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MotoFunds Review

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Bestmoney Staff
May. 26, 2021
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BestMoney Staff
MotoFunds Summary
MotoFunds makes it quick and easy for Americans to access the funds they need to purchase that next ride. With loans of up to $50,000 MotoFunds can help you purchase even the most expensive motorcycles on the market.


  • Quicker than a secured motorcycle loan
  • Partner network of 340 lenders
  • Get connected to a lender in minutes


  • Not a direct lender
  • Doesn’t appear to verify its partners
  • Can result in multiple phone calls from lenders

MotoFunds at a glance

Editorial score

Online experience

Online application but no learning resources

Customer services and support

Limited ways of reaching lender

Loan Types

Offers most loan types

Repayment Flexibility

Offers multiple repayment plans- but no special repayment programs

Eligibility (credit score)

Accepts all credit types

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Suitable For?

MotoFunds is right for anyone looking to get quick funding for a motorcycle purchase. The downside to a regular dedicated auto loan is that it gets secured against your vehicle – whether that be a motorcycle, car, or otherwise. But with MotoFunds, borrowers can fund their motorcycle purchase quickly and easily without having to put up their new hog as collateral. One thing to be aware of: because personal loans aren’t secured, they usually have higher interest rates than secure personal loans.


MotoFunds exist to connect borrowers with rates from its network of lenders from around the United States.

Here are the highlights of MotoFunds’ service:

  • Network of 340 lenders from around the U.S.
  • Quick way to compare multiple lenders with just one application form.
  • MotoFunds shows the top rates from its lending network based on the information your provide.
  • Most lenders allow the loan to be used for any purpose, including purchasing a motorcycle.
  • The funds are yours to use, therefore you can use a portion of the funds on a motorcycle and the remainder on something else.
  • Open to Americans aged 18 and over.

Application Process

The application form on the MotoFunds website is basically a pre-qualification form. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the form. In the end, you’ll see one or more lenders from MotoFunds’ network, with a description of their rates and other features. To proceed, simply select a lender from the options shown. As part of its service, MotoFunds also shares users’ contact details with its partners. This means you may get multiple calls from lenders in the days after using the MotoFunds service.

The pre-qualification form is quick and easy to complete. First, you’ll be asked to provide contact details and a social security number. Then, the questionnaire will continue to questions about your credit score, employer, monthly income, homeownership, and required loan amount. While some of these questions may seem intrusive, MotoFunds doesn’t ask for any information beyond what a direct lender would usually request.

At the beginning of the application, you’ll be asked to give your consent to receiving personal loan offers from partnering lenders. This is a plus as well as a minus, depending on how you look at it. On the one hand, it means you’ll be introduced to plenty of deals – and all you need is one good deal to help you buy that motorcycle. On the flipside, some users may find this intrusive.

As a basic rule, applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • Receive regularly scheduled income via employment or benefits such as SSI
  • Earn at least $800 a month
  • Have a checking account
  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • A permanent resident of the US
  • Other requirements vary depending on the lender. Even customers who have filed bankruptcy, have bounced checks or have other credit issues could be approved for a loan online.

Loan Types and Terms

MotoFunds works with a very broad network of lenders, and as a result it covers the full range of loan terms. The basic rule is that these are all personal loans. An unsecured personal loan can be used for any purpose, including purchasing a motorcycle or other vehicle. Terms range from around 3 months – the minimum on the market – to 84 months. APRs also range from competitive APRs for high-credit borrowers all the way up to 35.99%, the maximum APR allowed by law in most states.

How Safe Is It?

MotoFunds is operated by Round Sky, Inc., a lead-generation company based in Nevada. The website is safe to use, and at last check had the necessary level of SSL technology in place, ensuring all information you provide to MotoFunds is properly encrypted. The one thing to be aware of is that MotoFunds shares your information with its partners. This is made clear during the application process. In fact, MotoFunds requests that the user tick a box to give consent. This gives you the chance to opt out if you don’t want to receive dozens of phone calls.

Help & Support

MotoFunds is primarily an online service, although it does offer a phone number (866-956-2474) that users can call to speak to a customer service rep during business hours.

How MotoFunds Compares

APR5.99% - 35.99%
Minimum credit scoreN/A670
Loan amounts $100,000 - $500,000$3,400-$300,000
Loan term3-84 months12-72 months
Suitable forGetting quick funding for your motorcycle purchaseComparing multiple options from dedicated auto lenders


MotoFunds doesn’t offer auto loans, but it does help facilitate something else useful: unsecured personal loans for motorcycle purchases. If you’ve decided a personal loan is a great way to get the funds for that new motorcycle, MotoFunds can help. With a short, simple pre-qualification form and a network of 300+ partners, MotoFunds makes it quick and easy to borrow 4-figure or 5-figure sums.

MotoFunds MotoFunds View Rates

Physical Address

Round Sky, Inc.

848 N. Rainbow Blvd #326

Las Vegas, NV 89107

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