and the other was unaccounted for. After multiple weeks of them investigating (how difficult is it to look and see whether they had the check or not is beyond me), they told me they lost the check (shocker). I had another check issued to replace it and mailed the payoff in again with a BIG note saying there are two checks included, please do not throw either away. I requested that the interest be backdated to the date they received the first payoff and whoever the invalid is in charge of decision-making there denied it on the basis of 'shortage of funds.' So I said, "Let me get this straight... you literally threw away one of my checks, which caused the payoff to be short, and proceed to accept responsibility for that mistake. Yet, refuse to pay back the interest I accrued due to your company's negligence?" And they simply said yes. Seriously, how absurd is that? Criminal, in my opinion.
durt mcgurt
2 years ago
The Absolute Worse
This has to be the absolute most terrible company with the absolute worse customer service. This is only the second mortgage company that I've done business with. The first being Wells Fargo and the second being Caliber Home Loans and they both were GREAT. My saga started when I received a check in the mail saying that I had a surplus in my escrow. I knew that wasn't right so, I called them to be certain. They assured me that it was correct and that everything had been paid. I couple of weeks later I got another letter stating that I had a shortage and I now owe them the shortage, which drove my mortgage to an unreachable amount. I started trying to bring the Escrow shortage down, first by depositing and sending the check that they sent (in error) back to them to add to the shortage (that went well). I then send them my mortgage payment with additional escrow to be added to the shortage but the additional payment went as a regular payment. I clearly put it as "ADDITIONAL ESCROW". This all began at the first of the year and I'm still dealing with them without ANY progress. The Customer Service is horrible mess. Dealing with them make me fee like my name should be Spalding by the way I'm being bounced around by Flagstar's Customer Service. My advice to anyone is to RUN RUN RUN from this company if they are to be your mortgage company.
2 years ago
Very poor customer service
Very poor customer service. They charged my escrow account for flood insurance and did not fully refund the charge even after sharing the fully paid certificate of master condo insurance. Stay Away!
yael hartmann
2 years ago
Loss mitigation process is a nightmare -- COVID forbearance is a scam
I had to go on a forebearance program due to COVID hardship; when I was able to pay my mortgage again, I tried to get out of forebearance by filling out a loss mitigation form, and twice they asked me to resubmit forms. When I submitted a form one day late -- and submitted the positive covid test for my husband which is why it was a day late -- they just closed the case without even informing me. I had to call and speak to them, and they refused to budge on reopening it. I am now submitting the form and accompanying documents. a FOURTH time, and it is exhausting and demoralizing. What a terrible experience. And I don't even know if they will grant me permission to pay the 6 months that I owe in installments, it's all up to them to decide. Terrible. Don't trust Flagstar.
kirk ott
2 years ago
Horrible Service + Outdated Technology
My mortgage refi loan was "sold off" to this company (like nearly every loan nowadays). When that happened, they never received our HO Insurance info, thus never paid our home insurance bill. 2 months later they sent me an automated letter stating that my insurance was cancelled, and because I don't have insurance, they will purchase it on my behalf, but at a much higher rate. Really?! Of course I called, and after going through the normal call transfer and hold process, someone finally said they saw what happened. They would mail out a new check to the insurance company. In the meantime, my insurance policy is cancelled and my home is at risk. 3 weeks later, still no renewed policy. I call again and escalate to a manager. He said they sent the check to the wrong address -- even after my agent and I provided them the right address previously. So they agree to "overnight a check" to my insurance. 10 days later, still no check received. I called my Insurer and offered to pay directly, but apparently they won't allow direct payment after 60 days... what? So I'm forced to contact Flagstar a third time, and raise cane yet again. After the customary hold, transfer, and accidental hang-up, I call back and finally get through to the manager who previously helped me. No surprise, he didn't recall the incident, so I had to re-explain and escalate again. I ask why they can't just do an ACH or Wire transfer -- apparently they don't have that capability, and can only "mail checks". Wow, way to keep up with the times. I mean ACH has only been around for, what, 25 years? He did follow-up with my Insurer, but 3 days later, still no policy renewal. He also cannot provide his email address, per "corporate policy." Really? And who will pay for my home if it catches on fire? What a horrible company and experience. Of course, I'm stuck with this incompetent mortgage company that I never asked for. This "selling off loans" needs to be regulated by the Feds, IMO, as this is not the first time this has happened. These companies conveniently don't transfer all your escrow data, then blame you when bills don't get paid.
