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Auto Loan Analyzer Review

Auto Loan Analyzer
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Michael Graw
May. 26, 2021
2 min read
Michael Graw
Auto Loan Analyzer Summary
Auto Loan Analyzer is a straightforward online service that helps you refinance your existing auto loan. You get to decide whether you want to prioritize reducing your monthly payments or paying a lower interest rate. From there, Auto Loan Analyzer will pair you with one of its dozens of partner lenders to help you refinance up to $100,000. The service is free to use and checking for loan offers won’t hurt your credit score.


  • Doesn’t impact your credit score
  • Choose between lower payments and lower interest
  • Refinance up to $100,000 in auto debt


  • Minimum financing amount is $7,000
  • APR varies by lender

Auto Loan Analyzer Auto Loan Analyzer View Rates

Suitable For?

Auto Loan Analyzer is designed for anyone who already has an auto loan and wants to get a better deal. With this platform, you can get offers to refinance your existing loan at a lower interest rate or with lower monthly payments. Refinancing with Auto Loan Analyzer can be a smart financial move after your credit score has gone up or interest rates have dropped.

Just note that there are some restrictions around who can qualify with Auto Loan Analyzer’s partners. You must be refinancing at least $7,000 and you must have a credit score of 600 or higher.


Auto Loan Analyzer connects you with dozens of auto lenders to help you refinance your existing car loan. The platform’s partner lenders offer up to $100,000 in refinancing and APRs as low as 1.99%, depending on your credit score. 

One thing that’s particularly nice about Auto Loan Analyzer is that you can choose between lowering your monthly payment or reducing the interest you’re paying. So, you can prioritize loan offers with a longer repayment term—up to 72 months—or offers with the lowest APR.

  • Refinance up to $100,000
  • Minimum credit score of 600
  • APRs as low as 1.99% (varies by lender)
  • Prioritize APR or monthly payment
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Loan terms from 4 to 6 years with no prepayment penalties

Application Process

Auto Loan Analyzer is a lending marketplace rather than a direct lender. That means that when you search for a loan on the site, Auto Loan Analyzer is connecting with partners behind the scenes to build personalized offers for you. Getting these offers is simple, as you just need to choose your car make and model and then enter your social security number. Auto Loan Analyzer will automatically check your credit score and find your existing auto loans.

The whole process is quick and easy. We were able to view refinancing offers within about two minutes. Just note that the number of offers you receive can vary widely based on your credit score and how much you want to refinance.

Loan Types and Terms

Auto Loan Analyzer works with more than 75 lenders across all 50 states. The APR and repayment terms you are offered are determined by direct lenders, not by Auto Loan Analyzer, and will depend on your credit score, income, and the amount you want to refinance. You can refinance any amount between $7,000 and $100,000.

Auto Loan Analyzer promises APRs as low as 1.99% for individuals with high credit scores. Repayment terms range from 48 months to 72 months, and it’s worth noting that none of the lenders that the service partners with charge prepayment penalties. 

  • APRs as low as 1.99%
  • Refinance between $7,000 and $100,000 in auto debt
  • Repay over 48 to 72 months
  • No prepayment penalties

Repayment Options

Auto Loan Analyzer’s partner lenders offer loan terms from 48 to 72 months. Typically, you’ll be offered a 48- or 60-month loan term if you choose to prioritize a lower interest rate and a 72-month term if you choose to prioritize lower monthly payments. All loans have no prepayment penalty, so you can pay back your refinanced debt at any time.

How Safe Is It? 

Auto Loan Analyzer doesn’t share your personal information with third parties outside its network of partner lenders. In addition, the service runs a soft credit check when you search for offers, so there’s no impact on your credit score. All loan offers made through Auto Loan Analyzer are completed on the partner lender’s site, not through Auto Loan Analyzer.

Help & Support

Auto Loan Analyzer customer support is available by phone and email. Note that the company can only help with finding loan offers—it cannot help with questions related to a refinanced loan made by one of its direct lending partners.

Phone: (970) 426-0244

How Auto Loan Analyzer Compares

Auto Loan AnalyzerMyAutoLoan
Minimum credit score
Loan amounts
$7,000 to $100,000$5,000 to $99,000
Loan term
48 to 72 months24 to 72 months
Suitable for
Lowering your monthly paymentsBorrowers with poor credit score


Auto Loan Analyzer is a user-friendly marketplace that enables you to refinance your existing auto loan in minutes. The fact that you can prioritize either lower monthly payments or a lower interest rate is a huge plus. The platform’s lenders offer a competitive minimum interest rate of 1.99% and require a minimum credit score of just 600. The only downside to Auto Loan Analyzer is that you must be looking to refinance at least $7,000 in auto debt in order to be eligible for an offer.

Physical Address

On the Barrelhead, Inc.

835 Main Ave

Suite 205

Durango, CO 81301

Auto Loan Analyzer Auto Loan Analyzer View Rates

Michael Graw
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Michael Graw
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