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US Financial Alliance Review

US Financial Alliance
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Bestmoney Staff
Jan. 20, 2021
2 min read
BestMoney Staff
US Financial Alliance Summary
US Financial Alliance offers customers a unique and relatively quick way to overcome debt and return to a strong financial footing. With a team of professionals, the company achieves results for its customers.


  • Debt professionals
  • Level billing (pay as you go, not in advance)
  • Full legal coverage


  • Not available in all states

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What’s Offered

Here’s a list of some of the financial assistance available from US Financial Alliance:

  • Free financial assessment
  • Student Loan Refinancing guidance
  • Business Funding and Loans
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Digital Local Area Marketing
  • Personalized Relationship Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing


  • Personal customer handling
  • Single Point of Contact assigned to each client
  • Educate consumers so they understand each step of the process
  • Level billing so no customer is overcharged
  • Lower fees than most of the industry

Types of Debt Covered

US Financial Alliance works with the widest range of debts we’ve seen. You can get help with both secured and unsecured debts, so no matter how you got into your current financial straits, US Financial Alliance can help you get out of it. Here’s a look at what type of debt this company works with:

  • Credit cards
  • Department store cards
  • Repossessed car loans (in collections)
  • Medical bills (in collections)
  • Personal loans
  • Close-ended loans ( Ex: one-time loans in collections)
  • Collection agency accounts
  • Business debt (ex: MCA debts, vendor debts, loans, lines of credit, business credit cards)
  • Federal credit unions
  • Payday loans or advances (in collections)
  • Back taxes if the amount owed is more than $20,000
  • Private student loans (not federally backed, only in collections)
  • Utility bills (only in collections)

The company does not cover the following types of debt:

  • Auto loans
  • Mortgage loans
  • Home equity loans/HELOC
  • Student loans (federally backed)
  • Court-awarded judgements
  • Bank overdrafts

Site Security

US Financial Alliance uses high-level encryption to safeguard all sensitive information that is transmitted over the website. On top of that, all account pages are completely protected using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, and account information can only be accessed by using a secure username and password. Additionally, according to the privacy policy, US Financial Alliance clients can request any information be deleted at any time simply by requesting it.

About US Financial Alliance LLC

US Financial Alliance’s Mission is to Forge an all-encompassing financial services platform built upon sound business principles individually customized for every client’s unique needs. US Financial Alliance works with the finest small American businesses to get you results. 

US Financial Alliance is one of the nation’s leading financial assistance companies located in Mesa, Arizona. Whether dealing with business or consumer debt, funding, the company helps clients achieve their financial objectives.

A Message from the CEO of US Financial Alliance LLC, Eza Israel

"When our financial firm was launched we had the good fortune of partnering with individuals who each have 10+ years of experience in various fields of finance. In doing this we were able to build the US Financial Alliance which is a group of like-minded organizations that help to provide clients with the most well-rounded approach to the financial services they need. This dynamic allows us to cater to the needs of our clients more accurately while making our collective efforts that much stronger. We continue to be at the forefront of the industry by understanding the complexities of personal and business finances in order to provide the best service to our clients. As a customer-centric full-service financial institution, we know putting our client’s best interest before our own will help us build long-lasting relationships with our clients who appreciate how their lives have improved by regaining control of their financial health. The alliance of services ensures each client receives the proper education on services and lifestyle choices that can guide them down the path to financial freedom."

Help & Support

After your review and acceptance, a face-to-face meeting for signing, and an in-depth welcome call, you will be assigned a single point of contact and a customer service rep.  This means that when you call, email or fax, the person you speak to will always know your personal situation and financial status.

Physical Address

US Financial Alliance, LLC

1930 S Alma School Rd Ste. C-108 Mesa, AZ 85210

Contact Details

Toll Free: 877-415-8732

Tel: 480-428-0001 Fax: 480-648-2601

Email: Service@USFinancialAlliance.com

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