bill heffley
3 years ago
This bank will nickel and dime your…
This bank will nickel and dime your account if you don’t check your balance like every day. Too many times in the past 2 years my account identity was stolen and used. I believe it’s actually people that work for flagstar that are stealing the money. But that’s my opinion. They emptied my account on “maintenance charges” that I never agreed to pay. Maintenance on what? Not sure why they checking my money so much.
pam v
3 years ago
A company without a conscience
I have my home mortgage thru ARC and Flagstar manages the loan. Since October there have been significant issues between FS and my bank. A customer service person finally was able to see what the possible problem could be. Together we contacted my bank. The identified problem was FINALLY resolved. With two payments on board and a third scheduled on the 3rd. Obviously there was going to be big overpayment. The FS agent stated she was going to stop one of the payments. It was explained i had a pending payment for 4 Feb, and on the 1st had scheduled an online payment on 10/31. She was going to cancel the payment she took so an over payment would not occur. GUESS WHAT she did not cancel the payment which resulted in two payments hitting my acount on the 2nd resulting in a 631.34 overdraft and other transactions coming in. Because it was in pending status, the refused to cancel the payment. I had15 auto withdrawals schedule to come out of account on the 4th that could not be be stopped. My bank ask them and the best FS could do was stay fill out a payment reinbursement form, and PROOF my account was over drawn. 1. the proof of the overpayment was in front of their eyes. 2.It was still in pending status so could have been cancelled. 3. in order to try to recover OD charges on the other payments scheduled to come out of my bank account I would have to apply on a seperate form for each individual overdraft.. I was way more damaged by Flagstar than my bank. I cannot wait to refi my house. I don't care if i pay more interest I want out of that bat s*** crazy company. I dont want them tending any of my financial matters at all.
3 years ago
flagstar has been awesome
flagstar has been awesome. we use them for our credit card and mortgage. love that i can call customer service even on weekends and they can assist with questions or requests. we even pay bills through them. one stop shop.
toi toi84
4 years ago
Unethical Practices
I just recently had the worst customer experiences at flagstar. I'm still in shock. I was in the process of buying a home, the lender had been mainly only communicating with me via email and very short at that. I paid for the appraisal and heard nothing back for a little over a week. Then I got a text from the lender saying it appraised for 25k less than the listing price. That's all I got. Not a call saying the loan is stopped, etc. I then found out from my realtor and the seller's agent that the appraiser tried to schedule a SAME DAY appt. and was already on his way to the property when he inquired about how to schedule the appt. Somehow he got into an altercation with the seller's agent and the police were called. The home had just appraised 2 months prior for the asking price but things didn't work out with the the person's loan who was about to buy it before me, which is why it was back on the market. The seller's agent reported the appraiser right away when things happened for fear of him underappraising the home. The loan officer told my realtor that he was sure another appraisal could be done due to the situation. But then a few days later he turned around and told her it was nothing that could be done...mind you, he never contacted me until I sent an email expressing my frustration. He will not even try to see if I can get a refund. I contacted the manager, twice now, still haven't heard anything. I can't believe they think this is ethical and that they won't even give me at least half of the $525 back! Based on the simple fact that there was an altercation, they should have ordered another appraiser to go out to the home with a properly scheduled appt. so that there's no room for bias, pettiness, etc. Please stay away from the flagstar in Troy, Michigan. I'm not sure if all of them operate this way and are this unprofessional. This is unacceptable.