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Pacific Debt Review

Reviews 1,531
Pacific Debt
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Pacific Debt
Pacific Debt
Reviews 1,531
Bestmoney Staff
Jan. 20, 2021
3 min read
BestMoney Staff
Pacific Debt Summary
With competitive pricing and customer service, Pacific Debt is a good choice to consider when taking out a debt consolidation loan.


  • Accredited with AFCC and Better Business Bureau
  • Covers a wide variety of unsecured debt
  • No credit requirements to qualify for a program


  • Higher minimum debt than competitors

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Why Go with Pacific Debt

When your debts become an unmanageable problem, Pacific Debt’s debt consolidation loan professionals can help. Its team of professionals can assist you when it comes to dealing with debt consolidation, as well as helping drive down debt that has ballooned out of control due to late fees and high interest rates.

The company has over a decade of experience in the field, and employs a team of debt consolidation loan professionals that guide you through the whole process. Additionally, with strong and friendly customer support and an impressive collection of educational resources, Pacific Debt can empower you to look after your own personal finances.

What Pacific Debt Offers

  • Personal account manager to help you through the process
  • Extensive educational resource
  • Excellent and accessible customer support
  • IAPDA and AFCC certified agents
  • Wide variety of services

More Reasons to Choose Pacific Debt

This company excels in a comprehensive approach. Pacific Debt will guide you through the whole process of taking out a debt consolidation loan, and will not collect any fees throughout.

Because the company does not collect any monthly or upfront fees, it transparently acts in your interests. The company’s fees are near the lower end of the industry spectrum, between 15% to 25%, although the exact percentage might vary by state.

Services Offered 

Pacific Debt's staff have a proven track record, as well as a deep knowledge of the industry. This allows the company to, on average, reduce your monthly repayment. The company will also advise you on the right course of action for your situation, even if that does not always align with the services it offers. If you reside in San Diego, it can connect you with one of its trusted partners for debt consolidation loans. 

To start your debt consolidation loan program with Pacific Debt, pick up the phone or fill out a form on the website. From there, one of the company’s representatives will review your case, and work with you to determine the right course of action. It is important to keep in mind that this company generally works with customers that have $1,000 or more in outstanding debts. 

What's Unique About Pacific Debt

When it comes to consolidating debt responsibly and effectively, a key component that often gets overlooked is education. Pacific Debt has made knowledge a central element of its services.  The company’s webpage is full of outstanding educational tools and reading material that includes information about debt, credit scores, and other personal finance topics. Additionally, the company hosts a blog that features insightful posts about current issues and important debt-related developments.

The company’s focus on education is also reflected by its debt consolidation loan process. The company empowers you by requiring your approval to move forward and its excellent educational resources include:

  • An explanation of different debt consolidation loan alternatives
  • A blog with articles on current and relevant personal finance topics
  • An educational center with a collection of personal finance guides
  • Handbooks to understand different aspects of credit and its implications

Outside of its educational resources, it is also easy to get started with Pacific Debt. While the company operates out of San Diego, California, it provides its services nationwide. The only requirement is that you have $10,000 or more in aggregate debt.

The personalized level of service the company offers is quite impressive, with staff handling every case and assisting throughout a process, that can at times be complex and overwhelming. Even before you start your debt consolidation loan program, a Pacific Debt team member will be in contact with you to help you with all the necessary paperwork.

Pricing Details

Pacific Debt's pricing is extremely competitive when compared to industry standards. A pricing example from their site shows that their offering is significantly cheaper than other debt consolidation loan providers, both in terms of monthly fees and in terms of total amount paid. 

Site Security

The company's website and privacy policy are incredibly helpful when it comes to understanding the data they collect, as well as its exact use. The company does not ask you for any sensitive information. The company employs industry-standard measures to protect customers’ data including electronic safeguards, off-site backups, encryption, and procedural safety measures. 

Help & Support

Customer service is one of Pacific Debt’s strongest features. The company includes personalized assistance throughout the entire process. The company can be reached via email, telephone, and in-person if you are based in Southern California. It operates 5 days a week during normal business hours. 


Pacific Debt is focused on providing a customer-first approach to debt consolidation loans. The company’s process is straightforward and geared toward letting customers consolidate their debts. Additionally, the company is focused on providing its customers with useful educational resources to empower more responsible personal financial. Also, its level of customer service makes it an appealing option for any potential client. The company provides constant assistance and helps guide customers through the entire process. 

About Pacific Debt

Pacific Debt was founded in 2002 by two San Diego natives who noticed the increasing debt problem in America. The company was conceived on the principle of empowering customers and helping people deal with problems that can be incredibly damaging and life-altering. It works with customers nationwide to help fix their credit and believes in providing a customer-centric approach to debt consolidation loans. 

Physical Address

750 B Street, Suite 1700

San Diego, CA 92101

United States

Pacific Debt Pacific Debt View Rates

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Bestmoney Staff
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Miranda West
3 hours ago
Pacific Debt Relief made my decision making process easy
My advisor; Frank Santiago, made the transition easy for me. I feel a little less stressed about my decision.
12 hours ago
I was able to get all my questions…
I was able to get all my questions answered
Larissa Crittendon
1 day ago
Debt consolidation
Cameron is a gem, they‘re helpful in anyway they can and I trust them to go thru with all the debt I have what I accumulated in the last 2 years bc I lost my job, went thru a separation and on top of it my mom past away. The last 2 years were horrible and I hope I will see the light at the end of a tunnel. The hole team is very supportive and I‘m positive that I can breath again soon…Thank you🙏🏼
1 day ago
Steve H
Steve H. Was very helpful, knowledgeable and respectful during this new process.
3 days ago
Blake was ever helpful
Blake was ever helpful. He explained everything so well. Answered all the questions I had. He definitely made me feel better about the situation