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LoansUnder36 Review

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Reviews 4
Bestmoney Staff
May. 17, 2021
3 min read
BestMoney Staff
LoansUnder36 Summary
With an extensive network of over 100 lenders, LoansUnder36 is dedicated to helping customers with all types of credit histories identify quick and easy financing solutions. The company offers loans that range from very short repayment periods to longer terms.


  • Single application for all lenders
  • Extensive lending network


  • Loan amounts could be broader
  • Could add more information on website

LoansUnder36 LoansUnder36 View Rates

LoansUnder36’s quick application helps customers find a match in seconds, avoiding the complicated bureaucracy many institutional competitors force applicants to work through to access loans. Thanks to a fast matching process and excellent lenders’ network, LoansUnder36 is great for all types of borrowers.

Suitable For?

  • Borrowers looking for smaller financing amounts

While its partners’ loan amounts are slightly lower than some competitors, LoansUnder36 is perfectly suited to customers who are looking for a small loan to cover an unforeseen expense. The company’s loan amounts are an appropriate solution to handle unexpected medical expenses, pay for an essential purchase, or cover other large purchases that require quick payment.

  • Customers pursuing flexible loan terms

Finding a feasible repayment term is just as important as finding the right loan amount. Through its partners, LoansUnder36 offers borrowers the ability to choose between short-term repayment periods all the way to multi-year periods that can help even those borrowers with complicated financial backgrounds successfully pay back their loans.

Loan Features

LoansUnder36 focuses on connecting borrowers in need of fast financing with its network of over 100 personal lenders. Thanks to its extensive list of partners, LoansUnder36 proudly works with customers of all credit levels to find financing needed to cover a wide range of unexpected expenses or necessary purchases. Moreover, LoansUnder36’s partners provide customers with an excellent range of repayment terms that make for flexible financing solutions which are adaptable to a broad variety of needs. The company’s single application also makes finding a loan easier, as customers are quickly matched with several lenders after completing a short 5-minute application. With almost instant matching and quick funding, LoansUnder36 can even help customers with weaker credit backgrounds access the funds needed to finance expenses, projects, opportunities, and more.

Highlights for LoansUnder36:

  • One application for every partner in the network
  • A wide and flexible range of loan terms
  • Excellent financing options for quick needs
  • A network of over 100 lending partners
  • Customers with all credit levels welcome
  • Usually receive a response in a few minutes
  • No fees for applying
  • Receive funds directly to a bank account

The Application Process

To get started with LoansUnder36, customers simply have to visit the company’s online application. Although it is not directly a lender, LoansUnder36 can easily connect borrowers to one of its many lending partners via a non-binding application that does not include any fees. The initial application collects basic details about potential borrowers, as well as some financial information to get the process started with lenders.

The company is not a lender and cannot guarantee approval for any customer, but does suggest prospective borrowers meet certain requirements to ensure a higher likelihood of receiving financing:

  • Have a bank account
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be a US citizen
  • Have a regular source of income

Additionally, customers may have to provide further information to their chosen lender. Once borrowers complete the initial application, they are matched with several potential lenders from which they can choose the one suited for their unique financing needs. After a loan provider is selected, borrowers agree on final terms, rates, and amounts directly with the chosen lender.

Loan Terms - Loans for Any Needs

LoansUnder36 counts on a wide range of lending partners that are readily able to meet a broad variety of funding needs. LoansUnder36’s financing solutions begin with an easy application, and are suited for customers who need a fast financing option to cover immediate expenses such as unexpected medical costs or a new purchase.

The company’s lending partners offer loans that start as small as $1,000 and range up to $35,000 in financing. It is important to note that not all partners offer these same amounts, although generally customers can usually find the funding they require easily.

Additionally, LoansUnder36 does not set any restrictions on how the funds can be used. Once their chosen lender has deposited funds into their bank account, borrowers are free to dispense their financing as they see fit. The company’s partners offer a competitive range of interest rates, ranging from as low as 5.99% to 25.99%. It is important to keep in mind that LoansUnder36 does not guarantee any rates shown on its site, as it is not directly a lender.

Repayment Terms

Borrowers can take advantage of LoansUnder36’s broad repayment alternatives. The company’s partners offer both short and long-term repayment options that make loans adaptable to a multitude of different financial circumstances. On the short-term end of the spectrum, borrowers can opt for repayment terms as low as 61 days, with repayment terms usually set either weekly or daily. On the other hand, customers who need more time to effectively repay their loans can choose a long-term term ranging up to 72 months, providing a n extensive repayment timeframe. Borrowers should keep in mind that not all of LoansUnder36’s partners offer the same repayment terms.

Privacy & Security

LoansUnder36 is transparent about its privacy and security practices. The company does collect data from customers, including identifying information and some sensitive details. However, the company does not share the information without user consent, and only do so with third parties to help provide loans for borrowers. The company also collects cookies and keeps some activity logs, though that information is always kept private. Customers can also opt-out of some of the company’s collection practices, as well as its mailing lists and promotions.

Help & Support

Customers who need to get in touch with LoansUnder36 can do so via telephone, email, or request ticket directly on the company’s website. In our experience, customer support representatives over the phone were easy to reach and readily able to answer our questions satisfactorily. Email requests generally took one business day to receive responses and requests were always answered completely. The company also offers a FAQ section to address many of the most common and pressing questions customers could encounter during the process.

Pros and Cons

LoansUnder36 offers a great lending solution, but could improve in certain areas:

  • Loan amounts are on the lower end of the industry spectrum
  • It is not directly a lender,  therefore it cannot guarantee any amounts and terms
  • More information regarding the lending process and application requirements would be helpful

Even so, there were several areas of LoansUnder36’s service that stood out:

  • The single application means matching with a lender is a quick and painless process
  • An extensive network of over 100 lenders gives customers a better chance of approval
  • Good customer support can help borrowers find the answers and solutions they need
  • The company’s repayment periods offer both short and long-term solutions


Customers who need quick funding with flexible repayment terms can take advantage of LoansUnder36. The company’s easy application and extensive lending network give borrowers the ability to find exactly the right financing solution. Even customers with weaker credit scores can access funding to meet their needs, either planned or unexpected, as the company does not require a minimum credit score. With a broad range of trusted lenders and a simple application, LoansUnder36 is ideal for customers who demand financing options and want to access them quickly.

Physical Address

DV Marketing Inc.

759 Bloomfield Ave. #244

West Caldwell, NJ 07006

LoansUnder36 LoansUnder36 View Rates

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Reviews 4
eric kellam
2 years ago
They got my personal info my identity…
They got my personal info my identity was stolen I try calling they hang up everytime!....
beatrice morgan
3 years ago
Bad bad scammers
Bad bad scammers
larry corvino
3 years ago
My Honest feedback is find somewhere else.
4 years ago
My car broke just in this time..
My car broke just in this time... few days before thanksgiving. I requested a quick loan with this website and get approved so now my car is in the repair shop getting ready to take me to my family in thanksgiving, thanks LoansUnder36!